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The National Conference Of The Libyan Opposition
Tuesday, 10 October, 2006

Press Release

November 06, 2006

The Follow-up Committee of the National Conference of the Libyan Opposition is deeply concerned by the recent measures taken by the British government to deport opponents of the Libya’s dictator, Colonel Gadhafi, from the United Kingdom and hand them over to the Libyan regime.

While expressing great concern for the lives of these individuals and their families, we appeal to the British government to reconsider its decision, as the human rights situation in Libya has not shown any signs of improvement. Human rights groups, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Reporters without Borders, continue to document and report on the human right abuses by the Libyan regime.

In this context, we would like to draw attention to the speech made by Gadhafi on August 31st, 2006, in the Libyan city of Baida to commemorate his military coup on September 1st 1969. In this speech, he publicly announced before a crowd of Revolutionary Committees the need to “crush political adversaries” and “eliminate all enemies of the revolution.”

The claims made in the West by the Libyan regime and its public relations agents suggesting human rights improvements in Libya are merely lies and propaganda intended to improve the image of Gadhafi`s regime in the eyes of the world. Such claims contradict the realities of daily life in Libya, where imprisonment without trial, widespread abuses including torture and murder of political detainees remain common practice.

Indeed, the respect of human rights can not be attained under the Gadhafi regime; only through the rule of law and a democratic political system that promotes freedoms and fosters economic and social development can human rights be attained and respected. The Follow-up Committee confirms its adherence to the national principles, approved by the National Congress, which stipulate: the stepping down of Gadhafi of all his revolutionary prerogatives, and political, military, and security powers; the refusal of bequeathing power; the formation of a transitional government to return the country to constitutional life and the establishment of a constitutional democracy.

The Follow-Up Committee
The National Conference of the Libyan Opposition

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