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The Libyan Constitutional Union (5)   By : Mohammed Ben Ghalbon

( الأخوان المسلمون ـ ليبيا ) : بيان بخصوص منع أعضاء الجماعة من العودة إلى أعمالهم

Saturday, 30 September, 2006: The chairperson of Libya's National Oil Corporation, Dr Shokri Ghanem (photo), has been presented with the 2006 Petroleum Executive of the Year award by the Saudi oil company, Aramco. Dr Ghanem's award was presented to him by last year's winner, Abdullah Jum'ah, who is also the president and chief executive officer of Saudi Aramco, reported Saudi News Agency. [AND]
Saturday, 30 September, 2006: Libya's Foreign Minister Abdelrahman Shalgam has said Friday that no foreign diplomats have the right to get involved in the case of the five Bulgarian nurses, sentenced to death for allegedly infecting Libyan children with HIV. This is a matter of the courts and no one, including Libya's leader Qadhafi himself had the right to meddle in the case, Shalgam said for a radio station. Bulgaria and Libya needed no political mediators as the two countries kept in close contact on the case, he added. Prosecutors have again asked for the death penalty. [SNA]
Saturday, 30 September, 2006: Canada's Verenex Energy Inc. is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Verenex Area 47 Libya Limited, has commenced drilling the Company's first exploration well in Libya, named A1-47/02, located in the southern part of Area 47. The well is being drilled by ODE Rig No.28 which is under a long term contract to Verenex. [CNW]
Saturday, 30 September, 2006: The National Oil Corporation of Libya has announced a list of qualified companies in the third biding round of exploration and production sharing agreement. The Libyan-Investment reported that the corporation received 70 applications from oil companies worldwide ... 47 participants were selected ... Libyan oil accounts for 95% of the country's exports with Italy being Libya's largest oil customer. [AND]

( Niemandsland : هـشام مطر ) بقلم : ناجي الفيتوري

( دردشة رمضانية حول مقالة النيهوم! ) بقلم : سليم نصر الرقعي

( المعارضة البالتـوكية (10) ) بقلم : محمد قدري الخوجة

( العقل في القرآن الكريم ) بقلم : د. عبدالحكيم الفيتوري

( هذه ليبيا مستلقية على التراب ) بقلم : محمد الأصفر

( الوعي فالاقـتـناع... فالإيمان ) بقلم : فتحي بن خليفة

Friday, 29 September, 2006: Libyan leader Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi and visiting Malian President Amadou Toumani Toure Wednesday discussed preparations for the next African Union (AU) summit and activities of the Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD). Both leaders examined coordination among CEN-SAD member States and the organisation's upcoming Executive Board meeting, which is expected to discuss the report of an AU Presidential Commission on Libyan proposals for the creation of a continental government. [Angop]

( الزعيم عمر المختار في ذكرى استشهاده ) بقلم : فرج بوالعشة

( سيف الإسلام.. والفرصة الوحيدة والأخيرة!؟ ) بقلم : سليم نصر الرقعي

( لم يتغـيّر شيء ) بقلم : محمد الهادي الجمل

( سـريب ) رواية : أحمد الفيتوري ( 6 ـ الأخيرة )

( الحكمة الخـفـيّـة (2) ) بقلم : الصادق النيهوم

( دار الإستقلال ) : إصدار جديد للدكتور محمد المقريف

Thursday, 28 September, 2006: The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II [Ghana], has warned journalists, politicians and commentators to desist from hiding behind the freedom of speech to question why Justice Wood Committee failed to invite him to testify at the just-ended cocaine probe. Tutu, who was addressing the first Asanteman Council meeting after he returned from Libya at the invitation of Col Qadhafi, said it was clear that some people, out of hatred for Ashantis, were bent on soiling the image of Manhyia and the Golden Stool. [GraphicGhana]
Thursday, 28 September, 2006: Bulgaria's Deputy Foreign Minister Feim Chaushev has predicted yet another deadline for letting free the five nurses, jailed in Libya. A day after Bulgaria was given the green light for joining the European Union on January 1, 2007, Minister Chaushev said the Bulgarian nurses should be released by that date. The European Union has an action plan, which has been functioning in Benghazi for a long time. Bulgaria will be in a much stronger political position as a fully fledged member of the bloc," Chaushev told Nova TV channel. [SNA]
Thursday, 28 September, 2006: Total has announced the first oil discovery in Block NC 191 in southwestern Libya around 800 kilometres south of Tripoli. This is the first find in the block, located in the southern Murzuq Basin and awarded to Total in March 2001, the company said on Tuesday. The latest oil discovery was drilled to a total depth of 1 735 metres, the D1 well tested at 675 barrels of oil per day. Libya produces around 1.6 million barrels of oil per day and plans to expand its output to more than 3 million barrels per day in the coming years. [AND]

تعازي إلى آل رشيد

( هل يمكن أن يكون هناك إصلاح في ليبيا؟‼ ) بقلم : د. محمد نصر

( مواطن يصيبه الصمم.. فقط عندما يسأله الوطن ) بقلم : أمارير

( شهر رمضان الذي أنزل فيه القرآن ) بقلم : د. عبدالحكيم الفيتوري

( أنفاس الصباح ) بقلم : محمد الأصفر

( شموس ) شعر : صابر الفيتوري

Wednesday, 27 September, 2006: At a strategic-level workshop in Geneva today organized by the Libya-based advisory firm Phoenicia Group Libya LLC, senior Libyan government officials unveiled an ambitious multi-billion dollar infrastructure development plan focused on the renovating and construction of airports, roads, housing, schools, hospitals, and water and sanitation projects nation-wide, as well as the Railway Project. The Railway Project, an ambitious 4,800 km trans-Africa rail network planned to link Tunisia and Egypt and a southern network linking the Libyan cities of Sirte and Sebha and possibly extended to Chad and Niger, was a major talking point ... Estimated to be worth 9 Billion U.S. Dollars, the Railway Project has been given national priority by Dr. Baghdad Mahmudi, Libyan Prime Minister. [Send2Press]
Wednesday, 27 September, 2006: Terrorism is a scourge that afflicts all countries and must not be associated with any particular faith, ministers from a number of States told the United Nations General Assembly today during its annual debate ... Abdurrahman Shalgam, Foreign Minister of Libya, stressed that terrorism is not the province of any one group. "It is a problem that cannot be resolved by attributing it to a certain religion or nationality," he said. It is also shameful and unacceptable to describe the legitimate struggle of people against foreign occupation as an act of terrorism. He said the international community must cooperate "under the UN umbrella to study this phenomenon and reach a definition of terrorism which distinguishes between terrorism and the legitimate struggle of peoples for self-determination and independence." [Scoop]

( الأخوان المسلمون ـ ليبيا ) : تهـنئة بمناسبة حلول شهر رمضان المبارك

( الرقصة... ) بقلم : محمد الهادي الجمل

( أياماً مضن ) شعر : ياسين ابوسيف ياسين

عيسى عبدالقيوم : حديث العدسة (2)

( أغنية الطفل ) بقلم : زياد العيساوي

Tuesday, 26 September, 2006: Within the last 20 years, Washington's enemies list has included Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic ... For more than a third of a century, Col. Qadhafi has been a despot whose overall record of repression makes Noriega or Milosevic seem relatively tolerant of domestic political foes. But ever since Qadhafi made a deal with the Bush administration in December 2003, the silence out of Washington about Qadhafi's evilness has been notable. When Qadhafi publicly celebrated the 37th anniversary of his dictatorship a few weeks ago, he declared in a speech on state television: "Our enemies have been crushed inside Libya, and you have to be ready to kill them if they emerge anew." The New York Times noted that Qadhafi's regime "criminalizes the creation of opposition parties." [CP]
Tuesday, 26 September, 2006: A thaw in US-Libyan relations was well under way, Libyan newspapers reported Sunday, after US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met her Libyan counterpart on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. "Both sides expressed satisfaction with the improvement of relations between the two countries," the Al-Fajr Al Jadeed daily reported. Al-Shams newspaper reported both sides said it was "necessary to increase such meetings and intensify visits." The leading Green March newspaper said Rice and Shalgam discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the wars in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. On Thursday, Libyan newspapers highlighted Shalgam's meeting with US President Bush in New York. "The American president sends his warm wishes to the brother leader," read a headline in The Green March, referring to Qadhafi. [AP]

عيسى عبدالقيوم : حديث العدسة (1)

تعازي إلى آل الفلاح     تعزية إلى آل ابوشحيمة     تعزية إلى آل الحفيان

( من سرق منـّا رمضان!؟ ) بقلم : سليم نصر الرقعي

كتاب ( البديل السياسي في ليبيا ) تأليف : د. فتحي الفاضلي (4)

