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الحياة : إغلاق مكتب "الساعة" في بيروت

حسام الوحيشي : رئيس تحرير الأخطاء

فـرج بوالعَـشّة : فـتـش عـن الربا

سليم الرقعي : فيلم مصري قديم!!

Khaeri Aboushagor : Harassment, Misconceptions and the Media

Friday, 31 October, 2008: ROME (AP) — The Italian government gave Libya early warning of the 1986 U.S. airstrikes launched in response to a deadly attack on a disco in Germany, Libyan and Italian officials said Thursday. Libya's Foreign Minister Abdel-Rahman Shalgam was quoted by the ANSA and Apcom news agencies as saying the Italians warned him of the raids launched from a NATO base on Italian soil because they were opposed to the action. Shalgam said the Italians informed him personally since, at the time, he was Libya's ambassador in Rome. "I don't think I am revealing a secret if I announce that Italy informed us a day before — April 14, 1986 — that there would be an American aggression against Libya," the agencies quoted Shalgam as saying. Shalgam was quoted as saying that the U.S. launched a strike from a NATO base on Lampedusa, a tiny Sicilian island close to the African coast, "against the will of the Italian government." [AP] More
Friday, 31 October, 2008: MOSCOW (AFP) — Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi has asked Russian officials where he can set up his traditional Bedouin tent during his visit to Moscow this weekend, a Kremlin source said Thursday. "We are in talks with Libya about the possible placement of this tent. It is an important detail for the Libyan leader," the source told AFP, speaking under condition of anonymity. Kadhafi has brought the heated tent, which he uses to receive guests, on previous state visits. During a trip to France in December 2007, he set it up in the gardens of the Hotel Marigny, a 19th-century mansion next to the Elysee Palace used as an official guest house on state visits. Kadhafi is due to arrive in Moscow on Friday. [AFP] More
Friday, 31 October, 2008: The man convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, has applied to be released on bail, pending his appeal. Arguments are due to be heard in the High Court in Edinburgh next Thursday. Earlier this month his lawyer announced that the Libyan was suffering from advanced prostate cancer. Megrahi is serving a minimum of 27 years in Greenock prison for the bombing, which killed 270 people. He has so far served seven years. The 56-year-old is appealing against his 2001 conviction and the length of his sentence. BBC Scotland's Home Affairs correspondent Reevel Alderson said: "In the past, Megrahi has said he didn't want to come out of prison except as a free man. But things have changed lately. "He is suffering from an advanced form of prostate cancer which has spread to other parts of his body. [BBC] More
Friday, 31 October, 2008: After a joint action by the Serbian interior and foreign ministries and the Libyan security service, kidnapped Serbian citizen Ljiljana Susa was freed after eight days in captivity held by Libyan bandits that were demanding over $3.8 million for her. Susa was employed as a physiotherapist at a rehabilitation center in Zanzur, Libya, and was kidnapped October 18, 2008. The investigation and the action concluded that kidnappers were part of an organized criminal group engaged in ransom kidnappings. Ransom was not paid. It is not been reported what has happened to the kidnappers. [Serbianna] More
Friday, 31 October, 2008: ROME (AFP) — The son of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi Thursday said he wanted closer military ties between Libya and Italy, including joint patrols in the Mediterranean Sea, the ANSA news agency reported. "We would like to see Italian and Libyan military forces carry out joint exercises, and the Italian and Libyan navies staging joint patrols" especially to intercept illegal immigrants, Seif Al-Islam Kadhafi said. He was speaking at a meeting to mark an August 30 friendship treaty, which he said marked the start of a "new phase" in bilateral relations, after Italy apologised for its 1911-1947 colonisation of Libya. The treaty calls for Rome to pay Tripoli five billion dollars (3.87 billion euros) a year over 25 years as compensation. Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini called Libya "a reliable country, recognised as such by the international community". He added that the elder Kadhafi would be "welcomed as a friend" if he wishes to travel to Italy. [AFP] More
Friday, 31 October, 2008: Italy and Libya will work together to fight illegal immigration but "we cannot ask Libya to be Europés policeman". This was emphasized by Foreign minister Franco Frattini in a meeting at the Foreign ministry on the treaty of friendship and cooperation between Italy and Libya which was signed on August 31 in Bengasi which also provides for cooperation between Rome and Tripoli in this area. Frattini in fact urged everyone to "understand" Libyàs arguments, mentioning that Colonel Muhammar Gaddafi has repeated to Italian negotiators a number of times that Libya "must first of all save the lives of its African brothers". Therefore, said Frattini, "we must understand Libyàs role in the context of Africa". However, the Foreign minister assured that, "we will work together to prevent, patrol and protect the southern borders of Libya". [ANSAmed] More
فوزي عـبدالحميد/المحامي : هجوم القذافي على الجامعة (1976)

نوفوستي : سيف الإسلام القذافي : صناديقنا ستواصل الاستثمار في إيطاليا

محيط : معلومات جديدة تكشف ملابسات اختفاء الامام موسى الصدر

د. فتحي العكاري : هل يحتاج الاصلاح إلى سيف؟

نادي الباروني : دوري المجاهد سعدون السويحلي

Thursday, 30 October, 2008: MOSCOW (AFP) — Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi will visit Russia for the first time since 1985, the Kremlin said on Wednesday. "At the invitation of the Russian President, the leader of the Libyan Revolution Moamer Kadhafi will come to Russia for an official visit from October 31 to November 2," the Kremlin said in a statement. The statement did not give further details, but Russian business daily Vedomosti reported last week that Kadhafi would discuss arms purchases with President Dmitry Medvedev. Libya, which during the Cold War bought many of its weapons from Moscow, is seeking fighter planes, tanks and air defence systems as well as spare parts for arms it already owns, the paper said, citing unnamed Russian officials. The deal could be worth more than two billion dollars (1.3 billion euros), Russian media reported. [AFP] More
Thursday, 30 October, 2008: TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Libya must focus on creating wealth to stay true to leader Muammar Gaddafi's revolutionary project as the country rebuilds bridges with the West after years of isolation, a government adviser said. The oil-producing north African state has been run on Socialist lines since Gaddafi took power in 1969, with priority given to redistributing hydrocarbon revenues among ordinary people to maintain basic services and living standards. Industry was nationalised and private ownership banned, except in the energy industry where foreign expertise was seen as necessary to ensure vital oil income. Saleh Ibrahim of the National Planning Council said sanctions deepened Libya's isolation and caused a war economy that failed to create enough real jobs and strayed from Gaddafi's 1970s manifesto the Green Book. [Reuters]
Thursday, 30 October, 2008: Rome, Oct. 29 - Tomorrow October 30th, an Italian-Libyan conference in the Italian Foreign Office from 9.30am, organised by the Foundation Medidea, chaired by Senator Giuseppe Pisanu, and the Gaddafi Foundation. The title of the conference is 'The Berlusconi Gaddafi agreement: a historic fact for Italian-Libyan cooperation', on which will speak the presidents of the two foundations, Giuseppe Pisanu and Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. A note issued by the Medidea Foundations states that after the two presidents, the leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, will speak via a video connection, and there will be speeches of Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, Cabinet Undersecretary Gianni Letta, Libyan Foreign Minister Shalgam, Eni CEO Paolo Scaroni and the president of the National Oil Corporation Shokri Ganem. [ANSAmed]
Thursday, 30 October, 2008: The Libyan, Italian and Maltese foreign ministers will meet in December to discuss cooperation on illegal immigration, Malta and Libya announced today. The announcement was made at the end of a meeting, in Malta, of the Libya-Malta Joint Commission co-chaired by the foreign ministers of the two countries. Malta and Libya also agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Search and Rescue at the earliest possible opportunity in the current year. Libyan Foreign Minister Abdul Rahman Shalgam arrived in Malta yesterday and had separate talks with President Eddie Fenech Adami... [Times of Malta]
تعازي إلى آل ساسي     تعازي إلى آل الملحق

حسام الوحيشي : يا صغـيرتي

الساطور : الباين!

ادرار نفوسة : الأزمة المالية العالمية والاقتصاد الليبي

أبوطارق : سيف.. واللجان والمنابر والحراك والمعارضة المدجنة

عاشور نصر الورفلي : جمعيات أهلية ولا مربعات أمنية؟

العرب : المؤتمر الثامن للدعوة الإسلامية     محيط : عودة سيف.. بالسيف!!

Wednesday, 29 October, 2008: Switzerland (AP) — Switzerland can provide legal assistance to Italian prosecutors investigating an alleged attempt by black market dealers to sell arms to Libya and Iraq, according to a court ruling released Tuesday. An Italian citizen and a company alleged to have been involved in setting up the deal had asked the Swiss Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona to block the release of their bank account details to Italian authorities. The court dismissed their request. Prosecutors in the central Italian city of Perugia have been investigating five Italians for illegally dealing in arms and allegedly giving hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks to Libyan officials. Italian authorities believe the group was working to sell some 100,000 AK-47 rifles to Iraq and a half-million assault rifles to Libya before police broke up the deals. [AP] More
Wednesday, 29 October, 2008: APA-Tripoli (Libya) A memorandum of understanding to establish a mechanism for political consultation between Libya and Lithuania was signed on Monday in Tripoli. Libyan Foreign Minister Abdurrahman Shalgham and Lithuania Foreign Minister Davidas Malnonos signed the memorandum aimed at developing and strengthening cooperation between the two countries. According to the memorandum, the two countries will hold bilateral consultations to review relations between them and to exchange views regarding on issues of common interest regionally and internationally. [APA] More
Wednesday, 29 October, 2008: According to research by the Nairobi Star newspaper, the Libyan government, through the Libya Arab Investment Portfolio (LAP), aims to purchase Equatorial Commercial Bank, currently part of the Sameer Group of Companies. Despite the public uproar that surrounded their purchase of the Grand Regency Hotel, culminating in the ignominious departure of former finance minister Amos Kimunya, the Libyans have now turned their sights on the financial sector and have placed a bid for Equatorial Commercial Bank. The bank, whose headquarters are in the city, is also part of the Sameer Group of Companies. [Ratio] More
Wednesday, 29 October, 2008: Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgem, Secretary of the Libyan General People's Committee for Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation (Foreign Minister) arrived in Malta this evening for a short visit. He was greeted by Foreign Minister Tonio Borg and will tomorrow hold talks with Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and Dr Borg. He is also due to make a courtesy call on President Eddie Fenech Adami. The talks will focus on bilateral issues, with immigration and oil exploration in the waters between Libya and Malta being on the agenda. The Libyan minister will also participate in a meeting of the Libya-Malta Mixed Commission, which meets every two years. [Times of Malta] More
Wednesday, 29 October, 2008: Libya was said to have transferred a long-range Russian-origin air defense system to Iran. A Croatian magazine said the Libyan Navy transported several S-300 air defense batteries from the former Yugoslav republic to Iran. The magazine, Necenzurirano, said Libyan warships docked in the Croatian port city of Kraljevica to transfer the S-300 to Iran. There was no confirmation of the report. Croatia and Iran were said to have close relations, particularly in the naval sector. [MENL] More
Wednesday, 29 October, 2008: SANAA, Yemen, Oct. 28 (UPI) -- Planes from Oman and Libya hauling relief aid for rain-soaked parts of Yemen began arriving Tuesday at the Mukala airport. Also among the planes carrying food supplies, blankets, tents and medical personnel also included a craft owned by a Yemeni migrant living in the United Arab Emirates, the Yemeni-run news agency SABA reported. During the last few days, Yemen experienced heavy rains, which officials blame for more than 60 deaths and the destruction of more than 1,000 homes. Authorities said another 31 people were reported missing. [UPI] More
رجب الشلطامي : الفساد خطوة... خطوة!

