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Saturday, 12 December, 2009 : Free Ezzat

*** Media Advisory *** Supports First News Conference in Libya by an Independent Human Rights Organization continues it’s efforts to break the silence about a specific case regarding the disappearance of Mr. Izzat Al-Maqrif, who disappeared from Cairo Egypt 1990.  Just a few years after the disappearance several letters were received from him, detailing his interrogation by the Egyptian intelligence apparatus on March 13, 1990 and his handover to the Libyan Intelligence in Egypt. He was interrogated by several Libyan officials and incarcerated in Abu Salim prison. Details of the letter corroborate US Intelligence reports.  Former Abu Salim prisoners have recently came up and are willing to testify to seeing Izzat Yousef Al-Maqrif in Abu Salim Prison throughout the 1990’s.  This case has been adopted and supported by the Mayor of Englewood, New Jersey Mr. Michael Wildes, who fought to keep Mr. Gaddafi out of Englewood in the current UN conference this past October 2009.

Kidnapping and imprisoning Mr. Maqrif whose family are United States citizens is a clear violation of the trust necessary to keep Libya off the list of state sponsors of terrorism. As it seeks to enter the international community, Libya needs to demonstrate a willingness to acknowledge and attain for past terrorist activities. It can begin by providing Mr. Maqrif’s children with closure by supplying them with information regarding their father’s whereabouts. A failure to respond about his whereabouts and conditions for his release will be constructed as a confirmation of Libya’s current abysmal human rights record. 

Libya has been closed to human rights organizations, free press and the international media. Freedom of speech is unheard-of  in Libya and  will set an unprecedented ACT by shedding light to the  specific and crucial case in the conference. Throughout its investigations, Human Rights Watch will discuss the case and release its report, “Libya: Truth and Justice Can’t Wait,” at a news conference in Tripoli, Libya, on December 12, 2009. The report will include findings of Mr. Maqrif’s case and whereabouts. There are no independent non-governmental organizations in Libya, and critics can be sentenced to death under severe laws. In this context, this news conference in Libya at which Human Rights Watch will publicly examine the Libyan government’s human rights record from inside the country is unprecedented.

This report results from a research mission to Libya in April 2009 in which Human Rights Watch met with Libyan officials, lawyers, and journalists. Human Rights Watch researchers also visited the infamous Abu Salim prison. Human Rights Watch conducted its first research mission in Libya in 2005, publishing three reports on its findings. It has returned to the country for research and advocacy every year since then.  is the Official website of Izzat Yousef Al-Maqrif, A Father, Husband, Brother, Son, and Political Prisoner in Libya. Izzat’s forced disappearance was caused by the Libyan Government. This page was created to request the assistance in securing the release of Libyan Political Prisoner, our father, Izzat Yousef Al-Maqrif.

For more information:
Michael Wildes
Wildes & Weinberg
515 Madison Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10022
Phone: 212-753-3468
In Cairo, Heba Morayef (English, Arabic, French): +2-012-3810319 (mobile); or
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