محاضرة للشيخ أحمد أبو مزيريق : ( توجيه الصائم لما في شهر رمضان من المغانم )

( إضاءة على المسرح في مصراتة ) بقلم : علي يوسف رشدان

Monday, 25 September, 2006: US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has reportedly reiterated calls to Libya to release five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor, who have been sentenced to death in a lingering AIDS trial. Rice met Libya's foreign minister Shalqam Saturday for the first time since the two sides restored full diplomatic ties. Rice urged Libya to free the Bulgarians out of "humanitarian reasons," AFP reported, citing an undisclosed official of the State Department, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Washington Post, however, said it was not clear whether Rice and Shalqam discussed Libya's treatment of the jailed Bulgarians. [Novinite]
Monday, 25 September, 2006: Bristow Helicopters Int'l, through its joint venture partnership with Mediterranean Aviation Company Limited (Medavia), has secured its first helicopter contract in Libya, supporting Woodside Energy's forthcoming offshore exploration campaign. Working with Medavia, it is anticipated that the exploration programme will start in early 2007 and continue for a minimum period of six months. Bristow will provide one Eurocopter AS332L together with supporting flight and maintenance crew, which will be operated through Medavia and based at Misurata, on the Libyan coast about 200 kms East of Tripoli. [TradeArabia]

( ياناس ئِـريدوا غـير نفس.. ) بقلم : محمد الأصفر

( سـريب ) رواية : أحمد الفيتوري (5)  

( مختارات من ديوان الوالد والأبناء (2) ) بقلم : محمد ارحومة

Sunday, 24 September, 2006: Muslims around the world enter the holy month of Ramadan this weekend, but even worshippers in the same country can begin fasting on different days because of disputes over how and where the new moon is sighted. Most Gulf countries follow Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam. This year, Saudi Arabia and most Gulf countries began fasting on Saturday. Oman and Egypt begin on Sunday, while Libya, to the west of Egypt, has insisted on Saturday. "People in Muslim countries are turning to Libya to know when Ramadan begins," Libyan leader Qadhafi said this week, championing what he called Libya's "correct Islam". "It is odd. There is a halo of politics," said Saudi preacher Abdelaziz al-Qassem. [Reuters]
Sunday, 24 September, 2006: U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met Libya's Foreign Minister on Saturday and urged Tripoli to resolve outstanding issues linked to the Lockerbie bombing. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Rice told Abdel-Rahman Shalgam of the "importance" of settling issues tied to the 1988 Pan Am airliner bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, for which Libya has claimed responsibility. Some relatives of the victims of that bombing, which killed 270 people, say Libya has not paid up a final tranche of compensation payments and are outraged the United States has restored full diplomatic ties last May. McCormack said Rice also discussed claims emerging from Libya's 1986 bombing of a disco in West Berlin used by U.S. servicemen in which three people died and 230 were injured. [Reuters]
Sunday, 24 September, 2006: Countries with poor human rights records and those on the front line in the war on terror, including Iraq, have been targeted by the UK Ministry of Defence as the most lucrative places for British arms companies to sell weapons. A confidential report obtained by The Observer under the Freedom of Information Act reveals for the first time that Iraq and Libya are 'priority' markets. The document has been prepared by the Defence Export Services Organisation (Deso). It was sent to arms contractors last year detailing the countries that the government believes offer the best opportunities. Its opening page states that it 'includes some established markets and some new or future markets (eg Iraq, Libya). [The Observer]

تعازي إلى آل الفلاح

( شكر إلى كل من شكرني وشجّعني ) بقلم : مصطفى البركي

( كلـّـنا في الهـمّ ليـبـيّـون ) بقلم : ناجي الفيتوري

( رسالة مفتوحة إلى خالد الغول ) بقلم : أمارير

( مناوشات نظرية في مشكل الزمان (2) ) بقلم : سالم محمد

( أن تكون شاعرا ) شعر : عمر الكدي

( الأحد أول أيام شهر رمضان الكريم ) بقلم : منير سالم

( نصوص : 3. طبطبة ) بقلم : عيسى عبدالقيوم

Saturday, 23 September, 2006: The permanent representative of Libya to COMESA, his excellency Khalifa Omar S. Swiesi (photo), who is also Libyan Ambassador to Zambia, officially deposited the instrument of ratification/accession to the treaty establishing COMESA on 22nd August 2006. The formal depositing of this instrument completes the process of the country acceding to full membership of COMESA. This simply means that Libya is now a full member of COMESA. [Coast Week]
Saturday, 23 September, 2006: South Korean Prime Minister Han Myeong Sook has hailed Libyan leader Qadhafi's vital contributions to the achievement of African unity, which she said has already been crowned with the launch of the African Union (AU) ahead of the formation of the United States of Africa (USA). Addressing a forum of Libyan and South Korean businessmen on Wednesday in Tripoli, Han Myeong also noted that Libya could provide through its future adherence to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), significant contributions to Africa's economic development and could be fully involved in the world's development and growth. [Angop]
Saturday, 23 September, 2006: EU justice and home affairs ministers yesterday asked EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini to come up with concrete proposals on helping Libya deal with illegal immigration. The development was welcomed by Malta's Home Affairs Minister Tonio Borg who described the initiative as crucial for Malta. Most of the hundreds of illegal immigrants who land in Malta depart from Libya. Speaking to The Times from Tempere, Finland, where the ministers met in council, Dr Borg said Malta had long insisted that Libya receive some help from the EU. "If Libya can better patrol its southern borders, then there will be far fewer illegal immigrants trying to cross over to Malta and Italy from its northern borders." [Times Of Malta]

Letters: Friday, 22 September, 2006 منكم واليكم : الجمعـة ، 22 سبتمبر

Engaging Qadhafi Hurts War On Terror   By : Mohammed el-Jahmi

( الإتحاد الدستوري الليبي : تأسيسه ونشأته (9) ) بقلم : محمد بن غلبون

UPI: Debate Continues On Qadhafi's Libya

( نشين ذي مازيغن ( نحن الأمازيغ ) ) بقلم : خالد الغول

أغنية : ( يا نجمة اتلالي في قلب السما.. وانت يا العروسة يعطيك الهنا )

( ما بين إمبراطور واشنطن... وبابا روما! ) بقلم : فرج بوالعشة

جديد موقع"جيل ـ ليبيا" : آفاق جيل

( دفء الإبتهال.. ) شعر : محمد الفقيه صالح

( السيرة النبوية (27) ) بقلم : د. علي محمد الصلابي

Friday, 22 September, 2006: US President Bush has expressed the willingness and readiness of America to strengthen relations in all areas of cooperation with Libya. Bush made the disclosure in discussions with the secretary of the Libyan foreign minister Abderrahman Shalgham, on the sidelines of the 61st session of the UN General Assembly in New York. Bush commended the excellence of relations between the US and Libya, Libyan officials told PANA. Bush later asked Shalgham to extend his regards and consideration to Libyan leader Qadhafi. [Angop]
Friday, 22 September, 2006: The retrial of six foreign medics facing a possible death penalty on charges they infected hundreds of Libyan children with HIV was adjourned on Thursday after a defence lawyer failed to show up. "The trial was postponed until October 31," said the court President Mahmoud Haouissa, citing the absence of leading defence lawyer Othmane Bizanti. The six medics have been detained since 1999. A first trial of the medics ended with their conviction on charges they intentionally infected 426 children with HIV in Benghazi hospital. [Reuters]
Friday, 22 September, 2006: In a press release Thursday, Libyan embassy in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan has questioned the legitimacy of int'l tribunals and courts. The press release, based on a speech of Colonel Qadhafi, contends that the entire mechanism of int'l courts breeds injustice. Citing the examples of Nuremberg and Tokyo military courts, Libya asserts that victors cannot be expected to do justice to losers. Similarly, Yugoslavia and Rwanda courts, established by the Security Council, are not legitimate in the sense that Security Council itself is a product of post-WW II scenario, designed to maintain the rule of minority over majority. [NewsCentralAsia]

( الحكمة الخفيّة (1) ) بقلم : الصادق النيهوم

محمد الأصفر : ( مجلة "المؤتمر" الليبية تحتفل بعيدها الخامس )

