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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Letter To Prime Minister Gordon Brown

October 7, 2008

Prime Minister Gordon Brown
10 Downing Street
London, SW1A 2AA

Re: Request to revoke your invitation to the Libyan dictator, Muamar Gadhafi

Dear Honorable Prime Minister Gordon Brown:

When it was rumored that an invitation was to be sent to invite Muammer Gaddafi to visit London, I could not believe it, and had to wait for the official announcement to be made. Subsequently, an official statement was issued on September 9, confirming the Gadhafi visit to London, and this is the reason that prompted me to send this letter, in the hope that you reconsider whether such an invitation is appropriate.

I think it is common knowledge that Gadhafi is a notorious terrorist, after having practiced and executed his brand of terrorism over a period of four decades, reaching almost all corners of the globe; this was possible due to Libya’s oil wealth, and weaknesses of “democracies” willing to trade blood for oil. I will not list all Gaddafi’s crimes over the past 39 years, the nationalities of victims or places of his crimes, but I will bring to your attention his well known and documented crimes on British soil: 1) Destruction of American PAN AM 103 over Lockerbie village in Scotland; 2) Sponsorship and financing IRA attacks on civilian targets in London and other locations in the UK; 3) Murder of several Libya nationals in London, such as Ali Abuzaid, a grocer, in London on November 28, 1995; Mohammed M. Ramadan, murdered on 11 April, 1980, London. Ramadan was a journalist and announcer at BBC, Arabic section. He was assassinated by Gaddafi operatives outside Regent Park mosque. Libyan regime refused him burial in Libya and returned the body to be buried in London. Two Libyans were tried for the crime and in Sep. '80, sentenced to life in prison; 4) Murder of Police woman Yvonne Fletcher in London on April 17, 1984.

Although a number of western nations are trying to whitewash Gaddafi’s crimes, and to present him to the international community as a model reformed terrorist, all sensible and intelligent people know otherwise. Gaddafi’s professed claims to reform are temporary convenience, borne out of intense western pressure on him. However, the realities in Libya are dismal, but the west does not concern itself with Gaddafi’s behavior inside of Libya, as long as they can extract lucrative business deals out of Libya. While it is understandable that the West would pursue legitimate business deals, it is hypocritical to embrace a vicious tyrant under the guise of “efforts of democratization.”


Mohamed M. Bugaighis, Ph.D.

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