الجزيرة : عودة سيف الإسلام للسياسة بين مطالب الشباب وجدل التوريث

فوزي عـبدالحميد/المحامي : فضيحة "العاملين عليها" !!

خليفة بن عسكر : حقاً.. القناة الليبية الفضائية قناة الخير كله!!

Khaeri Aboushagor : Libyan Policies towards Education and Training

الحياة : بريطانيا : جدل بسبب بيع سرج أهداه القذافي لبلير بـ 20 جنيهاً

محمد قدري الخوجة : ليس سرًّا.. بل عجبًا !!

لجنة العمل الوطني الليبي على الساحة الأوروبية : تأكيد على الاعتصام

Tuesday, 28 October, 2008: Senator Raynell Andreychuk is leading a trade mission to Tripoli, Libya, from October 27 to 30 to strengthen commercial ties between Canada and Libya. The trip is an opportunity for companies from Canada’s oil and gas sector to share their expertise in the field with Libyans and to introduce Canadian products and technologies to the Libyan market. While in Tripoli, Senator Andreychuk will attend a range of meetings to discuss issues related to political and economic relations between Canada and Libya. Canada’s commercial relations with Libya were normalized in 1999. [GC News] More
Tuesday, 28 October, 2008: Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat - Libya continues the positive development of its relationship with its former colonial occupiers Italy as it marks the anniversary of the Libyans exiled there during the colonial period. Traffic in all regions of Libya came to a stand-still for five minutes at noon to mark the occasion, while the first periods of all educational institutes were dedicated to discussing this issue which ended with the signing of a compensation agreement last August worth $5 billion, an agreement which aims to resolve any outstanding issues relating to the Italian colonization of Libya. [Asharq Al-Awsat] More
Tuesday, 28 October, 2008: It’s no surprise that a number of regimes on three continents want badly a fundamental change of direction in U.S. foreign policy. But what binds these ruling establishments together in their desire for a different America is that they are authoritarian, afraid of democracy and oil producers. Furthermore, they control the destiny -- and thus the economic firepower - of a collaboration of the wealthiest rulers in history, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, better known as OPEC. OPEC was formed in September 1960 in Baghdad to “coordinate and unify petroleum policies among member countries in order to secure fair and stable prices for petroleum producers.” It mutated gradually into a world cartel that manipulates world affairs to ensure the comfortable survival of its member regimes. [Human Events] More
Tuesday, 28 October, 2008: Tremiti Islands, Oct. 27 - "About thirty islanders underwent DNA testing at my request to see if there are any of Libyan descent amongst them" and none was found. Mayor of the Tremiti islands Giuseppe Calabrese told ANSA that the citizens underwent the DNA testing to see if anyone was a descendent of Libyan citizens sent in exile to the island when Libya was an Italian colony. "The results of the tests were negative, there are no Libyan descendents amongst the islanders" said the Mayor, saying that "the Libyans deported during the Second World War died soon after from typhus, which they had contracted before reaching the islands. "These people were then buried in a mass grave and I built a memorial to them to restore their dignity in 2004. The following year the monument was unveiled by representatives of the Libyan government, with which we have strong ties". [ANSAmed] More
تعازي إلى آل الصادي

الشرق الأوسط : ليبيا تفحص سكان جزيرة إيطالية جينياً للتأكد من نسبهم إليها

نداء صبري عـياد : الوطنية والمواطنة...

أمارير : صياح الديك ، بصوت الدجاجة (9)

عبدالمنصف البوري : ظاهرة الفقر في ليبيا

عاشور نصر الورفلي : ما علاقة القذافى بإدارة الدولة

هالة المصراتي : كثر الحديث عن... القناة الليبية الفضائية

طارق القزيري : استراتيجيات المشاعر الحميدة

Monday, 27 October, 2008: (Reuters) - Naeem Holding, Egypt's second-largest publicly traded investment bank, said on Sunday it had won approval to open a representative office in Libya. The bank did not say when it would open the office in a statement on the stock exchange website. A company spokesman said he could not immediately give further details. Naeem, which operates in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE, said in May it planned to reduce the proportion of its revenue from Egypt to between 35% and 40% from 70%..[Reuters] More
Monday, 27 October, 2008: The cancer-stricken Lockerbie bomber wants to die in Scotland, the Sunday Mail can reveal. Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi has been told he has only months to live after being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. But despite calls for him to be allowed to return to his home country of Libya, he has told associates he does not want to leave Scotland. The former Libyan secret service agent believes he will receive better medical care here. Megrahi, 56, is serving a minimum of 27 years for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103, which killed 270 people. He denies responsibility and is still appealing... [Sunday Mail] More
Monday, 27 October, 2008: The Lockerbie bomber is dying of cancer. That’s no laughing matter for anyone, but, days after his illness was announced, a bizarre story raised some chuckles over breakfast. Prisoners in Greenock, where Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi is held, are panicking about his impending demise - because they will lose their Sky TV. It is claimed Colonel Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator, pays the satellite subscription so Megrahi can watch Arabic channels. Fellow cons get to watch the best football as an added bonus, so Megrahi’s a popular guy. The Daily Record story carried impish quotes about candle-lit vigils, with lags praying Megrahi lasts till the Scotland-Argentina game on November 19 and, by some miracle, the Old Firm derby on December 27. The tale raises a guilty smile. But we really shouldn’t be laughing. This is a man in the last stages of a painful and distressing disease. His prostate cancer has spread to other vital organs. He is far from home and family and his conviction is considered unsafe by several learned people. [Times] More
أهلاوي : هدرازي     عبدو : العشرة جنيه

فوزي عـبدالحميد/المحامي : الإتهام الكاذب وسيلة للسيطرة

سالم بن عمار : زهير الشويهدى... كلمة حق

ليلى الهوني : جماهيرية القذافي السعيدة

السلفيوم : الضائعون     نداء القذافي : إحصائيات     متابعات     قرارات

Sunday, 26 October, 2008: A delegation composed of experts of the Ministry of Justice is to fly to Libya, in view of settling the pending issue of the Algerian prisoners at Libyan prisons, while the Algerian authorities have released 9 Libyan prisoners. The Ministry has charged a group of experts to study the records of several Algerian prisoners at Libyan prisoners,a source close to the Ministry of Justice said. The Libyan authorities have delayed their release to review their judicial records in coordination with the Algerian authorities, including 2 prisoners who have been charged with terrorism, and others charged with drug trafficking... [Elkhabar] More
Sunday, 26 October, 2008: ISLAMABAD—The Libyan Ambassador Ibrahim Al-Abid Mukhtar called on the Advisor to Prime Minister on Religious Affairs Syed Hamid Saeed Kazmi here in the ministry. The Advisor while meeting the Ambassador has said that Pakistan attached great importance to its relations with Islamic Republic of Libya and wanted to expand it in all sectors including economy. They discussed various matters of mutual and bilateral interests with the special reference to International Conference being convened by World Muslim Call Society at Tripoli Libya on October 27. The Ambassador invited the Advisor to attend... [Daily Mail] More
Sunday, 26 October, 2008: With the signing of an agreement with Italy regarding compensation for colonization, the signing of an agreement with the US concluding compensation for Lockerbie, and the recent visit of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Libya has indeed closed all outstanding major external files as Dr. Saif Al-Islam Al-Qathafi said in his recent speech in Sebha. This is great news for Libya. Now there are no paramount foreign affairs issues hanging over Libya and therefore all the more reason why Libya should and must concentrate all its energies, thoughts and policy formation on domestic and economic matters. There are no external distractions or excuses now. There are no excuses for poor management... [Tripoli Post] More
Sunday, 26 October, 2008: A camel saddle given to Tony Blair to mark an historic pact with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has been sold by Downing Street for just £20. Colonel Gaddafi gave Mr Blair the saddle after their famous meeting in March 2004 in a Bedouin tent in the desert near Tripoli. And last night Opposition MPs predicted that Colonel Gaddafi would see the sale as a insult. The agreement between Mr Blair and Colonel Gaddafi, 16 years after the Lockerbie jumbo jet bombing by a Libyan intelligence officer which killed 270 people, brought the rogue Arab state back into the international community. [Daily Mail] More
تعازي إلى آل مجيد

أسعد العقيلي : عن أهالي "المغار"..

د. محمد بالروين : من النظم الانتخابية (4)

رمضان جربوع : العساكر سوسة...

سليم الرقعي : كم حجم إستثمارات ليبيا الخارجيه!؟

د. مصطفى عبدالله : نعم للحوار... ولكن

Saturday, 25 October, 2008: Over the past two decades, Libyan President Muammar Al-Qaddafi has changed dramatically from a terrorist-sponsor and the leader of a rogue state, to a partner of the West. It is often suggested that Libya’s reintegration constitutes a model for dealing with other rogue states. However, asserting that the success with Libya can be repeated is not as simple as some politicians claim. A closer look at Libya’s rehabilitation shows that this process, which was mainly motivated by political and economic calculations, is not a model. In the coming months, Qaddafi’s relationship with the West should be watched carefully. [RUSI] More
Saturday, 25 October, 2008: (WAPA) - Yesterday a Foreign Ministry spokesman clarified an article published on Wednesday by the Italian newspaper "Repubblica" and concerning some points contained in the "Treaty of friendship, partnership and cooperation", signed by Italy and Libya last August. Among the different articles, "Repubblica" wrote about article 20 on "Defense collaboration". Under this article, "Italy and Libya will be partners in the military sector, they will exchange their experts, technicians and military information... [Avionews] More
Saturday, 25 October, 2008: The composite index of the Libyan Stock Exchange slid b y 1.39 points on Thursday to end trading at 816.46 points. Total shares that changed hands ended at 120,117 Libyan dinars (1,270 dinars Lib yan = 1 US dollar) in 22 transactions. The majority of transactions were in the banking sector, mainly in Al-Wihda Bank , Al-Sari Trade and Investment Bank and Sahara Bank. [PANA] More
Saturday, 25 October, 2008: (ANSAmed) - PALERMO, OCTOBER 24 - "The agreement signed on August 30th between Italy and Libya will surely bring important results on the illegal immigration front. It is already active in some places, in others they are waiting for the ratification from the two Parliaments, but surely relations between the two countries, thanks to this agreement, have greatly improved". This was said by the Italian ambassador to Libya, Francesco Trupiano, today in Palermo to meet with entrepreneurs of the Sicily branch of the Confindustria (Confederation of Italian Industry), as well as economic and cultural operators of the island. [ANSAmed] More
تلفزيون نابلس : معارض ليبي : الصدر مازال حيّاً

الجبهة الوطنية لإنقاذ ليبيا : بيان حول مهزلة المظاهرات المسيّرة

رفيق : خدعوك فقالوا : السلام عليكم!     الساطور

علي الزلاوي : القذافي هو المسؤول الاول والاخير.. يا عاشور نصر الورفلي

بوزيد لهلالي : الليبي المتـّهم في قضية لوكربي مريض بالسرطان

Friday, 24 October, 2008: Libya, holder of the largest oil reserves in Africa, is using an oil price forecast of $45 a barrel for next year's budget, Central Bank Governor Farhat O. Bengdara said. The central bank had used a forecast of $65-a-barrel oil for this year, Bengdara told reporters at a meeting of African central bank governors today. "Even at $45 a barrel we can continue our development," Bengdara said. Libya is forecasting economic growth of 6.5% for 2008, he added. Merrill Lynch & Co. estimates that Saudi Arabia, the world's oil exporter, budgets oil at $40 a barrel and has a breakeven price of less than $30. [Chron] More
Friday, 24 October, 2008: Libya's $65 billion sovereign wealth fund is looking to invest in European and US equities to diversify its portfolio after recent market declines, a member of the board said yesterday. "We want to diversify, number one in Europe, number two in the US, and then in emerging market economies," said board member Farhat Bin Guidara, who is also governor of the Central Bank of Libya. "We are going more towards (sectors) ... such as pharmaceuticals, telecoms, utilities and food manufacturers," he said. [Daily News] More
Friday, 24 October, 2008: Libya signed an agreement on Thursday with engineering and construction company Foster Wheeler Ltd (FWLT.O: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) to manage the building of a 200,000 barrel per day (bpd) refinery in western Libya, officials said. Construction of the Zuwara unit in the Mellita region should be completed in three to five years' time, the officials said at a signing ceremony in the Libyan capital. On the Libyan side the agreement was signed by refining company Zorco and oil marketer Oilibya... [Reuters] More
Friday, 24 October, 2008: After two years of delays, Libya has finally deposited all of the remaining money due to be paid to families of victims of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. That final deposit of $536 million is part of an overall settlement reached after the trial of Abdelbasset al-Megrahi, a former Libyan intelligence agent convicted of plotting the attack, which killed 35 Syracuse University students. That word comes from one of the key attorneys involved in a lawsuit against Libya filed by families in the case. [News 10 Now] More
فوزي عـبدالحميد/المحامي : وما الذي جمع الشعب الليبي؟