Oh! Poor Islam: Muslims Went Crazy?   By : Ghoma

( المعارضة البالتوكية (9) ) بقلم : محمد قدري الخوجة

Thursday, 21 September, 2006: Iraqi authorities said Abu Jaafar al-Libi, a Libyan who was a top aide of Al-Qaeda in Iraq's leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri, was killed during an operation on Sunday in Baghdad during which two other militants were detained. "The forces found letters written by al-Libi to Osama bin Laden and to Masri explaining his work and achievements in Iraq," Iraqi interior ministry spokesman Brigadier General Abdel Karim Khalaf told AFP. [AFP]
Thursday, 21 September, 2006: Bosnia-Herzegovina's Foreign Minister Mladen Ivanic and Libyan Minister for Int'l Cooperation Mohamed A. Seyala signed an agreement Wednesday on air traffic between the two countries. The agreement was signed in Sarajevo during a two-day visit by a Libyan delegation. It was the first of many agreements to be signed to boost relations. [DPA]
Thursday, 21 September, 2006: South Korean Premier, Han Myeong sook, accompanied by a large delegation, began a tour in the Middle East and Central Asia on Monday which will cover the UAE, Libya, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. While in Libya, she will meet with Libyan leader Qadhafi and sign trade and construction agreements, Radio SAWA reported. [BNA]
Thursday, 21 September, 2006: The North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) says Bashir Ramadan Khalifa Abu Janah, secretary of the People's Bureau of Libya in Pyongyang, hosted a reception on Sept. 13 celebrating a national holiday in the North African country. [Yonhap]

( الوطن وحكاياته ) بقلم : مصطفى البركي

( نادي الباروني ) : نادي الباروني في أسبوعه الثاني

كتاب ( البيان بالقرآن ) تأليف : مصطفى كمال المهدوي (24)

( مناوشات نظرية في مشكل الزمان (1) ) بقلم : سالم محمد

Wednesday, 20 September, 2006: The government will send a fact-finding team to Libya in late October to seek ways to support the oil-rich nation as an incentive for disarmament efforts. Libya requested assistance in return for pressing North Korea to follow Tripoli's decision in 2003 to abandon plans to produce WMDs, including its nuclear program. However, Japan's support for Libya remains limited largely to such fields as accepting Libyan students here, according to Foreign Ministry officials. No direct investment has been made from Japan yet. [Asahi]
Wednesday, 20 September, 2006: Taiwan's trade promotion organization has signed an agreement with Libya's foreign trade authorities on joint efforts to reinforce mutual investment and boost trade cooperation. The agreement was forged by Ali A. Isawi, head of the Libyan Export Promotion Center, and Chao Yun-chuan, secretary-general of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). President Chen Shui-bian visited Libya May 10. [China Post]
Wednesday, 20 September, 2006: Phoenicia Group Libya, an integrated US-Libyan risk management consultancy, marketing, and event management firm, today announced several strategic acquisitions and negotiated partnerships in key growth sectors in Libya and the US. Acquisitions in Libya include Burki & Associates, a legal advisory firm; Al-Najma Syndicate, private publisher; Dream Tours, travel agency and tour operator; Tamuh Co, human resource company; Tannif, land developer group; and include stakes in: The Bank of Commerce & Development, Libya's most profitable private bank; and Al-Reda Insurance Company. [PRN]
Wednesday, 20 September, 2006: The Grimaldi Group is to launch a new shipping service linking Salerno to Libya, via Malta, covering the ports of Tripoli or Misurata. The mv Salerno Express will be deployed on a fixed day schedule starting in Salerno on September 21. "The new service to Libya will develop the Valletta Grand Harbour as a new transhipment hub," said a spokesman for Sullivan Maritime Limited, agents for the Grimaldi Group. [Times Of Malta]

( مرضى أم مغرضون ) بقلم : خالد الغول

( جدارية سوق الجمعـة ) بقلم : محمد الأصفر

( سـريب ) رواية : أحمد الفيتوري (4)  

( راقد الريح يلقى العظم في (الفاتيكان) ) بقلم : طارق القزيزي

( عـندما يتكـلـّم الباباوات... ويحـتجّ الببغـاوات ) بقلم : أبوذر الليبي

( منظمة الأمل لحقوق الانسان ) : بيان بشأن قضايا اللجوء في المملكة السويدية

Tuesday, 19 September, 2006: Libyan leader Qadhafi has stressed the need for both Christians and Muslims to live in peace. Qadhafi's message for unity to Liberians was delivered on his behalf by the Libyan ambassador Mohammed Omar Talbi in Tubmanburg, Bomi County, on Friday during a program marking the dedication of a high school building constructed by the World Islamic Call Society (WICS) with funds provided by the Libyan leader. [The Inquirer]
Tuesday, 19 September, 2006: Italy and Libya's collaboration in the fight against illegal immigration will be on a technical level and will not involve joint sea patrols, Italian Ambassador to Malta Paolo Andrea Trabalza has said. Speaking to The Times, Mr Trabalza denied Italian media reports claiming that Italy and Libya have agreed to jointly patrol the coastline of the North African country in an effort to stop thousands of illegal immigrants from reaching Europe. The Times, citing Italian Interior Minister Giuliano Amato as widely quoted in the Italian press, had run a similar report. It is another twist in a long-drawn saga which has seen the start of EU patrols in the Mediterranean suspended due to Libyan opposition. [Times Of Malta]
Tuesday, 19 September, 2006: Tripoli plans to host an international fair and forum next December dubbed "Libya 2006 Project" for the development of basic infrastructure and energy, an official source said in Tripoli Monday. [PANA]

تعزية إلى آل حيدر وآل الحداد

( نصوص : 2. ثـرثـرة ) بقلم : عيسى عبدالقيوم

( عمر المختار... نشأته وجهاده ) بقلم : عبدالمولى المنفي

LLHR: Pope Benedict, Democracy, Human Rights And Islam

( السيرة النبوية (26) ) بقلم : د. علي محمد الصلابي

( محمد بويصير يتــّهم القذافي بالذكاء!! ) بقلم : د. جاب الله موسى حسن

( لماذا يطالب المسلمون البابا بالإعتذار؟ ) بقلم : خالد الغول

On Sept 16, 1931, the Italians executed Omar Al Mukhtar in Slouq area for leading the rebellion against their occupation.Monday, 18 September, 2006: The Libyan people on Saturday, commemorate the 75th anniversary of the martyrdom of Omar Al Mukhtar (photo) who was executed by the Italian colonisers. On Sept 16, 1931, the Italians executed Omar Al Mukhtar in Slouq area for leading the rebellion against their occupation. The commemoration of Omar Al Mukhtar's martyrdom is to ensure the Libyans remember their history which is full of sacrifices and heroic activities of their fathers and grandfathers in defending the homeland and its dignity. Some 700,000 Libyans were killed in the rebellion against the occupying forces. [IMI]
Monday, 18 September, 2006: CA and ITS Canada come together to provide enterprise solutions for its business operations in Libya. ITS Canada will offer CA software and services which will include providing customer environment assessments and enhancement of several IT platforms. It also plans to sell and service solutions to mid-size and enterprise customers. Toni Prince, regional manager at CA for Levant, Egypt and Libya, said, “In the last couple of years the IT sector in the Middle East has witnessed rapid development and regional companies today demand continuous upgrading to their existing IT infrastructure.” [CPI]
Monday, 18 September, 2006: As the European Union [EU] continues to double-cross its member states, there is now a rush by member states to reach bilateral agreements with Libya on immigration-stemming initiatives. Libya is doubtlessly the main exporter of migrants affecting Malta and Italy. It is true that even the EU is trying to get the Libyans on board the famous joint patrols but there are difficulties. In a PBS interview, the Italian Ambassador vehemently denied the reports about joint patrols, thus adding spice to the confusion. But he did confirm that the Italians had indeed reached some form of collaboration with Libya and confirmed that physical exchanges of security human and technical resources were contemplated. [Times Of Malta]
Monday, 18 September, 2006: Libya: The country does not have a constitution, and there is no explicit legal provision for religious freedom. However, a basis for some degree of religious freedom is provided in the Great Green Charter on Human Rights of the Jamahiriya Era, dated December 6, 1988 which states: "The members of Jamahiriya Society ... proclaim that religion is absolute faith in the Divinity ... Religion is personal to each one and common to all. It is a direct relationship with the Creator, without any intermediary. The Society proscribes the monopoly of religion as well as its exploitation for purposes of subversion, fanaticism, sectarianism, partisan spirit and fratricidal wars." The Government opposes militant forms of Islam, which it views as a threat. It is tolerant of other religious groups but prohibits the proselytizing of Muslims. [AAP]

( لجنة العمل الوطني في المملكة المتحدة ) : لقطات من مظاهرة لندن

لقطات من ( مظاهرة الليبيين أمام دار الأوبرا الوطنية ـ لندن ) تصوير : عمر الهوني

( الأخوان المسلمون ـ ليبيا ) : بيان بشأن تصريحات البابا بنديكت السادس عشر

( الديك والمزبلة ) بقلم : عمر الكدي

محمد الأصفر : ( عدد جديد مزدوج من مجلة الثقافة العربية الليبية )

