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The National Conference Of The Libyan Opposition
Tuesday, 11 October, 2005

Appeal To The British Prime Minster

The Prime Minster
10 Dawning Street
United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Prime Minster Tony Blair,

On October 3, 2005, British immigration officers supported by the police detained five Libyan nationals living in Britain. These Libyans have been accused of threatening British national security and are facing deportation to Libya. We are sure and confident that the presence of these five Libyan nationals in Britain does not pose any threat to the British public good. These Libyans have been living peacefully in Britain as political refugees after having managed to escape torture and suffering afflicted on them by the dictatorial regime of Libya. Recently one of these detainees found not guilty by the British court system after being suspected of terrorism.

Mr. Prime Minster,

You have always put emphasis on human rights and its importance in the British foreign policy. Your excellence and the British people know very well the despicable terrorist history of Colonel al-Qadhafi, who made terrorism his cause allover, and against Libyan people in particular and whose crimes reached Britain and directly hurt the British people.

Mr. Prime Minster,

It appears that the West is becoming convinced that al-Qadhafi has given up on terrorism for good after handing over his weapons of mass destruction to the international community. In fact, he clearly saw the faith of his twin-in-terror Saddam Hussein and contemplated that blood money payments my buy him both; pardon and forgiveness for his crimes against humanity. The Libyan people were shocked to see your Excellency meeting with this notorious dictator in his tent, this encounter enabled Colonel al-Qadhafi to convey to the Libyan people the wrong message that his regime is supported and fully protected by Britain and the USA.

Amnesty International has recently documented many cases of Libyan nationals deported to Libya from neighboring Arab and European counties, including Britain where they faced detention, torture and murder, therefore, we strongly believe that the five Libyans recently detained by the British Authority will face the same faith of those tortured and killed by the security forces if they were deported by Britain to Libya. We ask you please to intervene on behalf of all peace-loving Libyans to stop the deportation of these individuals, we would also appeal to you to not consider the inclusion of the Libyan regime in any extradition treaty or agreements with Great Britain, because it has proven without any shadow of doubt that it has no respect of any human rights whatsoever.

Farag Bou al-asha, Coordinator
Human Rights Committee / The National Conference of the Libyan Opposition

(*) The National Conference of the Libyan Opposition is a political body that represents seven active Libyan political parties in exile.

cc. International Human Rights Agencies.

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