حسام الوحيشي : زمـن

عاشور نصر الورفلي : رد على فوزي العرفية المحامى

ناجي الفيتوري : كذبة غوّار

الحبيب الأمين : فوق خطوط القلق

الجزيرة : مستقبل سيف الإسلام القذافي السياسي يتطلب شرعية وطنية

فرج بوالعَـشّة : عن خيمة ضحايا القذافي

ميدل ايست اونلاين : في ليبيا، استبدال مبدأ الشفافية بمبدأ اللعبة السياسية

Thursday, 23 October, 2008: OPEC member Libya on Monday said it was in favour of a production cut of more than one million barrels of oil per day ahead of a cartel meeting later this week. The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries is due to hold a special meeting on Friday at its headquarters in Vienna to announce production cuts amid falling oil prices. "A cut in production by one million barrels per day is not enough to re-establish equilibirum on the market," Oil Minister Shukri Ghanem told AFP. "One million (barrels per day) is little. Offer exceeds demand by much more than one millon barrels per day," Ghanem said. The Libyan oil minister also said he was opposed to production cuts in stages. Earlier on Monday, Iran's ambassador to OPEC said that the cartel may agree to cut oil production in stages when it meets in Vienna. [Petroleum World] More
Thursday, 23 October, 2008: When Malta obtained its independence from Great Britain in 1964 its first embassy as a sovereign state was opened in Tripoli, Libya. This was a clear sign of the close ties and warm relationship between the two countries, not only then, but for centuries since the time of our mutual earliest known occupiers, the Phoenicians, those prolific traders or latter day businessmen. Malta and Libya have always been of assistance to each other, such as when Malta received preferential rates for its oil over many years and when Malta served as Libya's front door during the period when U.N. sanctions were in force. Now, that Libya's rapprochement with the rest of the world is complete, its relationship with Malta is entering a new phase from which both countries can benefit if the tremendous business opportunities are fully exploited. [Mondaq] More
Thursday, 23 October, 2008: BAODING, Oct 22, 2008 (SinoCast via COMTEX) -- Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Co., Ltd., an expert of pick-up trucks and SUVs in North China, clinched an agreement with Libya on October 20, 2008 on exporting 5,000 pick-ups. The Hebei-based carmaker exported 4,000 cars to the North African country in 2003 and those products used by government organs and social organizations won excellent public praise in the country for the company, laying a strong foundation for the big order this time. The order of 5,000 pick-ups accounts for 40%-50% of the market demand for 10,000-12,000 such cars in Libya this year. [Tmcnet] More
فوزي عـبدالحميد/المحامي : مخبر اختلطت عليه الأمور

الأصلاحيون : الى الشويهدى، رئيس جامعة مصراته (7أكتوبر)

واحد : هيئة الصحافة بين جهل محمد المبروك وفساد صابر وبوهديمة!

محمد بن احميدة : فرامل البرتقاليين الاضطرارية

محمد قدري الخوجة : بعض الوثائق!

نادي الباروني : بطولة الشهيد سعدون السويحلي

إذاعة صوت الأمل : تصريح صحفي

Wednesday, 22 October, 2008: Tripoli - Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of Libyan leader Moamer Gaddafi had by Tuesday not responded to the previous day's call for his return to politics. Around 5,000 young Libyans took part in a pro-Gaddafi demonstration in central Tripoli on Monday. The youth organization members, wore orange t-shirts and shouted: "We need you to build the future of Libya." They also urged Moamer Gaddafi to ensure his 36-year-old son became politically active again. Seif al-Islam Gaddafi announced in August that he would withdraw from the political arena because "problems" would arise if he were to continue. He had said he had been engaged in many state institutions and service in foreign affairs as well as questions of development and urban planning in Libya. He was however no longer needed now that the government of Libya was on the right path, he said. Unlike some of the Libyan leader's other children, known for rowdy behaviour in traffic and other scandals, Seif al-Islam runs a charitable foundation and has acted as negotiator in hostage crises... [ET] More
Wednesday, 22 October, 2008: MILAN, (Reuters) - UniCredit's board met on Tuesday, but despite media speculation did not discuss giving a seat to Libya, which has just become the cash-hungry Italian bank's second-biggest shareholder. Board members said it was for shareholders to decide. Libya, a former Italian colony, revealed last week it had a 4.23 percent stake in Italy's second-biggest bank, and Libyan Central Bank Governor Farhat Omar Bin Guidara said at the weekend it would raise it to 5 percent. Italian newspapers have suggested he could be a candidate for the board, but Libya has made no official request. "The board just ratified Libya's entrance," board member Carlo Pesenti said. "The shareholders choose the board members. [Guardian] More
Wednesday, 22 October, 2008: LONDON - Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, the Libyan convicted of bombing an airliner over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988 killing 270 people, has advanced cancer, his lawyer said on Tuesday. "Following hospital tests, Mr al-Megrahi was last month diagnosed with prostate cancer," Tony Kelly, who is preparing an appeal against Megrahi's conviction, said by telephone from Scotland, where the Libyan is serving a life sentence. "Unfortunately the disease has spread to other parts of his body and is therefore at an advanced stage. At this juncture, it would be unwise to attempt to predict his life expectancy." The Pan Am jumbo jet was blown up as it flew from London to New York on December 18, 1988... [Reuters] More
Wednesday, 22 October, 2008: With the effects of the global financial crisis beginning to be felt, members of the Turkish Contractors Union have turned to Libya as an alternative for new projects to help the construction industry weather the crisis. Libya's market has reopened to Turkish contractors over the last three years, according to union members. Turkish contractors have carried out business abroad worth a total of $19.5 billion and that Libya accounted for nearly $5 billion of this amount, union members said. Libya has accumulated large revenues recently thanks to high petroleum prices. [Turkish Daily News] More
عاشور نصر الورفلي : نعم علينا أن نتحاور..

سليم الرقعي : ظاهرة العزوف.. تزعج وتحرج النظام

إيلاف : تظاهرات ليبية "برتقالية" تطالب بعودة سيف الإسلام للسياسة

عبدالمنصف البوري : دور المثقفين فى المجتمع

فوزي عـبدالحميد/المحامي : أسماء عربية أم إسلامية؟

السلفيوم : أكاذيب وأكاذيب مقدسة     فيلادلفيا : أُوَّاه يا وطن..!!

الساطور : قصة حب

السلفيوم : دولة بلا إدارة     البشاير : ليبيا : إتهام جديد بتمويل الإرهاب في اليمن

تعازي إلى آل بن كاطو     تعازي إلى آل الأميري

رجب الشلطامي : بين الفجعة والفجعة.. فواجع؟!

Tuesday, 21 October, 2008: MOSCOW (Reuters) - Libya may agree to buy more than $2 billion (1.2 billion pounds) worth of Russian weapons during a visit by Muammar Gaddafi to Moscow this month, Interfax news agency reported on Monday, citing an unidentified source in Russia's arms industry. "An agreement on concluding a major set of arms contracts for more than $2 billion could be reached during the visit of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to Moscow," Interfax quoted the source as saying. The source said Gaddafi's visit to Moscow was planned for the end of October. Both the Libyan embassy in Moscow and Russia's state arms exporter declined immediate comment. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov later said Moscow was preparing for the Gaddafi visit and that the final details of the trip would be announced soon. [Reuters] More
Tuesday, 21 October, 2008: ROME, Oct 20 (Reuters) - Sovereign funds wanting to buy shares in Italian companies should 'generally' stay below 5 percent, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told newspaper Il Messaggero in an interview published on Monday. Frattini's comments come after Italy's former colony Libya bought a 4.23 percent stake in No. 2 Italian bank UniCredit last week -- a move which several Italian media reports said must have had the blessing of the Rome government. Libya's central bank governor told an Italian newspaper at the weekend it planned to increase that stake to 5 percent. [Forbes] More
Tuesday, 21 October, 2008: Moscow - TNK-BP is ready to sell $1bn-$2bn to obtain the status of operator of Libya's Sarir project, the RBC Daily newspaper reported today. After the conflict between the oil company's Russian and British shareholders was settled, TNK-BP received the right to compete with BP in international projects. The Russian-British oil producer is now in talks with Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) regarding the development of the Sarir field, one of the largest oil fields in Libya. In September, a delegation of TNK-BP top executives visited the country to hold cooperation talks. However, investment in the Libyan oil project, which may total between $1bn and $7bn, has yet to be approved by the company's new CEO... [RBC] More
Tuesday, 21 October, 2008: Moscow - Lybian leader Moamer Gadaffi will travel to Moscow on October 31 to meet with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev over weapons purchases and energy deals, business daily Vedemosti cited a Foreign Ministry source as saying. It is Gadaffi's first visit in over 20 years marking Moscow's renewed Soviet-era ties with the north African state since Russia's Vladimir Putin traveled to Tripoli just after stepping down as president in April. A more than 2 billion dollar contract for the delivery of Russian SU-30 fighter jets, T-90 battle tanks and other weapons to Libya would be signed during Gadaffi's visit. [Earth Times] More
Tuesday, 21 October, 2008: OPEC member Libya on Monday said it was in favour of a production cut of more than one million barrels of oil per day ahead of a cartel meeting later this week. The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries is due to hold a special meeting on Friday at its headquarters in Vienna to announce production cuts amid falling oil prices. "A cut in production by one million barrels per day is not enough to re-establish equilibrium on the market," Oil Minister Shukri Ghanem said."One million (barrels per day) is little. Offer exceeds demand by much more than one millon barrels per day," Ghanem said. [Middle-East-Online] More
Tuesday, 21 October, 2008: PALERMO - "If in 1964 the female labour force was only 4% in Libya, in 2003 it went up to 23%, in 2006 it was above 30% and it is still growing". This is what Nagia Essayed, an urban planning teacher at the Libyan university said from the international seminar 'Women, Business, Economics & Power', organised in Palermo by the 'Marisa Bellisario' Foundation. "Women at the managerial level have a natural talent for organisation and can add value to the economic future of the Mediterranean. But it is necessary to train them - she added -. Knowledge would allow them to cover key decision-making roles.In this way,they could contribute to finding a solution to the economic stagnation that is found in the Mediterranean". [ANSAmed] More
د. محمد بالروين : من النظم الانتخابية (3)

عيسى عبدالقيوم : المال السايب يعلم السرقة!

عمر : "ليبيا الغد" تقيل رئيس اخبار الفضائية وأربعة من ابرز معاونيه

محمد بن احميدة : أحزاننا ليست أحزانهم

د. ادريس بوفايد : تحية شكر وتقدير وعرفان

د. مصطفى عبدالله : علينا أن نتحاور..