( الثقافة العربية وتحدّي وباء التثاقف ) بقلم : عزالدين اللواج

( الأميرة الرومانسية (كاثي كيلي) في "أسرار غابرة" ) بقلم : صلاح الحدّاد

موقع ليبي جديد : ( ليبيا الغد )

موقع ليبي جديد : ( شيخ الشهداء عمر المختار ـ الذكرى 75 لأستشهاده )

Sunday, 17 September, 2006: The African continent is "the macro area of origin and transit of migratory routes" towards Italy, reads the Italian Secret Service's 57th half-year report to the Parliament, according to which, "Libya, despite the efforts of its government, remains the principal collector of sub-Saharan routes, a channel for migrants from the East (generally Pakistani, Afghan, Indian and Bengalese citizens), as well as the privileged starting platform for maritime routes to Lampedusa and the Sicilian coast. It is not, in fact, a coincidence that the most competitive trafficking organisations are located in Libya." [AGI]
Sunday, 17 September, 2006: Bulgaria was convinced in the innocence of the Bulgarian nurses accused of intentional HIV infection in Libya, an Foreign Ministry press release said. Libya accused five Bulgarian nurses and one Palestinian medic of intentional HIV infection of more than 400 children in a hospital in Benghazi. Bulgaria stood behind its position that the nurses were innocent and insisted on their liberation, the press release said. Bulgaria considered eventual death sentences unacceptable. Libya's Supreme Court already overruled once the Bulgarians' death sentences on December 25 2005, the press release reminded. [Sofia Echo]
Sunday, 17 September, 2006: Pope Benedict XVI's statement that he regretted any offence a speech he made may have caused to Muslims is a step in the right direction but not a clear apology, Islamic groups said last night ... "How can (the Pope) imply that Muslims are the creators of terrorism in the world while it is the followers of Christianity who have aggressed against every country of the Islamic world?" prominent Saudi cleric Salman Al Odeh said. In Libya, the General Instance of Religious Affairs said the "insult ... pushes us back to the era of crusades against Muslims led by Western political and religious leaders". [Gulf Daily]
Sunday, 17 September, 2006: Delegates ended their conference on the Libyan resistance movement Friday in Benghazi by recommending the creating of a scientific prize named "Omar Mokhtar", to award the best study or work on the Libyan resistance movement. [PANA]
Sunday, 17 September, 2006: Seven and a half million people worldwide died from cancer in 2005 and the number of cases in the Middle East is expected to soar over the next 15 years, Moroccan news agency MAP quoted the World Health Organization (WHO) as saying. "The WHO expects a substantial increase in cancer in the Eastern Mediterranean region over the next 15 years. The increase is expected to be between 100 and 180 percent." The WHO defines the Eastern Mediterrean region as covering the following 22 countries: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, UAE and Yemen. [AFP]

( سيف الإسلام.. والسلطة الصاعدة والموازية!؟ ) بقلم : سليم الرقعي

( التجمع الجمهوري ) : بيان بمناسبة الذكرى الرابعة للتأسيس

الذكرى الخامسة والسبعون لاستشهاد شيخ الشهداء عمر المختار

( الأتحاد الوطني للأصلاح ) : لا مصالحة ولا مصافحة بل تغيير جذري وشامل

( عمر المختار و بادوليو أو مفاوضات سيدي ارحومه ) بقلم : د. وهبي البوري

( فلسفة تطوّر العقل وتدرّج الشرع (3) ) بقلم : د. عبدالحكيم الفيتوري

Saturday, 16 September, 2006: Libya was hindering progress in the trial of the five Bulgarian nurses charged with intentional HIV infection on every step, Lawyers Without Borders representative and member of the Bulgarians' defence team Emmanuel Altit said. The defence was doing its best to help the the nurses, Altit said. The Bulgarians were in poor physical and mental condition, Altit said. Prosecution once again demanded the confirmation of the death sentences but the lawyers were going to do their best to produce a positive outcome. [Sofia Echo]

( نصوص : 1. هـسهـسة ) بقلم : عيسى عبدالقيوم

( لو لم يكن رضوان بوشويشة؛ ما كانت طرابلس الغرب! ) بقلم : أحمد الفيتوري

( يوم آخر للحب.. ) بقلم : أحمد الحوتي

( حصاد الخواطر ) بقلم : سالم بن عمار

( حِـرفي المزامير ) بقلم : محمد الأصفر

( صرخة فى واد ) بقلم : ناجي الفيتوري

صفحات من كتاب ( القذافي مسيلمة العصر ) (4)

( سيف يرث ديمقراطية أبيه!! ) بقلم : د. جاب الله موسى حسن

Friday, 15 September, 2006: A childhood tale set in Libya, a 19th-century Australian saga and a story of love and loss in World War II are among the finalists announced Thursday for the Man Booker Prize, Britain's most prestigious award for fiction. The six books shortlisted by a panel of judges are: "In the Country of Men," Hisham Matar's (photo) semi-autobiographical first novel about childhood in Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi's Libya; "The Secret River," Kate Grenville's tale of life in an Australian penal colony; "The Night Watch," British writer Sarah Waters' novel about characters whose fates intertwine during WWII; "The Inheritance of Loss," Indian writer Kiran Desai's cross-continental saga; "Carry Me Down," the story of an unusual boy, by Irish-Australian novelist M.J. Hyland; and "Mother's Milk," a portrait of a rich but dysfunctional family by English writer Edward St. Aubyn. The winner of the $94,000 award will be announced at a ceremony in London on Oct. 10. [AP]
Friday, 15 September, 2006: Libya has cut its illiteracy rate to 11.9 percent from 19 percent a decade ago, a rare government census shows. But illiteracy was still higher among women, with 16.89 percent of them unable to read and write compared with 6.96 percent for men, according to the census. Libya's population grew by 1.8 percent per year to 5.3 million in 2006 from 1995, compared with an average rate of 1.5 percent in developing countries. During the 1984-95 period, Libya's population rose 2.8 percent. Details of Libya's 1995 census were not disclosed to the public. Government officials were not available to comment on the new data. [Reuters]
Friday, 15 September, 2006: A senior Bulgarian official said Thursday that Libya would likely convict five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor accused of purposely infecting children with HIV. Feim Chaushev, the deputy foreign minister said in his opinion "the death sentences would likely be confirmed," but warned Bulgaria would not accept that. "This will be unacceptable and will trigger a negative international reaction". Chaushev, however, said a possible conviction would not decide the nurses' fate. "I don't think the court will acquit them now, but afterward we will see — there are other levers and mechanisms to solve this problem," he told reporters. [HT]

تعزية إلى آل طاطاناكي وآل الشلطامي     تعزية إلى آل الكلباش

( خديج السنيورة "كوندي"!! ) بقلم : فرج بوالعشة

موقع ليبي جديد : ( الجمعية الليبية لبيع الريح للمراكب )

مجلة "الإذاعة" 1962م : ( قابلتُ ابليس في الجنة ) بقلم : رشاد الهوني

( حدث في درنة عام 1805م ) بقلم : أحمد الحوتي

( سننتصر ) بقلم : مصطفى البركي

( يؤلهون القذافي ويكفرونه!! ) بقلم : محمد قدري الخوجة

Thursday, 14 September, 2006: French member of NGO Lawyers Without Borders Francois Carnied said that Libyan court would probably confirm the death sentences of the Bulgarian nurses accused of intentional HIV infection of more that 400 children. Cantier attended as an observer the last court sitting of the trial on September 12. Together with another lawyer form the organisation, Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) reported. He said that the video presented during the September 12 court sitting was valueless as evidence of guilt. The video showed a search in the house of nurse Kristiana Vulcheva during which blood banks were found. [Sofia Echo]
Thursday, 14 September, 2006: Libya and Italy have reached an agreement to jointly patrol the coastline of the North African country. Officials from both countries have met in an effort to stop thousands of illegal immigrants from reaching the European Union. According to news reports officials said the Libyan government had also agreed to send police experts to Italy to liaise with their Italian counterparts. The European Union's border security agency is due to start a sea patrol of the Mediterranean south of Italy later this month. [AND]
Thursday, 14 September, 2006: Japan may strengthen its export control laws to try to curb illicit trade in weapons-related technology, but is set to remove Libya from its export blacklist, officials said Wednesday. The proposed overhaul comes in the wake of several high-profile crackdowns involving Japanese companies suspected of illegally supplying machinery that could be used to manufacture weapons of mass destruction to N. Korea and Iran. Under current foreign trade laws, Japanese exporters must obtain government permission to export sensitive technology to N. Korea, Iran, Iraq and Libya, but shipments valued under 50,000 yen (US$425) are exempted. [HT]

