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Monday, 14 May, 2006

Dr. Nasr Anaizi :


The American Libyan Freedom Alliance (ALFA) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that is registered as an American special interest advocate group dedicated to advancing the cause of democracy and the protection of human rights in Libya.

Among ALFA's objectives which are clearly stated on its website ( ) are "promoting democracy, human rights, accountability, and the rule of law, in Libya" and "to inform the American public and the international community about Libyan history, culture, concerns and aspirations".

ALFA is not a religious sect, a political party, a liberation front, nor an armed resistance movement. Therefore, ALFA has no secrets and non of its activities is clandestine. In fact, on the same website one may find all that is worth knowing about any organization including the required qualifications for membership, its membership fee, the names of the members of its board of directors, the conferences it has sponsored, its future projects, its press releases, and its correspondance with American politicians and (elected) lawmakers.

This clearly transparent organization decides to hold a conference in Washington DC to discuss the Libyan Constitution of 1951 which has been suspended effectively since the 1969 coup d'état when Qadhafi became the absolute and sole ruler of the country.

A public invitation was extended to all Libyans who may be able to travel and spend the weekend in the US capital ( ). As more and more people began to call or email expressing their intentions to attend, the organizers of the conference began compiling lists of potential attendees and they exchanged this information via email among themselves and with a very limited number of trusted individuals for the purpose of completing any missing information and pooling the several partial lists into one master database which would include the names of the attendees, their email addresses and telephone numbfers, and what part of the world they would be coming from. Either part of or the entire database somehow ended up in the hands of the secret service of Colonel Qadhafi which is apparently in high gear these days both in North America and Europe.

Qadhafi's mukhabarat in turn willingly and graciously fed this information or part of it to one of their helpers who, in an article published on this website, declared triumphantly that he is in possession of "a very important document" which reveals the secrets of ALFA. This individual then attached to his rambling article a list of the potential attendees of the Constitutional Conference, introducing it with sarcastic comments about the reverence members of ALFA and Libyan dissidents in general show toward the CONSTITUTION.

It is interesting that despite his old age, this myoptic individual does not realize that the only "little secret" that he has succeeded in revealing is the fact that he (like many of his kind) is a disposable tool in the hands of Qadhafi's boys who fear the assembly and unity of Libyans in defense of their CONSTITUTION and their aspiration for the establishment of a democratically elected, legitimate government in LIBYA. If and when push comes to shove, his friends like their master in the imperial tent will deny any knowlege, let alone any connection to any of the scores of insignificant informers they have spread throughout the globe.

The pubication of the names of the anticipated attendees is clearly an act of intimidation aimed at discouraging people from talking about the need for a ligitimate and constitutional government in Libya. Indeed, intimidation, thuggery, and terrorism are the weapons that have allowed this dictatorship to survive for so long. However, Libyans have had enough, and now these tyrannical methods will only enhance our determination to participate in this very important conference, exercising as American citizens our constitutionally protected right of peaceful assembly, a right that we hope Libyans will be able to enjoy in their homeland in the near future.

د. نصر العـنـيزي
Dr. Nasr Anaizi

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