د. فتحي العكاري : نماذج من الإبداع الليبي

محمد قدري الخوجة : "المقريف" مخبر وبصاص للقذافي!! (2)

Monday, 20 October, 2008: The Secretary of African Union Affairs at the Libyan General People's Committee for External Relations and International Cooperation, Dr Ali Triki had talks on Sunday in Tripoli with the vice-president of the African Union (AU) Commission, Erastus Mwencha, on steps taken by the Commission with a view to forming an African federal government. The 10th AU summit held in the Egyptian city of Charm El Cheikh in July charged the president of the AU Commission, Jean Ping, to prepare a roadmap and mechanisms likely to lead to the formation of an African federal government to be presented at the next AU summit... [PANA] More
عمر الكدي : أميركا ضحية الأصوليات التوحيدية

عبدالله الشبلي : حكايا ما بعد رمضان (6)

عاشور نصر الورفلي : رد على د. مصطفى عبدالله

ادرار نفوسه : رسالة مفتوحة إلى الأديب الكبير إبراهيم الكوني

حسام الوحيشي : أقلام خافتة

اللجنة الأعلامية ـ المؤتمر : معاً لمقارعة الديكتاتور

Sunday, 19 October, 2008: (Bloomberg) -- Libya plans to increase its stake in Italian bank UniCredit SpA to 5 percent and will buy more shares of oil company Eni SpA, the country's central bank Governor Farhat Bengdara told Il Messaggero in an interview. The central bank, which, along with other Libyan investors, increased its UniCredit stake to 4.2 percent yesterday, has undertaken the transaction ``for purely financial and economic reasons, not for political motives,'' Bengdara told the newspaper. He said financial reasons are behind a decision to buy 50 million euros ($67 million) of shares in Eni and may lead to more acquisitions... [Bloomberg] More
Sunday, 19 October, 2008: Tripoli, Libya - Libya won the sixth edition of the international weightlifting tournament for the Omar Mokhtar trophy which ended Thursday in Benghazi, 1,050 kilometres east of the capital, Tripoli. At the end of the competition, which began 13 October, Libya totalled 134 points ahead of Syria and Egypt, second and third respectively, in the tournament. Libyan Mohamed Ali Ichtioui and Egyptian Abir Abderrahmane were named the best lifters at the competition. There were also lifters from Jordan, Algeria, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Albania, the Gambia, Thailand, Liberia and Cameroon at the contest. [PANA] More
Sunday, 19 October, 2008: October 17, 2008 (KHARTOUM) – The Libyan deputy foreign Minister for African affairs, Ali Abdel-Salam Al-Tereyki said that Sudan and Chad will soon exchange ambassadors in a step towards normalizing ties. Al-Tereyki told reporters that a tripartite summit with be held along with Sudan and Chad to discuss the relations between the two countries. It is scheduled for late October. The meeting will include Sudanese presidential adviser Mustafa Ismail and Chadian foreign minister to follow up on developments related to normalizing ties. The Libyan official also denied reports that Chad refused to restore ties with Sudan. However he acknowledged that there are “technical difficulties” slowing down progress. [Sudan Tribune] More
تعازي إلى آل البسيوني

مراسل طبرق : صور الأمطار الغزيرة ـ طبرق

عوض المزيني : اللي ما تعرفه.. تجهله.. يا خليفة سالم

فيلادلفيا : درنة ـ العمارات الجديدة.. محاولة اقتحام..     سكان المصيف يحكون معاناتهم

جليانه : أحلام.. رجل فقير     اجدابيا نت : عن مكتبة زاقوب وصحيفة البشائر..

جبهة التبو لانقاذ ليبيا : بيان

عطية البرعصي : كلمة حق أريد بها حق يا ابراهيم جبريل

منظمة الأمل لحقوق الإنسان : بيان بشأن منع ابناء قبائل التبو من حق التعليم

أسعد العقيلي : إلى سيد "ساحة الشهداء".. إلى الدكتور ادريس بوفايد

د. مصطفى عبدالله : وفي زلال الماء... يوجد علق

Saturday, 18 October, 2008: A LIBYAN student was stabbed in a horror attack as he popped out to his local shop for a pint of milk. Today father-of-four Ali El-Arabi told how he was lucky to be alive after being confronted by four white youths at teatime, just yards from his home. The 35-year-old, from Glasgow's Govanhill, was knifed in the back, stomach and thigh. His clothes were covered in blood from the wounds he suffered in the attack. Ali was released from the Victoria Infirmary the next day after receiving treatment for the three stab wounds. But he is still recovering from his injuries and he says his family now live in constant fear. Politicians and community leaders joined forces to condemn the stabbing, and said more should be done to crack down on Glasgow's notorious blade culture. The vicious attack took place on an evening just weeks ago in the South Side's Garturk Street, just 50 yards from Ali's flat in Calder Street. The knife victim, who is studying for a PhD in microbiology at Glasgow University, told the Evening Times: "I could easily have been killed. [Glasgow Evening Times] More
Saturday, 18 October, 2008: MILAN (AFP) — Libya has become the second biggest stakeholder in Italy's leading bank UniCredit as foreign investors show renewed interest in troubled Western banks amid the global financial crisis. The investment of nearly 1.5 billion euros (2.0 billion dollars), based on UniCredit's stock market capitalisation, boosted the share price 4.5 percent as of 3:00 pm (1300 GMT). UniCredit shares had plunged on Thursday, closing 13.08 percent down. The new money was put up by Libya's Central Bank and two other public investors, the Libyan Investment Authority and the Libyan Foreign Bank, giving them a combined 4.23 percent stake. The north African country, a former Italian colony, has had a 0.89% stake since 1997... [AFP] More
رمضان جربوع : سين جيم مع السيدة "أزمة"!

الساطور : ماكين اختلس أفكار القذافي

عبدالمنصف البوري : أبعاد زيارة القذافي لبريطانيا

د. ولد البحر : خبز المدينة وعقلية البدو..؟؟!!

عاشور نصر الورفلي : ماكين أختلس أفكار القذافي

فرج بوالعَـشّة : جدلية اختفاء المثقف

طارق القزيري : فوبيا بالاستعارة

بوزيد لهلالي : المسافة بين المثقفين (2)

Friday, 17 October, 2008: STUTTGART, Germany – A German engineer was sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison Thursday after being convicted of supplying Libya with sensitive technology to use in its abandoned nuclear weapons program. Judge Juergen Niemeyer said Gotthard Lerch, 65, broke German export and weapons laws by getting uranium-enriching equipment – parts for a centrifuge system – to Libya between 1999 and 2003 despite knowing the North African nation was trying to build nuclear weapons. “Libya was a good distance away from the final stages of an atomic weapon,” Niemeyer said of Libya's atomic program when Lerch provided the country with illegal nuclear secrets. The charges carried a maximum sentence of 15 years... [AP] More
Friday, 17 October, 2008: MILAN (Reuters) - Italy's former colony Libya has 4.23 percent of UniCredit and will support the Italian bank's hurried plans to boost capital by 6.6 billion euros ($8.89 billion), the Central Bank of Libya said on Thursday. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who signed an accord with Libya settling colonial scores just over a month ago, gave a hint of the possible investment on Wednesday, saying oil producing nations were buying "massively" in Europe. He also warned of the risk of hostile bids from sovereign funds on Italian companies, and Italy is now studying steps to bolster tools available to its industry to fend off takeovers. Gulf Arab funds have put billions of dollars into western banks this year..." [Reuters] More
Friday, 17 October, 2008: A flock of trained Libyan parrots came to roost Wednesday night on the campus of Hofstra University, site of the third and final presidential debate. Libyan parrots, you ask? At a debate? Yup. The story of the Libyan parrots goes back to ancient times, to a man named Apsethus who wanted to convince the locals that he was a god. So, according to the early Christian writer Hippolytus, the wily and ambitious Apsethus of Libya captured hundreds of wild parrots, caged and fed them and taught them all to repeat the same message: “Apsethus is a god.” When he released the birds into the wild, the parrots endlessly repeated their newly learned talking point (parrots being very good at staying on message). And for a while, it worked. [AJC] More
فتحي بن خليفة : شهادة جمعة القماطي

السنوسي بلاله : الجبهة... والمطلَب الدّستوري

عـبدالباسط أبوحميدة : في ذكرى حبيب

ابراهيم جبريل : كلمة حق أُريد بها باطل... توضيح حول منظمة أمل

المراقب العام : شهادة إلغاء ترخيص منظمة أمل الخيرية

المحمودي : من خصائص المنهج السلفي

محمد قدري الخوجة : "المقريف" مخبر وبصاص للقذافي!! (1)

Thursday, 16 October, 2008: AP - The former Libyan intelligence agent convicted of bombing Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland has won an important victory in his effort to have his conviction overturned. A Scottish court ruled Wednesday that Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi can make a wide-ranging appeal against his conviction. Prosecutors wanted any appeal to have a narrower focus. Al-Megrahi was convicted of the bombing by a special Scottish court at a trial held in the Netherlands in 2001 and sentenced to serve a minimum of 22 years in prison. He lost a first appeal in 2002 but last year the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission gave him a second chance. Al-Megrahi says he is innocent of the 1988 bombing that killed 259 people. [AP] More
Thursday, 16 October, 2008: At least 10 Somalis died in a desert between Libya and Sudan as they were attempting to cross the desert in search of greener pastures in Europe on Tuesday according to survivors. The tragedy happened after these people have traveled with vehicle from Sudanese capital Khartoum to Libya, but unfortunately the vehicle has had technical faults that caused them to stay in nights t desert areas till their logistics has run out. "It is usually a pathetic and horrific scene to pass like that hot and problematic wasteland" Aden a man who survived from that tragedy. He said that the deaths occurred, due to extreme dehydration and general fatigue precipitated by the harsh weather conditions in the desert. [Shabelle Media Network] More
Thursday, 16 October, 2008: Sen. Barack Obama, with a donation of nearly $1 million, and a son of Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi were among the biggest contributors to the presidential campaign of controversial Kenyan leader Raila Odinga, according to an internal document obtained by WND. The memo was prepared by the head of Odinga's campaign finance accounting section, Shakeel Shabbir, as an official report delivered to the national treasurer for Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement party, or ODM. Among the 72 individuals and organizations that contributed money to Odinga's 2007 presidential run in Kenya, Shabbir lists "Friends of Senator B.O." as having donated 66,000,000 Kenyan schillings ($950,000). Saif el-Islam Gadhafi, the Libyan strongman's second oldest son, reportedly donated 53,450,000 Kenyan schillings ($765,000). [WND] More
الساطور : التوانسة يستغربون!!