( الإختلاف : أسبابه ودوافعه (2) ) بقلم : د. محمد نصر

( طلاب الحسنيين : سياحة الإصلاح وإصلاح السياح ) بقلم : يوسف المجريسي

صفحات من كتاب ( القذافي مسيلمة العصر ) (3)

( عندما يحلم المواطن ( عبدالدايم ) ) بقلم : طارق القزيزي

Wednesday, 13 September, 2006: Hundreds of HIV-positive Libyan children should each receive $11.6 million in compensation, lawyers on Tuesday told a court retrying six foreign medics accused of deliberately infecting the children. It was the first time since the retrial of five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor began in May that lawyers have demanded a payout for the infections, which took place at a hospital in Libya's Benghazi city in the late 1990s. "I demand compensation of 15 million Libyan dinars (each) for moral and material damages caused to those who are affected," lawyer Hussein Elghlilab told the Tripoli court. With more than 400 children involved, the total compensation demanded would come to $4.6 billion. [Reuters]
Wednesday, 13 September, 2006: Libya had no interest in declaring innocent the Bulgarian nurses on trial for intentional HIV infection, French lawyer Emmanuel Altit said. Five Bulgarian nurses are accused of the deliberate HIV infection of more than 400 children in a hospital in Benghazi, Libya. Altit, who is part of the Bulgarians’ defence team, was forbidden to appear before the court, Bulgarian news agency BTA said. If Libyan authorities acquitted the nurses, they would have to find someone else to blame, Altit said. Four new witnesses testified against the Bulgarians during a Sep. 12 court sitting, Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) reported. [Sofia Echo]
Wednesday, 13 September, 2006: Italy and Libya have been accused of abusing the human rights of African migrants trying to enter the EU. The New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) group says Libyan and Italian authorities have forcibly repatriated thousands of foreigners. Some of those faced possible persecution or torture in their home countries. The 135-page report documents how the Libyan authorities forcibly repatriated about 145,000 foreigners between 2003 and 2005. Many of them were submitted to beatings and arbitrary arrest. [BBC]
Wednesday, 13 September, 2006: Somalia's interim prime minister critized Libya and other countries during a Tuesday meeting at his residence in Baidoa, the regional capital that houses the Somali government. Premier Ali Muhammad Gedi accused Libya, Eritrea and Iran of giving financial and military support to his government's arch-rivals, the Islamic Courts Council (ICC) in control of Mogadishu and other parts of south-central Somalia. Premier Gedi accused Qadhafi, the Libyan president, of being sympathetic to "radicals" in Mogadishu. The ICC's top leaders are currently in Libya and reliable reports said President Abdullahi Yusuf refused an invitation from the Libyan government to visit Libya and meet with the Islamist leadership there. [Garowe]
Wednesday, 13 September, 2006: Dr. Shukri Ghanem, the Secretary of People's Committee of Libya’s National Oil Company (NOC), said that Libya would be able to produce two million barrels of oil by mid 2007. Ghanem added that his country would reach the ‘three million barrels a day’ capacity five to seven years from now. Libya’s oil reserves are estimated to be more than thirty seven billion barrels, said Ghanem. The Libyan head of NOC assured that his country would abide by the prices that confirm to the policy of OPEC. [MEOL]

تعزية إلى آل زوبي وفيتور

( ليبيا الى أين؟! ) بقلم : جمعة القماطي

Tuesday, 12 September, 2006: Coca Cola is an African beverage, Qadhafi (photo) was reported as saying. Speaking during celebrations for the 7th anniversary of the African Union in Sirte, Qadhafi claimed that the US-drink was African as "its essences come from our plants and so multinationals must pay compensation to us." The Libyan leader once claimed that British poet and playwright Shakespeare was actually an Arab immigrant to Britain called Sheikh Zubeir. [AKI]
Tuesday, 12 September, 2006: Libya has launched a mediation between the Ethiopia and the Somali Islamic militia; according to a report by a ban-Arab daily the Ethiopian Prime Minister and the Chief of the Islamic Courts attended a meeting last week organised by Qadhafi. Libyan and Somali sources told Al-Sharq al-Awsat that the Libyan authorities have jumped on the mediation bandwagon between the Islamic Courts and the Somali and Ethiopian governments. They said the aim is to arrange direct talks involving Sheikh Hassan Aweys, the chairman of the Islamic Courts; Somali Interim President Abdullah Yusuf, and Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. [ST]
Tuesday, 12 September, 2006: A criminal court in Tripoli is scheduled on Tuesday to hear the arguments of the prosecution and defence in the re-trial of five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor charged with deliberately infecting 426 Libyan children with HIV in a hospital in Benghazi. Under Libya's legal system, the court has to reportedly deliver a verdict within the following 30 days. The medics have been jailed since 1999. In December last year, Libya's supreme court overturned death sentences for the six medics and ordered a retrial, which is ongoing. [Al-Arab]

( مصل لتـفشـّي الكفاءة ) شعر : صابر الفيتوري

( الأقلام غير الصديقة تخترق صحيفة ليبية!! ) بقلم : صلاح الدين الغزال

( فناء النار ) بقلم : صلاح الحدّاد

( نادي الباروني ) : عودة قوية لنادي الباروني

( الإتحاد الدستوري الليبي : تأسيسه ونشأته (8) ) بقلم : محمد بن غلبون

( سـريب ) رواية : أحمد الفيتوري (3)  

( اغنيوة ) فصل من رواية : محمد الأصفر

Monday, 11 September, 2006: OPEC is not inclined to tinker with production, oil ministers signaled Sunday on the eve of a key cartel meeting, contending there is plenty of crude to satisfy world demand. On Friday, crude dipped below $67 a barrel as traders focused on slackening demand and rising supplies. Shukri Ghanem, the chairman of Libya's National Oil Corp., characterized the recent drop in prices as just a blip on the screen. "This is a correction," he said Sunday. "We are working in a free market, and we expect prices to go up and down." [AP]
Monday, 11 September, 2006: The steering committee of the Organisation of African First Ladies against AIDS (OAFLA), began a meeting in Sirte, Libya, Friday on the strengthening of the fight against the spread of the pandemic. Zambia's Mawrin Mwanawasa, chairperson of the committee, Namibia's Beni Ho Bee, Tanzania's Salma Weiti, Ethiopia's Azip Mesvin, and Amal Safar, Secretary of Women's Affairs at the Libyan People's Congress, attended the opening session. Safar said the meeting, the first of its kind to be held in Libya, would discuss preparations for a programme of action and strategies to boost the fight against diseases and poverty. [Angop]
Monday, 11 September, 2006: A new council set up in Libya to oversee and direct oil and gas will not change policy and should not make the country any less attractive to foreign investors, the head of Libya's oil industry said on Saturday. Libya's government earlier this month announced the creation of a Council for Oil and Gas Affairs. The announcement, shortly after Qadhafi gave a speech calling for greater Libyan involvement in the oil sector, raised concerns among some analysts. They said the North African producer could be following the example of countries, such as Venezuela, that have been making conditions tougher for foreign operators. "It is not going to hamper or slow things down," said Shokri Ghanem, head of Libya's National Oil Corp. [Reuters]
Monday, 11 September, 2006: The Arab Asia Trade Fair, which will be held at Expo Centre Sharjah from September 18-21, 2006, will be a true reflection of the booming bilateral trade relations between the UAE and Libya. Commercial exchanges between the two countries had been experiencing significant gains since the past several years. The coming edition of the Arab Asia Trade Fair will host a national pavilion from Libya consisting of thirteen companies. The pavilion will showcase a large number of Libyan products and services including food, chemicals, plastic products, paints and putties, biscuits and chocolates, and detergent. Tourist destinations in Libya will also be showcased at the Fair. [AMEI]

( ممّن يخاف القذافي!!؟ ) بقلم : سليم الرقعي

( مؤسسة المنار ) : إعلان هام

جديد موقع "جيل ـ ليبيا" : جيل الرياضي

صفحات من كتاب ( القذافي مسيلمة العصر ) (2)

( محطات ليبية (15) ) بقلم : عبدالنبي ابوسيف ياسين

( سيف وإعادة إنتاج الكذب!! ) بقلم : د. جاب الله موسى حسن

( صفحة من كتاب صلوات الرّبة "سْمِِـيحْت" ) بقلم : سالم محمد

( الإنتحاريون الجدد ) بقلم : فتحي بن خليفة

Sunday, 10 September, 2006: European nations should pay 10 billion Euro ($19.8 billion) a year to Africa to help it stop migrants seeking a better life flooding northwards into Europe, Libyan leader Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi said on Saturday. In a speech to an African Union (AU) ceremony, Qadhafi added that African and European leaders should meet soon to discuss the phenomenon, which has soared to unprecedented levels. "In our final statement we will ask Europe to pay € 10 billion per year if it really wants to stop migration towards Europe," Qadhafi said. [Reuters]
Sunday, 10 September, 2006: International and African officials have gathered in Libya to mark the seventh anniversary of the creation of the African Union (AU). Leading members of the Islamic courts that control Somalia's capital are also attending Saturday's ceremony in the city of Sirte. Islamic leader Sheik Sharif Ahmed is expected to use the opportunity to urge African leaders to keep foreign peacekeepers out of Somalia. On Tuesday, a group of East African nations said that they would send troops to Somalia as peacekeepers. [VOA]

جديد موقع "مقهى لبدة" : فيديو وصور وخواطر وأغاني..

