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Saturday, 18 August, 2007

In Qaddafi's Paradise

W raju Kadafiego
Tomasz Pompowski
2007-08-18 14:28:58

In Qaddafi's paradise
by : Tomasz Pompowski

Rumors about the liberalization of Libya are a lie. The ruler of the country is fanatic despot who manipulates religion for his own benefit. Regime’s propaganda treats him as a living saint and the secret police helps him destroy any form of opposition. He is a tyrant.

Far away in Libya, inside a windowless room there is a living brave Governor who dared to oppose Muammar Qaddafi. His name is Fathi el-Jahmi (65) and has been suffering since March 2004. Then secret police arrested him during "gathering of usual people" and took him to undisclosed place.

Before he was arrested he helped to install drinking water in the district near Sirte where Qaddafi comes from.

Before he was arrested he demanded basic democratic liberties and institutions such as free speech, liberal press, national reconciliation, private property and accountability of government. It was enough to irritate Qaddafi’s regime which put him in prison without any trial. Now he is probably kept in one of the security police flats inside Libya.

Fathi demanded democracy and opposed corruption which permeates Libya – told me his brother Mohammed who lives in US. – He is kept incommunicado by regime – he adds.

It should be clear to everyone that the regime wants to eliminate brave dissidents. Fathi was labeled by the Marxist regime in Libya as an “enemy of the people". He allegedly intended to overthrow regime through contact with foreign powers, anything familiar? Isn't it an old lie used by communist regimes, including that one in our country which oppressed its people until 1989? As one can easily conclude the allegations against Fathi are dirty lies that unfortunately may lead to the death of this brave dissident.

Isn't being kept in such circumstances a slow death? His brother asked me rhetorically.

Obviously there is no sign that democratic change took place in Libya. This contradicts the claims of a significant number of Polish and foreign commentators.

Defenders of Libya seem unaware of the methods used by Qaddafi to rule Libya.

Legal institutions such as "Court", "Prosecutor", "Police" or even "Judge" exists in name only. The true ruler is Qaddafi and his people who rule according to …"Green Book" rules written by the Dictator. Qadhafi, according to his followers is modest and does not sin.

Qadhafi claims to have found a system of governing that is different from capitalism and communism but in reality he succeeded in destroying Libya’s civic society and constitutional order – commented Mohamed El-Jahmi. The Libyan tyrant liquidated private property and confiscated private savings. He also divided his people and deepened animosity among them. Qaddafi elevated his close associates and extended family to highest post. State propaganda portrays him as a Muslim Prophet. A proof was a five-fold reform which was intended to imitate the Five Pillars of Islam" along with administration reform there were cultural, creation of People's Militia, cleaning of country from "Politically Ill" as well as Shari a law. Qaddafi is portrayed as Abraham, Jesus or Mohammed. In 1992 Libya’s Postal Service issued a stamp with a picture of the Libyan despot riding white horse that is leaping in the sky. – The symbolism corresponded with the Prophet Muhammad's riding al-Burak during his trip to Jerusalem – explains Mohammed.

Fanaticism of the Libyan regime continues. In 2005 Gen. Hasan al-Kabir called Qaddafi “Murabit" or living Saint. And he added that the despot supposedly has special contact with God.

Reasonable commentator put Libya in a group of nations among Iran, North Korea or other rogue states". They're hardly wrong.

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