فوزي عـبدالحميد/المحامي : يفخرون ويستعرضون أفراحهم

جليانه : جليانه تحاور د. أبوبكر مصطفى بعيرة حول الأزمة المالية العالمية

المؤتمر الوطني للمعارضة الليبية : بيان حول الإفراج عن المناضل د. إدريس ابوفايد

الجبهة الوطنية لإنقاذ ليبيا : بيان صحفي حول زيارة القذافي إلى لندن

Wednesday, 15 October, 2008: TRIPOLI, Oct 14 (Reuters) - Libya freed a dissident who was jailed last year for trying to hold a demonstration in Tripoli after a Libyan charity intervened to secure his release, the charity said on Tuesday. Idris Boufayed was arrested in February 2007, charged with trying to overthrow the government and sentenced to 25 years in prison, according to New York-based Human Rights Watch. It said Boufayed had planned a protest in Tripoli to mark the first anniversary of a clash between demonstrators and police in Benghazi. While in jail he fell ill with lung cancer. His health worsened in recent weeks, according to the Gaddafi International Foundation, a charity run by a prominent son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam. "It asked the concerned authorities to release him for humanitarian reasons... [Reuters] More
Wednesday, 15 October, 2008: America walked into Libya days back. Condolezza Rice called her visit historic. The American Secretary of State was not wrong. It's the first time an incumbent Secretary of State came calling in Tripoli in more than five decades. The saying that there's no permanent enemies and no permanent friends is a major dynamic of international relations. Once again, it's manifest. Libya used to be Americas public enemy number one. Libyan leader Muamar Gaddafi had proved to be a toothache to six American presidents. In turn, Washington had taken a look at Libya's activities and tagged the North African state a sponsor of terrorism. President Ronald Reagan called Gaddafi "the mad dog... [Independent] More
Wednesday, 15 October, 2008: The General People's Congress (GPC) issued a decree on Wednesday setting the date for meetings of Basic People's Congresses (BPCs). The meetings will continue from 12 to 16 October. The BPCs are required to draw up the agenda of current meeting and ratify the Friendship Partnership and Cooperation Treaty between great Jamahiriya and Italy signed on 30 September 2008. It is expected that after these meetings the GPC could be called for a session during which important issues... [The Tripoli Post] More
Wednesday, 15 October, 2008: BuzzCity, which provides global wireless communities and consumer services, has published the Q3 2008 myGamma Global Mobile Advertising Index, which shows the growing use of the mobile Internet and the ensuing advertiser interest. BuzzCity reports continued growth in Indonesia, which remains in top position despite network irregularities, as well as significant growth in Kenya, USA and Bangladesh. BuzzCity also reports record growth for demand of its service in Libya, which it says will surprise both the global mobile community and digital advertising industries. Only six months ago Libya sat in 93rd position. BuzzCity says the growth is likely to be directly linked with changes in mobile operator business models, offering affordable and understandable mobile data packages... [Mobile Marketing] More
منكم وإليكم : الثلاثاء 14 اكتوبر Letters : Tuesday, 14 October, 2008

المؤتمر الوطني للمعارضة الليبية : موقع المؤتمر يستأنف نشاطه

خليفة سالم : الشارف الغرياني.. تباً لك وحدك

الساطور : الأخوان المسلمين ـ استرني الله يسترك

حسن الأمين : المسرح الليبي بين الأمس واليوم

صقر بلال : أدوات عصرية.. وعقول بدائية

د. مصطفى عبدالله : تجارة... أم ربا ؟

Tuesday, 14 October, 2008: TRIPOLI, Libya, Oct. 13 (UPI) -- Russian warships are leaving the Libyan capital after a three-day official visit and are steaming to the Caribbean, military officials say. The task force from Russia's Northern Fleet is led by the nuclear-powered missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky. The ships left a naval base in northern Russia Sept. 22, arrived in Tripoli Saturday and are now heading to the Caribbean to conduct joint exercises with Venezuela, RIA Novosti reported. "After training at sea and some more visits to other foreign ports, the Russian Northern Fleet warships will head for the Caribbean to hold exercises... [UPI] More
Tuesday, 14 October, 2008: EARLY humans may have taken a different route out of Africa than previous evidence suggested, according to researchers. The Nile Valley is widely believed to be the most likely route out of sub-Saharan Africa for early modern humans 120,000 years ago. But a team at the University of Bristol has challenged this view in a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Wetter conditions reached a lot further north than previously thought, providing a wet "corridor" through Libya for early human migrations, the study says. While it is widely accepted modern humans originated in sub-Saharan Africa 150,000 to 200,000 years ago, their exit route across the arid Sahara remains controversial. [Scotsman] More
التضامن لحقوق الإنسان : الافراج عن د. ادريس بوفايد لأسباب صحية

جيل : د. علي الترهوني : ليبيا لا ترتبط بالاقتصاد العالمي بشكل مفهوم أو محدد

صفحات من "رائحة الجوع" ـ تأليف : الناجي الحربي

سليم الرقعي : وا مكتباتنا الجميلة!؟

النبأ : عقيدة القذافي.. بين غرابة الموقف وهزالة المبدأ

فرج بوالعَـشّة : نعم للانقسام الفلسطيني!!

Monday, 13 October, 2008: Libya has no intention of stopping its oil deliveries, or of withdrawing funds from Swiss banks, the Swiss ambassador to Libya said on Sunday. The Libyan authorities have denied reports to this effect which have appeared this week, ambassador Daniel von Muralt told the Swiss news agency. News of the halting of oil supplies came late on Wednesday. The head of the Libyan Tamoil company was quoted in the media as saying that the decision had come from the government, not from the company. Subsequently the head of Libya's central bank told the AP news agency that Libya had withdrawn all its deposits from Swiss banks. On Saturday a spokesman for Geneva airport confirmed newspaper reports that the Libyan Afriqiyah airlines was reducing its weekly flights from three to one. The Swiss foreign ministry has said that it has not been officially informed of any of these moves. [Swiss Info] More
Monday, 13 October, 2008: It was reported that during his recent visit to Tripoli, [Malta's] Labour leader Dr Joseph Muscat, together with the former Serbian president Ivan Lilich were the guest of honour for an activity attended by the diplomatic corps.But the Nationalist party in a statement is asking who is he? It said that the PN can confirm that there is no one under the name of Ivan Lilich who was the president of Serbia and leader of the Socialist party. Moreover, the Nationalist party added that on his arrival from Libya, Dr Muscat told a news conference at the airport that he was been given access to part of the treaty signed between the Italian and Libyan governments. “But the treaty which Dr Muscat was given access to during his visit to Libya was actually published in a Libyan newspaper and it available on the web,” the PN said. [Di-Ve] More
Monday, 13 October, 2008: The 4th scientific conference of Islamic medicine will be held from the 21st to the 24th of October in Tripoli, announced the organizers in the Libyan capital. The conference will be held under the sponsorship of the Libyan Association of Sciences of Medicine, in collaboration with the World Association of the Islamic Call (AMAI), Libyan Association “Waatassimou” and the Centre for the Promotion of Administrative Buildings. Libya was chosen to shelter this event after several meetings of the General Secretariat of the International Association of Islamic Medicine in Doha, Qatar. Several scientific studies from the United States, Great Britain, Iran and Turkey will be presented during this conference, which will be witnessing the participation of several professors and specialists in the field of Islamic medicine. [Alarab Online] More
رويترز : شكوك تحيط بتقديرات متفائلة لزيادة انتاج ليبيا من النفط

د. محمد بالروين : من النظم الانتخابية (2)

الشارف الغرياني المحامي : إذا أتى ولم تفعلوها.. فتباً لكم جميعا

الجبهة الوطنية لإنقاذ ليبيا : اجتماع المكتب الدائم للجبهة

ليبي : تي برّه يا راجل!     الساطور : بدون تعليق!

فضيل الهادي : بين برقه الهادئة وبرقة المهدأة

موظف متقاعد بمصلحة الاثار : فيل المستدون يستنجد بالليبيين من داخل قلعة طرابلس

Sunday, 12 October, 2008: Libya has stepped up its pressure on Switzerland by reducing the flights of its state airline, a spokesman for Geneva airport confirmed on Saturday. The Friday and Sunday flights of Afriqiyah Airways between Tripoli and Geneva have been cancelled with immediate effect, leaving only one connection a week, on Tuesdays. However, the spokesman said it was not certain whether Tuesday's flight would take place either. The French language newspaper Liberté reported on Saturday, quoting a source close to the Libyan foreign ministry, that Libya had ordered the expulsion of all Swiss from its territory. [Swiss Info] More
Sunday, 12 October, 2008: LIBREVILLE, Oct 11 (Reuters) - Gabon earned a 1-0 win over Libya on Saturday to keep their World Cup qualifying hopes alive and end the dreams of their visitors. Bruno Mbanangoye's goal 13 minutes from time ensured Gabon finished runners-up on goal difference in the African zone Group Five standings behind Ghana, who beat Lesotho 3-0 in Sekondi. Gabon are likely to go through as one of the eight best runners-up but must wait until the end of the weekend's programme of qualifiers before their progress is confirmed. Libya, who needed a draw to win the group and secure a place in next year's final phase of African qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, dropped from first place to third.All three sides have 12 points.[Reuters] More
Sunday, 12 October, 2008: Reuters - Russian warships called at Libya's main port on Saturday on their way to conduct joint naval exercises next month with vocal U.S. critic Venezuela, Western diplomats and eyewitnesses said. The rare visit by the Russian warships to Tripoli port was the latest signal of re-warming of ties between Libya and Russia-- its main backer during the Soviet Union era. The warships, led by the nuclear-powered heavy missile cruiser Peter the Great, left their home base on Sept. 22 in a show of strength by Moscow as it forges links with Caracas. Libya was seen as a rogue state by Washington until it agreed to give up a weapons of mass destruction programme. Last month U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli, the first such visit in 55 years. Libya wants to expand ties with Russia. [Reuters] More
Sunday, 12 October, 2008: WASHINGTON, USA, October 11, 2008 - African Press Organization (APO) - C. David Welch, Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs (1:30 p.m. EDT) OPERATOR: Welcome and thank you for standing by. All participants are in a listen-only mode until the question and answer session. If you’d like to ask a question, please press *1. I would now like to turn the call over to Mr. Robert Wood. Sir, you may begin. MR. WOOD: Thank you. Thanks, everyone, for joining. We have, of course, Assistant Secretary David Welch here and he’s going to talk to you about the Libya claims settlement agreement. [APO] More
Sunday, 12 October, 2008: The Libyan government says it is ready to work with anyone who will be elected President of Zambia after the October 30 polls. Libyan Ambassador to Zambia, Khalifah Sweith, says his country stands ready to strengthen the already existing diplomatic and trade relations with Zambia and will cooperate with the new president. He says the strong ties will benefit people of the two countries. Mr. Sweith said this in Lusaka on Friday during a function held to commemorate Libya's 39th revolution day. He also disclosed that Libya will soon give Zambia tractors to help the country boost food production. [ZNBC] More
Sunday, 12 October, 2008: Libyan prisoner of conscience Idriss Boufayed was released by the Libyan authorities on Wednesday 8 October. An outspoken critic of Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi and secretary general of the Libyan organisation National Union of Reform, Idriss Boufayed was arrested on 16 February 2007 for trying to organize a peaceful demonstration against the Libyan government. He was released on humanitarian grounds after being diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2008. There were concerns that he was not receiving appropriate medical treatment and that he would need to travel abroad for treatment unavailable in Libya. Amnesty International welcomes the release of Idriss Boufayed but stresses that it must be unconditional and that he should be allowed to travel abroad for medical treatment if he wishes. [Amnesty USA] More
صفحات من "الكتاب الجوّاني" ـ تأليف : صلاح عجينة

فتحي بن خليفة : صاحب الخيمة وصاحب العشة

جبهة التبو لانقاذ ليبيا : إلى منظمة اليونسكو

د. فتحي العكاري : التربية الوطنية أساس النهضة

سمير ابراهيم : منوّعات شعبية

المحمودي : محور الخير ومحور الشر

بوزيد لهلالي : إطلاق سراح الزميل المناضل إدريس بوفايد

Saturday, 11 October, 2008: Libya freed Dr. Idris Boufayed from detention on October 8, almost 20 months after security agents arrested him for planning a peaceful demonstration, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said today. Boufayed, who suffers from advanced lung cancer, was released from detention in a hospital and promised that he would be allowed to travel abroad for medical care. Relatives said Boufayed was allowed to leave the Sabratha Medical Center, where he had been detained since being transferred there from prison earlier this year. He was freed without conditions and returned to Gheryan, his home town, according to Libya al-Mostakbal, an émigré website that has closely followed the case. “We welcome Dr. Boufayed’s release and ask the Libyan authorities to ensure he is allowed to get the medical care he needs,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director at HRW. “Libya also needs to free the 10 other men who were arrested with him 20 months ago.” [HRW] More
Saturday, 11 October, 2008: RABAT (Reuters) - Majors oil companies are pouring money into Libya, home to Africa's biggest petroleum reserves, but it is unclear whether the desert country can achieve its goal of almost doubling output within four years. Tripoli wants to increase output to 3 million barrels of crude oil per day by about 2012 from 1.7 million now, raising extra revenues to help rebuild infrastructure that is crumbling after years of sanctions. Libya's peak oil output was around 3.3 million bopd in the late 1960s but analysts said that, with output at mature fields declining, it might be hard to push production above 2 million. [Reuters] More
Saturday, 11 October, 2008: The Nationalist Party [Malta] said today that part of a treaty between Libya and Italy which Joseph Muscat was given access to during his recent visit to Tripoli was actually published in a Libyan newspaper more than a month ago. It said in a statement that the treaty signed between Libya and Italy on August 30 was published in full by the Libyan news agency Jana. On his arrival from Libya late on Tuesday, Dr Muscat told a news conference at the airport that he had been given access to part of the treaty signed between the Italian and Libyan governments a month and a half ago. [Times Of Malta] More
الجبهة الوطنية لإنقاذ ليبيا : في ذكرى تأسيس الجبهة

