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The National Front For The Salvation Of Libya (NFSL)
الجبهة الوطنية لإنقاذ ليبيا

Monday, 14 February, 2011

Appeal to International Community

As is well known, various segments of Libyan society are calling for a day of national protests on February 17th to condemn Colonel Gaddafi’s regime, demanding its removal, after more than forty years of dictatorship and tyranny, and calling for freedom, social equality, and democracy, and an immediate end of corruption and misuse of Libya’s wealth.

In response, Colonel Gaddafi has issued decrees restricting the movement of all journalists and reporters and prohibiting the use of any cameras or any other form of picture taking starting the 15th of February. Recently, Gaddafi has ordered the establishment of security forces throughout Libyan cities to quell protesters, in addition to the arrested of several bloggers and users on the social networking sites.

Clearly, the Libyan regime is attempting to enforce a media blackout between Libya and the rest of the world, allowing him to repress the upcoming protests with violent means and terrorizing those who participate.

While we take this opportunity to remind the rest of the world of Colonel Gaddafi’s continued use of repression and violence as means of controlling the Libyan people, we also call upon the international community, and those concerned with human rights and democracy to protect Libyans so as they can peacefully protest and demand an end to tyranny and bring about democracy and freedom.

Ibrahim Sahad
Secretary General
The National Front for the Salvation of Libya

14 February, 2011

- Governments of EU, United States, Canada, and their respective embassies in Tripoli.
- UN Secretary General
- Human Rights Organizations
- Arab & International Media Outlets

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