( "معاً" بلا معنى ولا مضمون ) بقلم : د. علي الفرجاني

كتاب ( البديل السياسي في ليبيا ) تأليف : د. فتحي الفاضلي (3)

( هذه.. ليست دعوة لبث الذعر!! ) بقلم : أسعد العقيلي

( وقـيّدت ضدّ مجهول ) بقلم : مصطفى الرعيض

موقع "تاوالت" : ( تاريخ ليبيا المفترى عليه )

Saturday, 9 September, 2006: Italian Premier Romano Prodi traveled Friday to Libya to take part in celebrations for the seventh anniversary of the African Union. During his brief stay, Prodi would meet with top African leaders. Italy's SKY TG 24 TV later aired footage showing Prodi and Qadhafi smiling and holding talks. Rome and Tripoli have been good allies, but relations soured in February when Libyans protested in front of the Italian consulate in Benghazi. At least 11 people were killed. The rioters were believed to be protesting the publication of Prophet Muhammad cartoons, but Qadhafi insisted they were demonstrating against Italy. [IHT]
Saturday, 9 September, 2006: Somalia's senior Islamist leaders flew to Libya on Friday for a weekend African Union (AU) event amid speculation Qadhafi may try to broker talks between them and the fragile interim government. Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys and Sheikh Sharif Ahmed -- the top pair among the Islamists who took a swathe of south-central Somalia earlier this year in direct challenge to the government -- left Mogadishu on a special flight sent by Libya. "They have been invited to attend a ceremony to commemorate the formation of the AU," an Islamist source said, adding that 11 wounded fighters were also on the plane for treatment in Libya. [Reuters]
Saturday, 9 September, 2006: Belgium has appointed Alphonse Creusen as its new ambassador to Libya in a move that also affected a number of other African countries, according to an official statement Thursday. The statement said Brussels also named envoys to Egypt, Cote d'Ivoire, Uganda and South Africa, and a new Consul General in Lubumbashi, DR Congo. [Angop]
Saturday, 9 September, 2006: Companies should consider mining Libya's rich iron-ore deposits, Libyan Industry and Minerals Ministry geologist Dr Mohamed Bashir Baegi urged on Thursday. Speaking at the Africa Downunder conference in Perth, Baegi said that Libya was now turning to minerals mining after 40 years of virtual sole focus on the oil industry. He said that Libya had been endowed with Africa's third-largest iron-ore deposits. [Engineering News]
Saturday, 9 September, 2006: The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) issued a statement Wednesday saying they are dismayed by Libya's calls for the death penalty in the retrial against the Bulgarian nurses accused of infecting hundreds of kids with HIV. No defense witnesses have been heard and international experts have been waved off again and the these facts shocked the Assembly. "Such a flagrant denial of defense rights can only but cast serious doubts on the outcome of the retrial," PACE's statement read. The Assembly also extended its concern to all the families whose children have been infected with AIDS, welcoming the initiative for forming an International Fund to help them. [SNA]

صفحات من كتاب ( القذافي مسيلمة العصر ) (1)

( أجل انتصر الإصلاح وسينتصر ) بقلم : محمد قدري الخوجة

Qaddafism: A Delusion, A Pied Pipe Or Simple Balderdash?   By : Ghoma

( فلسفة تطوّر العقل وتدرّج الشرع (2) ) بقلم : د. عبدالحكيم الفيتوري

رياضي مخضرم : ( صانع أمجاد فريق "الاتحاد" الذي رحل! )

( سـريب ) رواية : أحمد الفيتوري (2)  

( سكاكر الخريف ) بقلم : محمد الأصفر

( مرحبتين بعد جيتينا... ما شمّـتي والي فينا ) مجرودة : ابراهيم الصافي

Friday, 8 September, 2006: Al-Saadi al-Qadhafi (photo), the football-mad son of Libyan leader Qadhafi, is turning his energy to building a financial hub of his own to bolster economic progress in Libya. Work on the "The Road to the Future" duty free zone has begun on a swathe of land on the Mediterranean coast near the Tunisian border, the 33-year-old Qadhafi junior said in an interview this week. Speaking in his Tripoli office overlooking the Mediterranean sea and a garden where lions roam freely, al-Saadi said the goal was to help bring Libya out of the economic wilderness and into the 21st century. "Life there will be more like life outside. It will be multilingual and religions will be practised freely. It will be very similar to New York, Monte Carlo and Hong Kong," he said. [Gulf Daily]
Friday, 8 September, 2006: Qadhafi is still young and will likely remain in power for a while. But there is an ongoing debate over who will eventually succeed him. His elder son, Saif al-Islam, head of the Qadhafi Foundation is apparently the favorite. His younger brother al-Saadi, who is close to the hardliners of the regime is not seen to be favored precisely because of his political views and his negative impact on Libya’s football performance. The two brothers have been battling each other to have a leading position in Libyan politics. The daring Saif recently stated that "as all US oil companies are returning to Libya, the revolution is over and done with," an expression that has likely angered his father. While Saif is today the West's favorite candidate to replace Qadhafi, al-Saadi will not let go without serious competition for the job. [The North Africa Journal]
Friday, 8 September, 2006: If Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi dropped by to check out the English National Opera's latest production, he might well be pleased. In "Gaddafi: A Living Myth," the Libyan leader bestrides the stage of London's Coliseum like - well, a colossus. Angry, powerful, charismatic, dangerous, he's an icon - of resistance or terrorism, depending on your view. In the words of the show itself, he's "Gadhafi Superstar." The show, which opened the company's 2006-2007 season on Thursday, has a score by Steve Chandra Savale of dance/hip-hop collective Asian Dub Foundation that draws on North African rhythms, punk, hip-hop and drum'n'bass. The libretto is by Scottish playwright Shan Khan. "Gaddafi: A Living Myth"runs through Sept. 16. [AP]
Friday, 8 September, 2006: Libyan Coastguards have rescued some 40 illegal immigrants of various nationalities, apparently bound for Europe, official sources said in Tripoli Wednesday. A release by the Department of Public Relations at the Public Security Ministry, said the immigrants were intercepted 26 August, were being questioned by the Libyan security services. On 22 August, the Coastguards arrested a boat carrying 38 illegal immigrants, and on 18 August, rescued 75 other illegal immigrants after their makeshift boat broke down in the Libyan territorial waters. Twenty-four bodies were also recovered on 18 August. Nationals of Arab and African countries use Libya as a launching pad for their illegal and hazardous journeys to Europe. [Angop]
Friday, 8 September, 2006: The earliest civilisations emerged as a result of a dramatic dry spell which hit the world about 5,000 years ago, according to a radical new theory. It was previously believed the first large cities were founded following the end of the ice age 10,000 years ago, as a result of the development of static farming in good climatic conditions. But scientist Dr Nick Brooks told the annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science: "Civilisation did not arise as the result of a benign environment which allowed humanity to indulge a preference for living in complex, urban, civilised societies. "On the contrary, what we tend to think of as civilisation was an accidental by-product of unplanned adaptation to catastrophic climate change. Civilisation was a last resort." Dr Brooks, of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at East Anglia University, said he based his theory on close observation of archaeological remains of the Garamantian civilisation in south-western Libya and matched this with evidence of changing rainfall patterns 3,000-5,000 years ago. [The Scotsman]

موقع "هنا اجدابيا" : ( لقطات من المحاكمة الأخيرة للمتهمين في قضية الإيدز )
Ajdabiya OnLine: Photos From Latest AIDS Case Retrial