راديو سوا : ليبيا تقرر سحب كافة أرصدتها المالية من المصارف السويسرية

لجنة التضامن : بيان بشأن اطلاق سراح المناضل الوطني الليبي ادريس بوفايد

ليبيا المستقبل : الإفراج عن السجين السياسي الليبي الدكتور ادريس ابوفايد

بي بي سي : ليبيا تودع مبلغا كبيرا في صندوق "ضحايا الإرهاب"

بوزيد لهلالي : المسافة بين المثقفين (1)

الاسلام اليوم : ليبيا تنفذ تهديدها وتوقف تسليم النفط إلى سويسرا

Friday, 10 October, 2008: WASHINGTON (AFP) — Libya has started depositing money in an account to compensate US and other terrorism victims under a 1.8 billion dollar deal aimed at fully normalizing US-Libyan ties, US officials said Thursday. David Welch, the assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs, told reporters that Libya placed in a US government account a "substantial amount" toward the 1.5 billion dollars promised to Washington. The sum is to compensate US and other families for the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland, that killed 270 people, and for US families of a Berlin disco bombing that killed two Americans and hurt 50 others. Welch, speaking in a telephone conference call with journalists, said he viewed the deposit by the Libyans overnight Wednesday "as evidence of their commitment..." [AFP] More
Friday, 10 October, 2008: TRIPOLI, Libya: Libya's oil chief called on oil producing nations Thursday to cut output and said OPEC was thinking about holding an emergency meeting next month to tackle the slump in global crude prices. Oil prices have fallen about 40 percent from a record high of more than US$147 per barrel in July. The decline to about US$89 per barrel has been driven by falling demand in the U.S. and other industrialized nations, which are grappling with fears that the global financial meltdown could lead to a worldwide recession. Even non-OPEC members "should protect their interest by reducing oil production to stop the loss of income," said Shukri Ghanem, chairman of Libya's National Oil Corp. "However, OPEC's aim is to create a balanced market, which neither harms the producers nor the importers," Ghanem told The Associated Press. [IHT] More
Friday, 10 October, 2008: Libya has stopped oil shipments to Switzerland months after the brief arrest of Muammar Gaddafi's youngest son for assault sparked a row. Issam Zanati, chief executive of Libyan oil firm Tamoil, said the decision had been taken "in light of recent media reports", without giving details. Tamoil says it supplies 20% of the Swiss fuel market and has more 300 petrol stations in the country. Charges against Hannibal Gaddafi and his wife were later dropped. They had been accused of hitting two of their staff. The BBC's Rana Jawad in Tripoli says the embargo is in retaliation for Switzerland's failure to meet Libyan demands that it apologise for the earlier incident. [BBC] More
Friday, 10 October, 2008: STUTTGART, Germany: A German engineer has acknowledged that he helped procure parts for a centrifuge system that authorities say was meant for Libya's now-abandoned nuclear weapons program, a court said Thursday. Gotthard Lerch went on trial in June, accused of supplying Libya with sensitive technology in the knowledge that the country was seeking atomic weapons. Prosecutors have accused him of playing a key role in the network led by Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan. Lerch faces charges that he broke German export and weapons laws by helping supply uranium-enriching equipment to Libya between 1999 and 2003. The Stuttgart state court on Thursday said Lerch "admitted having supported the production of ... piping systems for a gas ultra centrifuge facility in South Africa." It added in a statement that the International Atomic Energy Agency says the facility was meant for Libya's program. [IHT] More
Friday, 10 October, 2008: TRIPOLI (AFP) — Libya will withdraw its assets from Swiss banks estimated at seven billion dollars and stop shipping oil to Switzerland, Jana news agency reported. Libya "has decided to stop crude oil shipments to Switzerland and withdraw Libyan assets from Swiss banks which amount to seven billion dollars," the agency said quoting an unidentified foreign ministry official. The country will "also put an end to all economic cooperation with Switzerland", in a protest at the "poor treatment of Libyan diplomats and businessmen by the canton of Geneva", it added. Tripoli had first threatened to suspend oil shipments to Switzerland after the arrest of Hannibal Kadhafi, a son of Libya's leader, on July 15. [AFP] More
Friday, 10 October, 2008: Benghazi, Libya - The composite index of the Libyan Stock Exchange recorded a fall of 10.15 points at the end of trading Tuesday, closing at 840.38 points. Despite the fall, Tuesday's trading surged to a value of 210.950 Libyan dinars (1,260 LD = US$ 1) made up of 11,708 shares within the framework of 29 transactions. The most active securities were those of the Sahara Bank which realised a profit of 93.670 dinars, followed by Al-Wihda Bank with a value of 74.940 dinars (LD), Al-Sari Insurance with 17.000 LD, of the Liby an Trade and Development Bank for 15.110 LD and the Libyan Insurance with 10,235 LD. [PANA] More
Friday, 10 October, 2008: AGADEZ, 9 October 2008 (IRIN) - Freddy Kasseri, 23, travelled from Ghana to Niger intending to cross the desert into Libya. He did not make it. Libyan security forces return migrants via land to a military post in northern Niger, where the migrants are turned over to Nigerien soldiers. Kasseri was transferred 650km to Agadez, where he is working to save money for a second attempt. “I want to go to Libya, continue to Italy and maybe reach Canada. I want to be rich and in Ghana, there is work, but it is all small jobs. You know, if I can stay in Libya, I will make money. “I see our friends coming from Libya. They have their own cars. They build a big house, get married and other things. That is after staying in Libya only three to five years. [IRIN] More
ميدل ايست اونلاين : ليبيا تحيي ذكرى خروج الاستعمار بقائمة تكريم "ملفـّقة"

عبدالله الشبلي : حكايا ما بعد رمضان (5)

رجب الشلطامي : باختصار... عـن المصالحة والاعتذار

فوزي عبدالحميد/المحامي : وإذا أردنا أن نهلك قرية

الجالية الليبية ـ برمنجهام : لقطات من حفلة عيد الفطر

موظف متقاعد بمصلحة الاثار : لصوص المتحف الاسلامى بطرابلس

Thursday, 9 October, 2008: AFP - The Libyan government has decided to halt oil deliveries to Switzerland, the Libyan oil company Tamoil has said. "Libya has requested the company to halt all oil deliveries to Switzerland," Tamoil CEO Issam Zanati told AFP in a telephone interview. "It is a decision of Libya and not Tamoil," he said. Zanati was unable to say how suspension would last or why the decision was taken. ..... Libya threatened to halt oil deliveries after the son of Libyan leader Moamar Kahdafi, Hannibal, was arrested in Switzerland in July along with his wife after two servants claimed they had been abused by the couple. [AFP] More
Thursday, 9 October, 2008: Repsol YPF and Total, two of Europe's biggest energy groups, were yesterday implicated in an alleged Libyan bribery scheme after a report for Norway's Hydro found mistakes in paying consultants to secure oil fields in the North African country. Two senior executives at StatoilHydro - formed last year from the merger of the two groups - also resigned yesterday after an independent report found Hydro had breached company rules. The company handed the case to Norwegian police after publishing the report, which concluded Hydro had paid millions of dollars in "consultancy fees" in the early 2000s. [FT] More
Thursday, 9 October, 2008: During the establishment of the First Venezuela-Libya Joint Committee, Ali Yousef Zefri, the secretary of the Libyan General People's Committee of Industries and Minerals, talked about the need for a bilateral investment agreement against double taxation. In this way, said the official during the meeting, additional agreements could be implemented in the areas of energy, mining, education.... [Eluniversal] More
Thursday, 9 October, 2008: ISLAMABAD: British High Commissioner Robert Edward Brinkley and Ambassador of Libya Ibrahim E Mukhtar Henitish called on President Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday and discussed issues of mutual interest. Talking to the British envoy, the president underlined the importance of strong ties between Pakistan and the UK. The envoy stressed the need for strengthening trade ties in mutual interest. The president underscored the historical ties between Pakistan and Libya. [Daily Times] More
سريب : نساء المشوار الطويل.. في وداع صالحة ظافر

دنيا الوطن : بيان سلفي يهاجم الشيخ محمد حسان بسبب لقائه القذافي

سليم الرقعي : ظاهرة عزوف الليبيين عن السياسة.. لماذا!؟

عيسى عبدالقيوم : خيمة بخيمة.. والبادي أظلم!!

جمعية المحافظة على راية الإستقلال : الشرعية الدستورية ـ 7 اكتوبر1951

الجزيرة : تعطيل في تنفيذ أحكام القضاء الليبي على الدولة والأفراد

رمضان جربوع : الثروات المريبة!

Wednesday, 8 October, 2008: A company inherited by StatoilHydro of Norway may have made payments to win business in Libya that breached U.S. and Norwegian anti-corruption rules, the producer of oil and natural gas said Tuesday after an internal investigation. StatoilHydro, which also announced the resignation of two senior executives, said it had submitted to the Norwegian police the findings of a yearlong inquiry into Libyan consultancy deals initially made by Saga Petroleum - bought in 1999 by Norsk Hydro - and also by Norsk Hydro after the Saga takeover. The case, which the police said could lead to a formal investigation, dates from before Statoil's takeover of Norsk Hydro's oil and natural gas operations last year to create StatoilHydro. [IHT] More
Wednesday, 8 October, 2008: LONDON, Oct 7 (Reuters) - OPEC may need to cut oil supply further to prop up oil prices, the top official for OPEC member Libya said on Tuesday, a day after crude prices fell to an eight-month low. Oil has fallen as the growing financial crisis slows oil demand in top consumer the United States and other industrialised nations, despite an agreement by OPEC in September to trim its oil output. 'If this volatility continues, OPEC will have to do something,' Shokri Ghanem, chairman of Libya's National Oil Corporation, told Reuters by telephone. 'Yes. We cannot allow the prices to deteriorate....we have to do something,' he added, when asked whether that meant OPEC might need to cut production for a second time. [Forbes] More
Wednesday, 8 October, 2008: Senate Democrats and the Bush administration continue to butt heads over Libya despite a historic, multibillion-dollar deal that settled claims made against the government of Moammar Gadhafi by terrorist victims’ families. The problem, according to lobbyists for the families, is that Libya has yet to pay into a $1.8 billion fund that was to be shared by the victims’ families. Libya agreed to set up the fund in exchange for victims’ families dropping lawsuits against the Libyan government. Representatives of the families argue the White House should not be cozying up to Libya when that country is not living up to its side of the bargain.They are turning to their allies in Congress to turn up the pressure on the administration.[The Hill] More
Wednesday, 8 October, 2008: TRIPOLI, October 6 - African Press Organization (APO) - Regarding statements by the President of the Association of Italians Repatriated from Libya (AIRL), Giovanna Ortu, Minister for Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini commented as follows: “I have no reply to Mrs. Ortu nor to her incredible personal insults, since I respect her pain and that of the many Italians deported many years ago from Libya. It is clear that, if the complex efforts at gathering all the pertinent data and assessments have not yet been completed 38 years later, this is as a result of the objective difficulties in reconstructing them. I have said, and I repeat, that we have no intention of forgetting or ignoring the legitimate rights of the Italians deported. [Word Press] More
Wednesday, 8 October, 2008: OSLO, Norway (AP) -- Executive vice presidents Tore Torvund and Morten Ruud resigned from Norwegian state-controlled oil company StatoilHydro ASA Tuesday as a result of a probe into possible corruption in Libyan oil contracts. Concern about the contracts arose a year ago, when Statoil ASA took over the oil and gas unit of Norwegian rival Norsk Hydro ASA to form StatoilHydro. Both companies ordered separate investigations into millions of dollars worth of questionable payments. Each company turned over its own report to the Norwegian economic crime police on Tuesday, and said it was up to them to determine whether further measures were needed. They both concluded that ethical standards had been breached. [AP] More
Wednesday, 8 October, 2008: (ANSA) - Milan, October 7 - Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni on Tuesday condemned Libya for failing to keep its end of a bilateral deal, as dozens more migrants arrived by sea from north Africa. Three boats carrying 149 people were stopped near the southernmost Italian island of Lampedusa in the early hours of Tuesday, prompting angry comments from Maroni over an accord signed in August. ''Around 99.9% of illegals who arrive in Lampedusa set out from Libya,'' he said in a radio interview. ''Libya promised more controls but these are not being carried out effectively as we requested''. Rome pledged to fund medical and infrastructure projects under August's five-billion-dollar colonial compensation deal ... [ANSA] More
الشروق : سجين سابق في ليبيا يروي معاناته في سجن الجديدة

