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Tibra Foundation
Wednesday, 2 January, 2008

To The Libyan Community And Tibra Friends :
We Need Your Help

To the Libyan community and Tibra friends we need your help:
Tibra respectfully submits its proposal to support its scholarship prizes and honoring the young Libyan Women. Tibra is a non-political, non-religious and public non-profit organization dedicated to serving women of Libyan descent through community-sponsored projects. The Tibra Foundation is committed to encouraging, supporting, and rewarding young Libyan women to become contributors and leaders within and beyond the Libyan community. This particular proposal seeks funding for our most important programs: our annual scholarships.
Tibra Scholarship for Exemplary Libyan Young Women: $2,000 to be used in furthering the recipient’s education. Payment will be applied toward tuition and fees at the recipient’s University, or toward other educational resources.
Fijra Scholarship for Exemplary Libyan Young Women: $1,000 to be use in furthering recipient’s education. Tibra Achievement Award: three honoring certificates to recognize young achievers.
These scholarships are cornerstone of our foundation to honor minority young Libyan women to further their education and encourage them to do more and give back to their communities.
To reach our mission, Tibra Foundation seeks to launch a partnership with you consisting volunteer efforts and community engagement. We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you. Thank you for considering our request. Please call Hana Naas, our managing director at (614)271-0369,or at her e-mail : if you need additional information.


Kamel Shrek

Tibra Fundraising Director

Tibra Foundation History

A jewel in the rough, Tibra Foundation is truly a one of a kind organization. Its staff spends countless hours solely serving, promoting, supporting, guiding, and advancing women of Libyan descent within their community and beyond. This organization began in the year 2001 providing the only service of its kind when its current management, Hana Naas-Dregia, Gamel Khalil, Magda Fehema Sharkasi , and Kamel Shrek recognized it was a resource that was sorely needed. Cultivating leadership skills and connecting Libyan women of their kind and others. With a management dedicated and passionate for its cause and successes that include winning thousands in scholarship prizes and honoring Libyan women, it’s no wonder that Tibra was featured in non-profit spotlight in The Mideast Connect magazine, for the young, driven, and forward thinking dated March 27, 2006.
Through the Tibra Awards, and for seven consecutive years, the Libyan community has recognized and awarded excellence and achievement in 35 Libyan young girls as follows:
· 7 Tibra Scholarships totaling $14,200
· 7 Fijra Scholarships totaling $4,800
· 35 honorary achievement awards
· Please read about these wonderful young women in our web site: in the award section.

Executive Summary:

Tibra Foundation seeks donations to fund scholarships for young Libyan women going to college. The scholarship will serve as outstanding successful young women with high achievement and community service. Teaching minority Libyan women to take advantage of educational and economic opportunities presented to them.
A Tibra award is an annual program that highlights the success of Libyan young women and through which we recognize excellence and achievement. The project is completely funded by donations and contributions from members and friends of the Libyan community. The Tibra spotlight issues introduce women of accomplishment, endurance, or intrigue that would serve as good inspiring examples for future generations.

Contact Information:
Hana Naas Tibra Foundation
P.O. Box 2344
Westerville, OH 43086 U.S.A.
Cell Phone: (614) 271-0369
Tibra web site address:

Organizational Overview:

Tibra’s mission is to:
Promote leadership, education, and career advancement
Network women of Libyan descent from around the world.
Build a bridge to connect women of Libyan descent with their peers inside and outside Libya to promote mutual understanding and cooperation.
Further the common welfare and well being of women
Highlight the achievements of Libyan young women and acknowledges their excellence.
Inspire Libyan young women to reach for higher standard, raise their ambitions, and help them realize their hopes and dreams.
Encourage and support achieving and promising young women to become active community contributors and leaders.

Description of Programs:

Tibra works to bring in and encourage talented, successful Libyan women to be recognized and have an access to economic and social opportunity to be provided to all the community members.

Community Partnerships:

All our honorees are involved and major contributors to diverse range of community-based organization and schools. We reach and help many communities through our volunteer work. Additionally, we offer free consultant educational service to all Libyan through Beacon Project. Tibra Beacon is an on line education counseling for students and parents in the Libyan community. The goal of this project is to make valuable resources and expertise available for students and their parents to help them make informed decisions about college education. At the time being, the service covers college education in the United States of America. We hope to build onto that in the future and cover other regions of the world.

Project Evaluation:

While our success stories vary from year to year, we will measure our success in achieving the programs goals in the following way:
By keeping a portfolio for each honored scholar: We will maintain a computer portfolio for each minority woman, which includes the achievement, success and personal stories.
By keeping sample writing for all the scholars: The sample writing will be posted in our website in the internet, where they can be reviewed by community members and sponsors.
By spotlight all women for their achievement, success, and pride.

List of Key Board of Directors:

Hana Naas-Dregia,
MBA, Managing Director, Co-founder
Magda Fehema-Sharkasi
Gamal Khalil,Phd, Associate Director
Kamel Shrek
MBA, Fundraising Director

Sponsor recognition:

Tibra recognizes its sponsors by displaying their logos on our brochures and web site. To recognize them in media attention we generate. To promote your community engagement in the Libyan society with your educational programs, and show the Libyan people that your company is giving back by helping our youth working in partnership with Tibra Foundation.

Financial Summary for 2008
(July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008)
Last updated: December 2, 2007

Balance forward $479.18
Steak Plate Sale Funds
Donations received as funds $
Total INCOME $2,679.18
Tibra Scholarship $
Fijra Scholarship $
P.O. Box Rental (to 8/07) $
Operating Expenses $
Web Hosting (to 7/08) $15.00
Office Supplies $
Postage & Stamps $
Administrative Expenses $
Total EXPENSES $15

Balance as of December 2, 2007 $2,664.18


Budget for 2008
Tibra Scholarship $2,000.00
Fijra Scholarship $1,000.00
P.O. Box Rental (one year) $40.00
Web Expenses $30.00
Office Supplies & Software $600.00
Postage & Stamps $100.00
Administrative Expenses $300.00
Total Expenses $4,070.00
Balance Carried Forward $479.18
Budgeted Donations $3,590.82
Total Income $4,070.00

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