( الشاهد الأهم في قضية أطفال الإيدز ) بقلم : أبوذرّ الليبي

تعزية إلى آل الشاعري

( العـزة بالأثم ) بقلم : د. محمد نصر

( الشاهد الأهم في قضية أطفال الإيدز ) بقلم : أبوذرّ الليبي

كيفية الحصول على رواية "سرّة الكون" ـ للكاتب الليبي محمد الأصفر

( الحل في الحل ) بقلم : د. ولد البحر

( ماذا بعـد؟ ) بقلم : د. محمد بالروين

Thursday, 7 September, 2006: A total of 84 Libyan families have traveled to Rome where their children will be sent to various Italian hospitals for treatment. Another group of families will leave for Italy next week within the Libyan government's programme for treating the children that have supposedly been infected by five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor. Another 80 families have left for France where their kids will also be treated. The EU hadn't helped in funding all this, the chairman of the Association of HIV-infected Libyan children said. It was all the local government's work, and Libya had granted EUR 15 M to help the treatment. [SNA]
Thursday, 7 September, 2006: Europe should stop criticising Libya for being a jump-off point for illegal immigrants and help it patrol its land borders to stem the traffic, Libya's European affairs minister was quoted as saying on Wednesday. Abdulati Alobidi told two Italian newspapers that Europe put too much emphasis on trying to stop immigrants as they cross the Mediterranean Sea and should instead provide helicopters and off-road vehicles to stop the traffic from sub-Saharan Africa. "Our European friends -- I'm not referring to Italy -- don't really understand the scale of the problem," Alobidi said in interviews in Corriere della Sera and La Stampa. [Reuters]
Thursday, 7 September, 2006: Officials of the Libyan National Transplant programme have signed an agreement on the production of artificial human organs with a German medical agency specialised in the field. Htiwish Fraj Htiwish, General co-ordinator of the Libyan national transplant programme, said Sunday the accord provided for the setting up of workshops for the production of artificial organs at Tripoli's Abou Slim Causality Hospital. It also covers the training of Libyan personnel on the production of artificial organs, the supply of necessary materials, and care for the needs of children using artificial organs. [Angop]

( أنسج لك لحناً يعانق شذاك.. ويمضي!! ) شعر : صلاح حسين الحداد

( كفانا يا سيف ) بقلم : مصطفى البركي

( وقفات مع ( قصص ) الثورة والقطط السمان!؟ ) بقلم : سليم الرقعي

( غداً سأعود ) شعر : ياسين بوسيف ياسين

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Wednesday, 6 September, 2006: Libyan President Mu'ammer al-Qadhafi has warned Africans in the diaspora to come back because if they do not move quickly all the best-paid jobs will be taken by Chinese or Indians. Meeting Libyan people's activists during the 37th anniversary of the Libyan revolution on Friday, Qadhafi said Africans should consider getting back to develop Africa and develop the continent just like the Chinese were doing to Africa and their country.
Wednesday, 6 September, 2006: Libya has established an authority known as Council for Oil and Gas Affairs mandated to handle all matters involving oil, gas and their by-products. The Council is led by Prime Minister Dr Baghadadi Mahmoudi. Its members are Tayeb Saffi, Dr Tahar Jehimi, Maatoug Maatoug, Fethi Ben Chatouan and Dr Ahmed Menissi. Other members are Fathi Ben Gdara, Dr Shokri Ghanem and several oil experts and specialists. [Africast]
Wednesday, 6 September, 2006: A Libyan court Tuesday postponed the retrial of five Bulgarian nurses accused of infecting 400 children with HIV due to a lawyer's absence. The Tripoli Court adjourned the retrial of the five women, once-sentenced to death, to next Tuesday, Bulgaria's SNA news agency reported. The nurses were charged with deliberately infecting the children in a Benghazi hospital with HIV. The five women, who have spent more than seven years in a Libyan prison, have claimed they were tortured into confessing the alleged crime. [UPI]
Wednesday, 6 September, 2006: The parents of the Palestinian doctor accused in Libya of infecting 400 children with HIV, now live as refugees in the Netherlands. Radio Netherlands Worldwide spoke to the doctor's father and asked him how he sees his son's chances in the new trial. Tears still come to the eyes of Achmed al-Hadzjoed as he relates how his son, Ashraf, was tortured by prison guards and raped by police dogs. The Bulgarian nurses were also subjected to torture at the same time. All six ended up admitting their guilt. However, Mr al-Hadzjoed, who lived and worked in Libya for more than 30 years, insists they did so under coercion and that there is proof of their innocence. He maintains that the Libyan secret service manufactured the entire case in order to disguise the fact that the country's health service is in chaos. [RNW]

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( حوار مع سعاد الطيف حول مبادرة سيف الإسلام ) بقلم : خالد الغول

( اللي تربطها بأغـسطس حلها بسبتمبر! ) بقلم : عيسى عبدالقيوم

( تداعـيات الغـرفة 616 ) بقلم : محمد الأصفر

Tuesday, 5 September, 2006: Libya plans to set up a huge free trade zone to boost its industry and trade, the government said on Monday. The cabinet, in a statement carried by the official news agency Jana, said the zone will be between the Mediterrananean coastal towns of Zuwarah and Bukamash, west of the capital Tripoli. "The zone aims at creating real estate development, touristic, manufacturing, trade and various other investment projects," the statement said. Qadhafi's son, al-Saadi al-Qadhafi whom government insiders say is "the brain behind the idea of creating the zone", told reporters on Monday: "The zone will have a huge impact on the national economy of Libya, where investment has been going mostly to the oil industry."
Tuesday, 5 September, 2006: A highly anticipated and publicized tripartite meeting between Malta, Libyaand Italy scheduled for Wednesday has been postponed after developments that could see Libya joining the European Union (EU) sea patrols in return for collaboration on desert patrols. The meeting is expected to be moved back a number of weeks and instead a technical one between the three countries will take place first. European Commission Vice-President Franco Frattini told Dr Borg on Saturday that "the Libyans are seriously considering" joining the sea patrols if there is assistance from the EU to patrol its desert borders. [MaltaMedia]
Tuesday, 5 September, 2006: EU rapporteur for Bulgaria Geoffrey Van Orden said Monday before the European Parliament that he was shocked that Libyan prosecutors asked the court to reconfirm the death sentences of the Bulgarian nurses. The European Commission, the Council of Europe and the chairman of the European Parliament should all double their efforts to help the five women accused of infecting hundreds of children with HIV. The quick and just solution to the issue is for the five to be released immediately, Van Orden said. [Novinite]
Tuesday, 5 September, 2006: Libyan leader Qadhafi hailed relations with Egypt as "solid and strong," pro-government Egyptian daily Al Ahram reported on Monday. An Egyptian delegation is in Libya to participate in celebrations for the anniversary of the 1969 revolution which toppled King Idris Al Sanusi and brought Qadhafi to power. The Egyptian delegation is in Beidha, in the region of ancient Cyrenaica, to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the revolution. [AKI]
Tuesday, 5 September, 2006: It could be logically inferred that the al-Fateh Revolution of Sept. 1st failed to accommodate some 39,000 poor during its 37 years of authority, despite the fact that Libya is an oil producing State with a limited population. If it had not failed, Qadhafi would not have had to speak of more than a million of his citizens, whom he described as relatively poor, living outside the orb of a revolution that did not bring them prosperity. This issue could have been considered an exception, a regression or a shortfall in some aspects of the experiment had it not been for the Leader's son Seif al-Islam, who scathingly attacked monopolists of the Revolution and power, shortly before his father's speech in a precedent seen as an indicator of possible change of faces, ideologies, or modus operandi, at least on the internal front. [Al-Hayat]
Tuesday, 5 September, 2006: Angola have been chosen as the hosts of the 2010 African Cup of Nations finals. The southern African country beat off the challenge of Libya, Nigeria and a joint Gabon-Equatorial Guinea bid. Angola will become the first Portuguese-speaking nation to host the event, six months before the 2010 World Cup finals take place in South Africa. The Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced Gabon & Equatorial Guinea will jointly stage the tournament in 2012, while Libya will host it in 2014. Monday's decision marks the first time that Caf has named hosts for three successive tournaments at the same time. [BBC]
Tuesday, 5 September, 2006: The curtain is due to come up this week on a musical version of Libyan leader Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi's life in London's world-famous West End theatre district. "Qadhafi: A Living Myth" is being staged by the respected English National Opera (ENO), a company commonly associated with prima donnas than politics. Despite the radical departure, the ENO, whose core audience is middle-aged and middle class, insists that the dub/punk opera is no headline-grabbing gimmick as it battles to draw in a younger audience. [MEOL]

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( السيرة النبوية (25) ) بقلم : د. علي محمد الصلابي

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Monday, 4 September, 2006: Libya's latest auction of exploration licenses offers high-risk areas that might yield relatively little oil but could lure firms desperate to gain a foothold in one of the world's last underexplored oil regions. Libya's National Oil Corp. launched its third licensing round since the ending of sanctions at events in Tripoli and in London last week ... "There must be a lot of potential in the proven areas," Doug Brown of Tullow Oil said. "That is what everyone would like access to. Everything they are offering now looks rather risky." [Reuters]