Dr Mohamed Bugaighis : Letter To Prime Minister Gordon Brown

السلفيوم : هكذا تكلم الصادق النيهوم

د. علي الصلابي : السيرة النبوية (48)

حملة التضامن : حملة سماع في أمسية للتعارف والحوار مع الجالية الليبية

كووورة : ليبيا تخسر أمام إيران وتغادر المنافسة على كأس العالم...

أ ف ب : فتح مكتب للخدمات التجارية الاميركية في طرابلس

رفيق : الخاين خاين يا فرج نجم

فوزي عبدالحميد/المحامي : مخيم قمل ( أكل وضراط )

د. محمد بالروين : من النظم الانتخابية (1)

Tuesday, 7 October, 2008: TRIPOLI, Oct 6 (Reuters) - The United States sees great potential for boosting exports to Libya and trimming its $2.9 billion trade deficit with the north African oil producer as the two countries rebuild relations, a U.S trade official said. Israel Hernandez, U.S. Commerce Department Assistant Secretary, told Reuters trade was growing fast and he wanted to help U.S. companies target possibilities in infrastructure, education, health technology, tourism and agriculture. "Libya is one of the fastest growing markets for our exports," he said on a visit to Tripoli late on Sunday. "There is great potential. Our trade numbers are growing up, but we would like to see more exports from the U.S. come to Libya." [Reuters] More
Tuesday, 7 October, 2008: (AFP) — The United States has opened a trade office in Libya to boost economic ties with the oil-rich state, the official JANA news agency reported on Monday. It said the US assistant secretary for trade ,Israel Hernandez, was at the official opening on Sunday with Libyan government representatives as well as businessmen from both countries. The opening, exactly one month after a landmark visit to Libya by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, aims to ramp up commerce between the two countries, Hernandez said, according to JANA. In August, the Libyan and US governments reached an agreement on a plan to compensate US victims of Libyan attacks and Libyan victims of US reprisals. [AFP] More
Tuesday, 7 October, 2008: KHARTOUM - The Qatari Prime minister discussed with his Libyan counterpart in Tripoli today the ongoing efforts to hold peace talks between Sudanese government and the rebel movement in Darfur. Qatar proposed officially since last month to host peace talks between the different parties in Darfur conflict. The Arab backed initiative was welcomed by the African Union and the United Nations which are involved in its preparations. Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hamad bin Jasim today met with the Libyan Secretary of the General People’s Committee (Prime Minister) Shukri Ghanem. [Sudan Tribune] More
Tuesday, 7 October, 2008: Malta - The Leader of the Opposition Joseph Muscat today began a visit of Libya. In his first meetings, Dr Muscat met the Secretary for Foreign Affairs Suleiman el Shahoumi and the Speaker of the General Congress of the People, Muftah Khaiba. The main subjects under discussion were energy and the international price of oil. Accompanying Dr Muscat on his visit are Dr Alex Sciberras Trigona... [Di-Ve] More
Tuesday, 7 October, 2008: Last Saturday, the Toro kingdom in western Uganda commemorated the 13th empango , the coronation anniversary of its teenage king, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru IV. The empango, which is held at the king’s magnificent dome-shaped palace on Karuzika hill just outside Fort Portal town has become bigger and is a major tourist magnate. The coronation week features sport events, a trade fair and a royal tour of the kingdom. During the empango, Oyo is presented with the royal ax, the royal bow, arrows and a sword as drums and flutes play .The royal cows are milked ... While Buganda pursues its land and Bunyoro keeps its eyes on the oil, Toro’s focus seems to be firmly fixed on Libya and the Great Leader... [Independent] More
Tuesday, 7 October, 2008: Earlier this year, RMJM Hillier became the first U.S. architecture firm to receive a commission in Libya since the United States normalized relations with the North African nation in 2006. Working in a country that has had a highly contentious relationship with the United States for decades and is led by a man—Moammar Gaddafi—most would describe as a dictator might give some firms pause, but this is nothing new for RMJM, which designed the Olympic Green Convention Center for the Beijing Olympics and the Okhta Center tower in St. Petersburg, Russia, for state-owned energy company Gazprom. "We do a lot of due diligence on the people we work for,"RMJM CEO Peter Morrison told ARCHITECT last spring. [Architect Magazine] More
دنيا الوطن : قناة ليبيا الشبابية تسرق حلقات من مسلسل باب الحارة

نصر سعيد عقوب : تكميم الأفواه

نادي الباروني الرياضي الإجتماعي : لقـطات من حفل عيد الفطر المبارك

جمعية التكافل ـ لندن : لقطات من حفلة عيد الفطر

جمعية الجالية الليبية ـ مانشستر : لقطات من حفلة العيد

ياسين بوسيف ياسين : الأوله في الغرام

د. فتحي العكاري : التاريخ لا يرحم يا سادة

Monday, 6 October, 2008: Futsal World Cup 2008 : Uruguay vs Libya Highlights : [IFutbal] More (video)
Monday, 6 October, 2008: Considering this is their first appearance in the FIFA Futsal World Cup finals and the fact that they do not have a national league, Libya have been acquitting themselves remarkably well in Brazil. The north Africans even created a little bit of history in their opening Group D match against Uruguay on Wed., pulling off a 3-3 draw to buck a losing trend that has seen every African side before them go down by at least four goals in their tournament debuts. "We are part of a process that has developed really quickly thanks to the support of the FA," Fathi Alkhoga, their two-goal hero against the Uruguayans, tells [FIFA]
Monday, 6 October, 2008: Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi-based Al Maabar International Investments has lined up overseas investments worth $11.5 billion (Dh42.2 billion) over 10 years, its managing director said on Monday. The investments will be in real estate projects in Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Qatar, Belarus and Jordan, said Yousef M. Al Nowais. "Our focus is international and our mandate is to develop projects outside Abu Dhabi. Two of our overseas projects are already on the ground - in Morocco and in Libya,"... [Gulf News] More
Monday, 6 October, 2008: Defending champion Spain has gained its first victory of the tournament by defeating Libya in Group D of the FIFA Futsal World Cup. The Spaniards snatched a comfortable 3-0 win over Libya at the Maracanazinho stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Friday. The two-time world champion Spain badly needed a victory after opening with a 3-3 draw against Asian champion Iran earlier this week. Javi Rodrigues opened the score after just 3 minutes and Alvaro doubled the advantage in the 15th. Daniel extended the lead 10 minutes into the second half to complete the victory, which put Spain at the top of group D. [Press TV] More
Monday, 6 October, 2008: Higher Committee to follow up the crisis in the global financial market held its 2nd meeting in Tripoli headed by the secretary of General People's Committee(GPC).The meeting included members of the Secretary-General People's Committee for Finance and the Secretary of Arab Affairs at GPC for Foreign Liaison and Int'l Cooperation, the Governor and Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Libya, the Director General of long-term investment portfolio, and general manager of the Libyan External Bank... [LJBC] More
Monday, 6 October, 2008: Iran’s futsal team earned a convincing 4-2 win on Sunday against the African champion Libya in the Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro. Iran had tied before with the two-time defending champion Spain 3-3 in its opening match in Group D. Taheri gave Iran the lead in the 5th minute while Hashemzadeh scored twice in 7th and 17th minutes. Mostafa Tayyebi sealed the valuable victory for Iran in the 32nd minute. Libyan Rabie and Rahoma opened Mostafa Nazari’s goal in 19th and 25th minutes. [Tehran Times] More
تعازي إلى آل الفلاح وطريش

الساطور : بندة عاكف امسيك (3)

HN : Mohamed Eljahmi : Colonel Qaddafi Has Not Changed..!

موظف متقاعد : ردا على مقالة "لضمان المحافظة على الارث الثقافى الليبي"

أمارير : الحصاد

مخيم أمل : الدورة الثالثة عشر لمخيم الأمل

قدس برس : ناشط ليبي : المعارضة تخطط لإقامة خيمة مقابل خيمة القذافي في لندن

طارق القزيري : غزوة المائدة والقمع الذوقي

Sunday, 5 October, 2008: As part of Libya's efforts to meet the ever increasing demand for cement, the Economic Social Development Fund (ESDF) and Asamer Group, an Austrian building company, have joined forces and established in October 2007 the Libyan Cement manufacturing joint venture company (JLCC). JLCC has since successfully purchased Cement plants in eastern Libya and has embarked on a huge refurbishment, modernization and upgrading program that is expected to increase of production. [Tripoli Post] More
Sunday, 5 October, 2008: TEHRAN -- Iran’s futsal team is to play Libya on Sunday in the Futsal World Cup in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Iran tied 3-3 with two-time world champion Spain on Wednesday. The Asian champion Iran will also play Uruguay on October 7. The competitions are played in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. The teams are divided into four groups of five, with the top two advancing to the next stage. [Tehran Times] More
الساطور : بدون تعليق!

علي ابن ليبيا : السفيه الثوري مهدي امبيرش يتهجّم على القرآن الكريم!

