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The Libyan Working Group
مجموعة العمل الليبي

الخميس 23 أبريل 2009

Libyan Working Group Report
Submitted to : The 2nd Durban Review Meeting Against Racism
April 20th – 22nd 2009
Geneva – Swisserland

Distinguished Members
Ladies and Gentlemen:

Despite the ratification of many world nations to the UN resolution and covenants against all forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, yet and with sorrow and sadness we are still experiencing -on the ground - clear violations committed by some regimes and governments who continue endorsing and legitimizing racial discrimination acts. In our country Libya, the regime is exploiting this act through manifested laws and regulations imposed by the force of government power against the citizen of our country only for the reason of holding to their identity, culture and language.

The hurtful truth about the regime of our country Libya – Gadafi`s regime who publically claims to be against racial discrimination worldwide and supports the victims of racism around the globe; the fact is that this dictatorial regime is internationally the most vicious in suppressing own citizen and discriminating against own citizens.

Dear Members:

Our delegation today is a sample of a wide and active part of Libyan society who are being denied all their civil, cultural and linguistic rights by the power of laws and regulations which are created and implemented by Gadafi`s supervision and approval.

We are Libyan Amazigh; the original inhabitants and the aboriginals’ of the Libyan land; we have our own distinctive identity, culture, and language. Historically, many different people with different cultures, languages and religions had came, settled and lived between us and integrated with us in our country; we shared the wealth and lived peacefully in harmony and respect. However, people with pro-arab nationalism ideology and the Islamic extremism, who would want nothing but to erode away our identity and culture through laws, regulations, and an official political systems which do not even recognize our existence and our rights to live.


All official speeches by Colonel Gaddafi addressed to Libyan Amazigh demonstrate denial to their existence eradicates their rights and threatens their lives:

March 1st 2007 speech: “we quote”

(We the berbers we are the Arabs who came Bar Bar, because the Phoenicians who are Arabs like us came from the East through ships; the colonials came and called us berber who are different people and not Arabs, they want to deviate us from our history , origin and civilization … the Amazigh tribes went extinct long time ago, since the days of Numidia Kingdom … tribes we had never known … who says my origin is from this or that, he is a colonial agent and this is divide to rule … the Israelis’ wanted to balkanize the Arab and Islamic countries and Africa …

The European colonials wanted to divide North Africa and tear it apart, these are all colonial names … colonial conspiracies … interference to our internal affairs … anyone spells out colonial poisons will be executed him and his opinions)

We cannot remind you more regarding Gaddafi’s speeches and his guidance in Libya; as they are considered to be the references of all laws and regulations!

This is a clear violation to article 20 of the international covenant on the civil and political rights regarding the responsibilities of member nations to stand against all forms of racism and violence.


_ The 1st article of Libyan Citizenship law No (18) year 1980 states that: (The Arabic Citizenship is the citizenship of the citizens of the Libyan Arab socialist peoples greatest Jamaherya)

- The 7th article of the same law states: (the manifestation of the Arab Citizenship of the Libyan citizens is in accordance to the certification proof of Arab Citizenship and based on the contents of the administrative law)

- The 9th article also states that: (It is permissible to decline and cancel the Arab Citizenship from: a) Traitor who was sentenced on a crime that proofs his disloyalty to the country and the great Al-Fateh revolution and his Arab nation while was outside the country)

We are here with you today in this meeting sharing with you our struggle against racial discriminations at time where we are considered to be “Traitors” according to the above Libyan laws because we are voicing our disbeliefs to our belonging to the Arab nations.


- Article 21 of the Civil Law No (7) year 1998 states that: (It is prohibited to register and civil event with regards to names if it was not Islamic or non Arabic)


Law No (24) year 2001 regarding the prohibition of using non Arabic language in all dealings and affairs:

- Prints and correspondences; documents and references; signs and public markings; streets names and names of private businesses and shops

- Prohibition of use non Arabic and non Islamic names including children’s names, and the names of shops and institutions

- The punishment of violating this law reaches a penalty of 5000 LD and denial of passport and personal identity document, permits to work as well as refusal of children to be registered in school system)

Distinguished Members
Ladies and Gentlemen:

All these Libyan laws are clear and direct violations to article (7) and (15) of the International Declaration of Human Rights as well as article (2), (24), (26), (27) of the International Covenant of civil and political rights and the rights of child.

The Amazigh people of Libya have only two ruinous choices either accepts these laws and give up their identity, culture and language in order to survive or strive for their rights and fight back and violate these laws and finally accept the outcome of treason to the Arab nations and face death.

Libyan Working Group

P/O Tamunt n Imazeghn N Libya

April 17, 2009

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