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The National Front For The Salvation Of Libya (NFSL)
الجبهة الوطنية لأنقاذ ليبيا

الأربعاء 10 يونيو 2009

الأمين العام للجبهة يوجه برقية إلى مؤتمر قمة الثمانية

قام الأمين العام للجبهة الوطنية لإنقاذ ليبيا الأستاذ إبراهيم عبدالعزيز صهّد بإرسال برقية إلى مؤتمر قمة الثمانية G8، أشار فيها إلى واقع الشعب الليبي في ظل حكم العقيد القذافي الديكتاتوري الشمولي الغاشم، كما أشار فيها إلى أنه يجب إتاحة الفرصة أمام الشعب الليبي لإقامة حكم ديمقراطي مؤسس على دستور يكفل الحريات والحقوق ويرسي دعائم العدل والمساواة. وفي ما يلي نص البرقية باللغة الإنجليزية...

Letter to the G8 Summit

June 10, 2009

Your Excellencies,

It gives me great pleasure to address your Excellencies on the occasion of this important gathering of world leaders. It is also my duty to direct your attention to the ongoing suffering of The Libyan People under the dictatorship of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi.

We share the conviction that the roots of the deteriorating political, economic and security conditions affecting millions of people in many regions in the world lie in the absence of democracy, political accountability, rule of law, and economic opportunity.

Libya and its people are no exception. Having suffered over four decades of political repression and economic exclusion, the Libyan people continue to endure systematic violations of their human rights and denials of civil liberties under one of the most oppressive regimes in the world at present.

This is not the first or only crime committed against the Libyan people by Colonel Qaddafi, for since taking over power in September of 1969, he turned the country into a full fledge dictatorship dismissing its constitution of 1951 and dissolving its democratic institutions. For the past forty years, Qaddafi’s regime engaged in repressive policies and carried out egregious human rights violations. Libyan citizens have been systematically denied freedom of speech, press, or assembly. The price of protecting Qaddafi’s illegitimate rule was paid by Libyans who suffered random detentions, torture, “disappearances”, assassinations and public executions. No legal protection is afforded to defenseless Libyan citizens against Qaddafi’s oppression and tyranny. It is suffice to affirm the conclusion of leading human rights organizations, which have characterized the regime of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi as one of the most totalitarian and dictatorial ones, not to mention one of the worst violators of human rights.

The cold blooded massacre of more than 1200 political prisoner at Abu Saleem prison is yet another proof of Qaddafi’s unwavering use of repression and violence. The orders for this massacre came directly from Colonel Qaddafi, and were carried out by his close associates Abdallah Al-Sanusi, Izzedine Al-Hanshiri and others. To date, Colonel Qaddafi refuses to fully disclose the names and remains of the victims for proper burial.

Although the Abu Saleem massacre is considered one of Qaddafi’s most horrific crimes, it is not the only one. In Benghazi, there are more than four hundred children suffering from the AIDS virus. Although, the cause of the infection was never determined definitively, the Qaddafi’s government continues to ignore the dire needs of these defenseless children and their families. Furthermore, the recent death of prominent Libyan dissident Fathi Al-Jahmi came as a result of years of cruel imprisonment and torture at the hands of Colonel Qaddafi’s regime.

We firmly believe that the future prosperity of the Libyan people and the successful integration of the country into the world community require comprehensive reform through the establishment of a democratic state that is governed by a constitution guaranteeing the full protection of human rights, civil liberties and economic opportunity to all citizens.

Given its past record and present pronouncements regarding the course of domestic policy, there is no doubt that the present regime led by Col. Qaddafi is both unwilling and incapable of creating the necessary conditions to secure those ends. Ongoing efforts to rehabilitate Col. Qaddafi and his regime might secure some very limited short-term gains to some foreign countries however at the expense of establishing genuine political change inside Libya. Furthermore, these efforts are deplorable and will not guarantee that the regime will not return to its dismal past of international terrorism.

Your Excellencies,

The presence of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi at your summit stands in sharp contrast to the democratic ideals espoused by your governments. He does not represent the will or aspirations of the Libyan people who have suffered for too many years at his hands. The people of Libya appeal to your summit to support their legitimate cause for change, democracy and justice in their homeland.

Ibrahim A. Sahad
Secretary General

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