صفحات من كتاب "هكذا تأملت الكاهنة ميم" ـ تأليف : ابراهيم الكوني

ميدل ايست اونلاين : تفجر الازمة بين اكاديمية الدراسات العليا الليبية ووزارة التعليم العالي

France 24 : Darfur: What's the Deal?      FSB-UW : Anatomy of a Financial Crisis 

فوزي عبدالحميد/المحامي : إلى إبن الجبل الأخضر

Saturday, 4 October, 2008: Tripoli is tapping U.S., Libyan and other companies to put money into a humanitarian fund for U.S. victims of terrorism, a senior Bush administration official and another source said on Friday. The fund, agreed on in August by the United States and Libya to settle terrorism cases on both sides, still has no any money in it but a senior U.S. official said he was confident Tripoli would fulfill its obligations. "They (the Libyans) are out there raising their funds," said the senior official, who spoke on condition he not be named because the issue is sensitive. The onus is on Libya to put an unspecified amount into the fund, which is estimated to be worth a total of $1.8 billion, before payments can be made. Both sides have refused to say where the money will come from but Washington has insisted no U.S. taxpayer money will be used. [Reuters] More
Saturday, 4 October, 2008: RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil: Defending champion Spain beat Libya 3-0 Friday in the Futsal World Cup for its first win of the tournament. The Spaniards badly needed a victory after opening with a 3-3 draw against Iran earlier this week. But Spain looked sluggish against the much weaker Libyan team, even though Javi Rodrigues made it 1-0 after just 3 minutes and Alvaro doubled the lead in the 15th. Daniel put the result beyond doubt 10 minutes into the second half, and the win put Spain at the top of its group with four points. In other matches, Argentina beat Egypt 4-2, Ukraine routed Guatemala 6-2. [IHT] More
Saturday, 4 October, 2008: Kosovo’s Foreign Minister says he was promised that Libya will not back Serbia in its bid to get the World Court’s opinion on the legality of Kosovo’s independence. Skender Hyseni, said the Libyan ambassador at the United Nations, Giadalla Ettalhi, pledged to back Kosovo’s independence while opposing Serbia’s initiative to contest this. Serbia needs the backing of a simple majority of 192 countries at the United Nations General Assembly for its resolution on the legality of Kosovo’s independence to be passed to the International Court of Justice. The vote will be held on October 8. [Balkan Insight] More
تعازي إلى آل بن خيلة

ليلى الهوني : ماذا لو مات شارون غداً!؟

السلفيوم : يد يهودية رحيمة     إيلاف : خلود الفلاح : المرأة الليبية تملك كل مقومات الحرية

عبدالنبي ابوسيف ياسين : غوانتانمو- داش - بنغازى!

المحمودي : هل أباح الشيخ الطاهر الزاوي التعامل الربوي؟!

د. محمد المقريف : انقلاب بقيادة مخبر ( الجزء 2 ـ الحلقة 7 )

فرج بوالعَـشّة : المثقف الضميري

Friday, 3 October, 2008: Rome, 2 Oct. (AKI) - Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said that six patrol-boats are 'ready' to begin monitoring the Mediterranean sea in order to prevent illegal immigrants from reaching the Italian coast. The remarks follow a deal struck with Libya in September to increase border security and prevent illegal immigrants from reaching Italy. "I had said I hoped for the implementation of the agreement. I have also said that I want to be present the day the patrols begin," said Maroni in an interview. [AKI] More
Friday, 3 October, 2008: (ANSAmed) - ROME, OCTOBER 2 - Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said Thursday that he was sure Libya would "honour" an agreement with Italy addressing illegal immigration but stressed that a joint effort from both countries was required. The minister said the friendship and cooperation accord signed by Libya and Italy on August 30 foresaw collaboration to protect Libyàs desert borders via a satellite system and patrols. "Libya has almost 2,000 kilometres of border in the middle of the desert. If we don't help to protect that way in', it's rather difficult for Libya to block its northern Mediterranean border," Frattini said. [ANSAmed] More
Friday, 3 October, 2008: (ANSAmed) - ROME, OCTOBER 2 - "Nobody has ever dreamed to put up for discussion the NATO treaty," Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, answered in this way during the question time at the upper house to a question on article 4 of the treaty of friendship and cooperation between Italy and Libya signed on August 30 in Benghazi by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. The Italian Foreign minister recalled that the article on the matter envisages the mutual commitment in not using force "in respect of the principles of the international law", a passage which obviously also refers to the treaty for accession of Italy to the Atlantic Alliance. A treaty, Frattini specified, of "multilateral" nature which cannot be put up for discussion by a "bilateral" agreement. [ANSAmed] More
فوزي عبدالحميد/المحامي : أسد الصحراء أم الجبل الأخضر؟

الساطور : الصحف الليبية تصدر بحلة جديدة

أب علي : لماذا يكره القذافى الليبيين والليبييات وليبيا؟

اسلام اون لاين : أربع بدايات لعيد الفطر     السياسة : التعاطي الأميركي - الأوروبي مع ليبيا

واس : سفن بحرية روسية ستزور ليبيا     البيان : ليبيا سوق مفتوحة للباعة المتجولين

Thursday, 2 October, 2008: MOSCOW, Oct 1 (Reuters) - Russian warships will stop off in Libya on their way to conduct joint naval exercises next month with outspoken U.S. foe Venezuela, Russian Navy spokesman Igor Dygalo told Reuters on Wednesday. The warships, led by the nuclear-powered heavy missile cruiser Peter the Great, left their base on Sept. 22 in the latest show of strength by Moscow as it builds links with some of Washington's sharpest critics. Russian media have reported that the warships could also divert to a Syrian port, though this has not been confirmed. The ships will visit the Libyan capital Tripoli. [Reuters] More
Thursday, 2 October, 2008: MILAN, Oct 1 (Reuters) - Morgan Stanley denied it was advising a Libyan fund for a possible investment in Italian telecoms operator Telecom Italia (TLIT.MI: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) in a statement on Wednesday. "Morgan Stanley denies being adviser to the Libyan Investment Authority, or having had contacts in this context with the Libyan fund," the bank said. Finanza & Mercati newspaper had said in its Wednesday issue that Morgan Stanley had been hired by Libya's sovereign fund which wanted to become an investor in Telecom Italia by the end of the year. [Reuters] More
Thursday, 2 October, 2008: In 1986, nearly fifteen years before 9-11 and the terrorist atrocities at the World Trade Center in New York City, the El Rukns, a street gang from Chicago threatened to declare War on Uncle Sam in the service of a terrorist state. Jeff Fort, the leader of the El Rukns (formerly known as the Blackstone Rangers and Black P. Stone Nation), founded the gang in the mid 1960s in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood. The charismatic Fort showed remarkable leadership and organizational abilities in absorbing rival street gangs and by the late 1970s, he headed Chicago’s most powerful gang. ..... The plot began in early 1986, when Fort discovered that Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, had received $5 million from Libyan leader Colonel Moammar Khadafy, who had ruled Libya since 1969. In the 1970s and ‘80s, Khadafy supported revolutionary movements, mostly Muslim, throughout the world.... [New Criminologist] More
Thursday, 2 October, 2008: Bonn, Germany - Ethan Chorin’s book Translating Libya: The Modern Libyan Short Story defies being pigeon-holed within a particular genre. At its heart are 16 Libyan short stories newly translated by Chorin (in three cases, jointly with Basem Tulti). But the book is at the same time a delightful mixture of travelogue, scholarly study and a record of personal encounters. Libya, after its long years of int'l isolation, still appears generally mysterious and little understood to outsiders. The title, Translating Libya, can be seen in two ways. One is the translation of Libyan literature, the other the “translating” of Libya itself. Through the stories and his accompanying jottings and commentaries, Chorin throws much light on different facets of Libya, past and present.Chorin was a member of the small team of US diplomats that went to Tripoli.[Media for Freedom] More
Thursday, 2 October, 2008: TRIPOLI (AFP) — Libyans are shaking off decades of deprivation resulting from an iron-fisted socialist rule, international isolation and sanctions to savour the joys of their new market economy. Gone are the days of having to queue outside gloomy state shops to buy subsidised consumer goods in Libya, which is an OPEC member and Africa's number two oil producer with reserves estimated to total 42 billion barrels. Thanks to high oil prices, a promise by flamboyant leader Moamer Kadhafi to give the people a share of the country's multi-billion oil revenues and the government's economic reforms drive, Libyans have embraced consumerism. Designer boutiques dot the posh Gargaresh avenue of the capital Tripoli, where Libyans can shop for the latest fashions as well as stop in a US-style fast-food eatery for a late-night slice of pizza. [AFP] More
Thursday, 2 October, 2008: After 57/54 victory over Al-Shabab in the final game held at Suliman Al-Zarrat , Al-Ittihad had been crowned the Al-Fatah Tournament for distinguished teams. The game that was run by the referees Mohamed Albraki and Hamid Houmry ended for Al-Ittihad and the results of the quarters came as following . First quarter, 15/19 for Al-Shabab. Second quarter, 29/31 for Al-Shabab. Third quarter, 41/40 for Al-Ittihad. Fourth quarter, 57/54 for Al-Ittihad. To be mentioned that Ahli of Benghazi had won the third place in the tournament after defeating Al-Nasar 72/64 in the game that was run by the referees Abed Alaziz Al-Maquri, Fouad Brghash, and Ibrahim Abed Allah. [Basket-In-Africa] More

أتقدم إلى كافة الأخـوة الليبيين والأخـوات الليبيات بأجمل التهاني وأطيب التمنيات بمناسبة عيد الفطرالمبارك أعاده الله علينا جميعاً بالخير والسعادة.  ابراهيم سعـيد اغـنيوه

فيلادلفيا : بالراس علي يفك السحر في درنه

تهاني العيد : كل عام وأنتم بخير

ادرار نفوسه : حتى في العيد القذافي يكره الليبيين     بطاقة معايدة للديكتاتور القذافي

( مبروك عيدك .. يا العزيز عليّه ) غناء : أحمد الشبلي

( يا لحباب ) غناء : أحمد الشبلي

اسلام اون لاين : العيد الإثنين بنيجيريا والثلاثاء بليبيا والأربعاء بهولندا..

Wednesday, 1 October, 2008: Gazprom is set to cement its entry into the Libyan oil and gas market this month by finalizing an agreement with Italian energy giant Eni as part of a broader asset swap, both companies said. The move comes after a sustained diplomatic push by the Kremlin to improve relations with the North African state and could see Eni developing projects along Russia's Arctic coast. The announcement came after a meeting Monday in Moscow between Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller and his counterpart at Eni, Paolo Scaroni, and would herald Gazprom's entry into the Elephant oil project in Libya. The agreement is part of a memorandum signed by the Italian firm when it bought into Gazprom to help the Russian company... [Moscow Times] More
Wednesday, 1 October, 2008: Libyan Ambassador to Uganda Abdallah Bujeldain has, as part of his diplomatic duty, embarked on a project to appeal to Ugandans to elect President Museveni to yet another term because he has done excellent work besides, being a revolutionary. The diplomat is echoing what his President, Col. Muammar Gaddafi posited when he visited Kampala in March this year. Gaddafi asked why a leader should relinquish power when he is doing good things for his people. "A leader should only leave power by the will of the people. For example, Museveni came to power through revolutionary means, not the vote. How can he simply go?" Went on Gaddafi; "African leadership is paralysed. If we depend on constitutions, we are losing track!"‌ The other prominent member in Gaddafi's club of revolutionary leaders on the continent besides Uganda's Museveni, is Zimbabwe's Mugabe who is currently presiding over a failed and incessantly failing state. [Monitor] More
Wednesday, 1 October, 2008: 28 Algerian prisoners held in Libya have been released yesterday, while 52 others facing serious accusations are still detained, said the Algerian prisoners’ lawyer, Mrs. Fatma Zohra Ben Braham. In this context, the 28 prisoners being released by the Libyan authorities have been furnished the pass to back to Algeria in the few coming days. They belong to the category of prisoners who have been sentenced for less than 10 years, yet, they have been released although they served half the sentence. According to lawyer Ben Braham, the Algerian prisoners have been transported to the Algerian borders by the Libyan authorities, to be transferred home by the Algerian authorities. However, the families of the prisoners, who still detained at Libyan penitentiaries, have expressed their concern about the fate of their relatives. [Elkhabar] More
Wednesday, 1 October, 2008: Egypt and Libya on Tuesday agreed on boosting joint cooperation in electricity production. The agreement was reached at a meeting between Egypt's Holding Company for Electrifying Egypt and a visiting delegation of the Libyan electricity authority. The two sides reached an agreement on Libyàs contribution in implementing a power generation plant in southern Giza area at a total capacity that is expected to reach 1,300 megawatts. The plant will start operation in 2012. It was also agreed that Libya will contribute to other electricity projects in Egypt including one in Marsa Matrouh. [ANSAmed] More
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