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( بين خيارين أو أكثر ) بقلم : حسن بوسيف

( الرهان الخاسر ) بقلم : المحامي الشارف الغرياني

( نادي الباروني ) : تأجيل أول مباريات فريق نادي الباروني

( فلسفة تطوّر العقل وتدرّج الشرع (1) ) بقلم : د. عبدالحكيم الفيتوري

( لن أعـود ) بقلم : مصطفى البركي     ( الكلمة مسئولية ) بقلم : د. محمد نصر

( جدلية الحراك الليبي بين الثورة والدولة ) بقلم : د. سعاد الطيف الفيتوري

( لبنان المُراد: أي وطن... وأية دولة؟! ) بقلم : فرج بوالعشة

بن جوّاد : ( معمّر القذافي في مظاهرة ترفع علم ليبيا.. أيام المملكة!! )

Sunday, 3 September, 2006: Libyan leader Qadhafi has urged supporters to kill those trying to reverse the gains of his revolution, on the 37th anniversary of his coup. The anniversary of the Libyan revolution falls on 1 September, the day in 1969 when as a 27-year-old British trained junior officer, Qadhafi overthrew the pro-Western Libyan monarchy and began what became known as the Green Revolution. The tone of the speech is in sharp contrast to recent comments by his son, Seif al-Islam. Seif al-Islam called for an end to the revolutionary era, saying it had not brought people-power to Libya. It is unclear to what extent this marks a rift between father and son that could have political consequences for the Libyans, or whether it is an example of Col. Qadhafi's penchant for bluster and bravado that is part of his unpredictable nature. [BBC]
Sunday, 3 September, 2006: Libya celebrated the 37th anniversary of the coup that overthrew the monarchy as a rift has blown up between Libyan leader Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi who said he would not let anyone "steal power from the people" and his son Seif al-Islam, who called for an end to the revolutionary era. In a nationally televised speech 10 days ago, Qadhafi's son Seif al-Islam broke a taboo by calling for an end to the "revolutionary era." Seif al-Islam lamented the fact that there was no "people power" in Libya as called for by the 'Green Book' penned by his father 30 years ago, which spells out the elder Qadhafi's political ideology. [Gulf Times]
Sunday, 3 September, 2006: Libyan leader Qadhafi late Thursday in Beidha, Libya, unveiled ambitious development programmes as part of the new economic reform strategy based on the general implementation of social justice and the improvement of the living conditions of Libyans. Qadhafi called for transparency and self-assessment as part of a four-month programme to meet the needs of poor people who are estimated at one million, according to the official statistics. He suggested the setting up of a fund for needy people to improve their living conditions. [Angop]
Sunday, 3 September, 2006: The meeting of the Moroccan-Libyan high commission will focus on investment in the two Arab countries. The announcement was made by Moroccan Premier, Driss jettou, upon leaving Tripoli at the end of his visit on Friday where he represented HM King Mohammed VI in the festivities marking the celebration of the 37th anniversary of the Libyan revolution on Sep. 1. Jettou told MAP News Agency that a Libyan delegation is visiting Morocco in the coming weeks to prepare for the meeting, which will be held as soon as possible. [MAP]
Sunday, 3 September, 2006: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sent a message on Saturday to Libyan leader Col. Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi felicitating him and his people on the country's National Day (Revolution Day). According to the Press Bureau of the Office of the President, in his message Ahmadinejad expressed hope mutual relations would continue to increase through the joint efforts of the two sides' officials. The Iranian president said he looked forward to witnessing a truly just world where man is accorded the respect he deserves. [IRNA]
Sunday, 3 September, 2006: An investigation in Japan is revealing more details about domestic manufacturers that exported equipment that can be used to make nuclear weapons. There is evidence that Japanese technology has aided nuclear programs in Libya, Iran and North Korea. Manufacturers and trading companies in Japan have long been reported to be participants in the international black market in nuclear technology. The latest case, involving precision machinery maker Mitutoyo and a Iranian trading company in Tokyo, Seian, alleges that sensitive goods have been exported from Japan for two decades. The International Atomic Energy Agency found one of Mitutoyo's machines in a Libyan nuclear facility nearly three years ago. [VOA]

تعزية إلى آل ارحومة وآل بن كاطو

( الأتحاد الليبي للمدافعين عن حقوق الإنسان ) : بيان في الذكرى 37 لانقلاب سبتمبر

( الفرق بين الحالة الفوضوية في ليبيا والتجارب الشمولية الأخرى ) بقلم : عبدالمنصف البوري

( الموجة الأخيرة للنظام المغلق ) بقلم : عمر الكدي

لقطات من ( مظاهرة الليبيين في لندن في ذكرى انقلاب سبتمبر ) تصوير : عمر الهوني

Libya's Qadhafi Urges Backers To 'Kill' Enemies

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37th Year Of Hot Air And Buffoonery!   By : Ghoma

أغنية : ( نصيحة خوذ منـّي يا طير... ادّهور في بنغازي خير ) اعداد : عاشق بنغازي

( غناء المرسكاوي... من العبودية الى كرنفالات البوسعدية ) بقلم : سالم محمد

Saturday, 2 September, 2006: The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II [Ghana] has been invited by President Qadhafi for a goodwell and cultural visit to Libya. A statement issued in Accra by the Libyan Ambassador, Mohamed Gamudi, said the invitation was in recognition of the progressive role the Asantehene was playing as a traditional ruler in promoting Africa's indigenous culture. There will be discussion of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Kwame Nkrumah University, where the Otumfuo is the Chancellor, and the University of Al Fateh in Tripoli. [GNA]

( هل كانت ثورة أم مجرد إنقلاب عسكري!!؟؟ ) بقلم : سليم الرقعي

( كيف تريدنا أن نفهم.. وكيف تريدنا أن نصدق!!! ) بقلم : د. فتحي الفاضلي

( نزيف القهـر ) شعر : صلاح الدين الغزال

( المؤتمر الوطني للمعارضة الليبية ) : بيان بمناسبة الذكرى السنوية لانقلاب سبتمبر

( ... إلا هوى مصراته!!! ) بقلم : طارق القزيري

Friday, 1 September, 2006: Libyan leader Qadhafi, marked the 37th anniversary of the coup d'etat that brought him to power on Thursday by urging his supporters to "kill enemies" if they asked for political change. The hardline comment, made in a speech on state television, runs counter to recent hopes of political reform in Libya. Opponents abroad had said they hoped that Qadhafi might hint at political change in his speech. His son Saif al-Islam recently told Libyans their country was in a political impasse and needed reforms to free it from what he called the grip of "Libyan mafia" which monopolizes power and wealth. But Qadhafi said those who hope for political change in Libya see its people as "immature". "Our enemies have been crushed inside Libya and you have to be ready to kill them if they emerge anew," Qadhafi said. [Reuters]
Friday, 1 September, 2006: An Orissa man (indian) working as a plumber in Libya was attacked by some villains and died last week, his widow said on Thursday. Nabaghan Bhuan, 38, succumbed to his injuries after a week of treatment in a Libya hospital. Bhuan had been working as a plumber in a construction company in eastern Libya for eight years. [Hindustan Times]
Friday, 1 September, 2006: As early as November 1998 former Libyan health minister Suleiman Al-Ghamari told "La" magazine that nearly 1500 HIV infections had been registered in Benghazi and other Libyan cities. The statement meant that HIV cases were already registered officially in Benghazi before Bulgarian nurses started working there. Five Bulgarian nurses are accused of intentional HIV infection of more than 400 children in a hospital in Benghazi. Al-Ghamari told "La" magazine that medical supplies were lacking in the Benghazi hospital, especially needles. During the last court's sitting of the nurses' trial the Bulgarians' lawyer Osman Bizanti demanded the interview to be taken into consideration in court. [Sofia Echo]
Friday, 1 September, 2006: Libya expects int'l oil companies to invest more than $7 billion and discover an extra 20 billion barrels of oil equivalent under a 10-year exploration master plan, its National Oil Corp. (NOC) said on Thursday. "An aggressive ... plan has been introduced to enhance oil production capabilities to levels close to those of the 70s," said Hussein Seddiq, exploration manager at Libya's NOC. Production in the 1970s was more than three million barrels per day (bpd) compared with around 1.6 million bpd now. "The target of the master plan is to discover 20 billion barrels of oil," he said, adding that the 2005-2015 plan would focus on frontier and high-risk areas. Seddiq was addressing a London roadshow, following an event in Tripoli last week, to launch the nation's third international bidding round since the lifting of sanctions. He said there would be four to five further exploration rounds offering a total of 220 blocks. [Reuters]

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