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تعازي إلى آل السوسي

( الحركة الليبية للتغيير والأصلاح ) : بيان في ذكرى اختفاء مناضلين

( سمّ على عـسل ) بقلم : الزواري

( برقة على فوهة بركان!! ) بقلم : د. جاب الله موسى حسن

Tuesday, 28 February, 2006: Libyan women and girls including rape victims are being placed in "social rehabilitation" centres which are being used as an ideological brainwashing tool by the authorities, Human Rights Watch (HRW) claims. A team from HRW was granted access to two of the centres, and releases its report today. Officially portrayed as protective homes for women and girls "vulnerable to engaging in moral misconduct", Human Rights Watch says the facilities house rape victims who have been ostracised for "staining their families' honour". Women and girls who have no male guardian have also been placed in the centres. They say they are treated like criminals. Farida Deif, the researcher who visited the centres, said that "these facilities are far more punitive than protective". Responding to the charges in the report, the Libyan government said that Human Rights Watch was ignoring the Islamic values governing Libyan society, particularly the protection of women who might face "honour" killings. [The Independent]

( السيرة النبوية (10) ) بقلم : د. علي محمد الصلابي

( أحداث بنغازي.. بين تصرف النظام الليبي وتصرف المعارضة ) بقلم : خالد الغول

( سجّل يا تاريخ بلادي ) : ذكرى استشهاد الأستاذ عامر الدغيّس ـ فبراير1980

( أحداث بنغازي.. بين قراءة الحدث ومحاولات توظيفه ) بقلم : د. فتحي خليفة عقوب

( فماذا نحن فاعلون؟ ) بقلم : حسين الفيتوري

Monday, 27 February, 2006: Libyan Foreign Minister Abdelrahman Shalgam, and British Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, have co-chaired discussions between both countries concerning bilateral relations, including security matters. The Libyan secretary of Public Security, Ali Omar Aboubaker, his colleague in charge of European Affairs at the Libyan Foreign Ministry, Abdelati al-Ebaidi, and Libyan ambassador to London, Mohamed al-Zwai plus British ambassador in Tripoli, Anthony Layden, also took part in the discussions. [Angop]
Monday, 27 February, 2006: British tour operators say that long-weekend trips to Tripoli, the capital of Libya, are taking off on the back of relaxed new visa requirements, and an enormous pent-up curiosity about the country's Roman archaeological sites (photo), Berber remains, medinas and desert scenery. In the past, tourists were required to have passport details translated into Arabic before copies were sent to Libya to be stamped and approved by a ground agent, and then faxed back. But now tourists must simply make photocopies of the picture page of their passport, which tour operators will forward to ground agents who will allow people to pick up visas on arrival in Tripoli. [The Times]
Monday, 27 February, 2006: At an April 9, 1986, primetime presidential news conference, Reagan was being Reagan. It was four days after a bomb exploded at a West Berlin discotheque, a popular hangout for American soldiers, two of whom were killed. In "President Reagan, The Triumph of Imagination," Richard Reeves tells how Reagan went with a laugh line, calling Libya's Colonel Qadhafi (photo) "the mad dog of the Middle East." Challenged by a TV reporter who wondered if calling a foreign leader a "mad dog" was appropriate, Reagan allowed how he never used the word before, "But I saw one of you using it on television, and I thought it sounded good." He got his laugh. Six days later, 18 F-111 bombers flew a circuitous route from England to Libya - avoiding French and Italian airspace, because those countries thought the raid unnecessary. The public loved it: Reagan's approval rating jumped to 68 percent. The world hated it: Only the governments of Great Britain, Canada and Israel voiced approval. [Thnt]

تعزية إلى آل زيّان وآل السوكني

( اللجنة الليبية للعمل الأجتماعي ) : بيان بشأن تشكيل لجنة العمل الخيري

( تحية تقدير وعرفان للأستاذ محمد بشير المغيربي ) بقلم : د. فوزية بريون

( الفكر الإسلامي وإشكالية فهم السنة!! ) بقلم : د. عبدالحكيم الفيتوري

( نزهة فـوق بلوتو ) بقلم : صلاح الحداد

( بنغازي ) غـناء : فوزي الزاوي

موقع ليبي جديد : دحض الشبهات

Sunday, 26 February, 2006: Amnesty International is probing reports that street clashes in Libya's second city Benghazi spread to two other towns in the east earlier this week, a researcher at the human rights organisation said on Friday. At least 11 people were killed by police and more than 60 others wounded on February 17 as a protest initially staged by the authorities against Danish cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammad turned against Qadhafi's rule. Benghazi has traditionally been a centre of opposition to the rule of President Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi, who has held power for the past 37 years in the north African oil exporting country. [Reuters]
Sunday, 26 February, 2006: The Southern court of Benghazi did not hold the scheduled civil case hearing against the five Bulgarian nurses jailed in Libya. The court was closed on Saturday, making it impossible for the hearing to take place, Bulgaria's Ministry of Interior announced. The civil claims were brought by the family of two young twin sisters who died of AIDS. [SNA]

تعازي إلى آل المسعودي     تعازي إلى آل سيف النصر

لقطات من اعتصام الليبيين في العاصمة السويدية يوم الجمعة 24\2\2006

( نداء إلى السيد محمد نجم وإلى شيوخ قبائل برقة ) بقلم : مصطفى البركي

( أحفاد عمر المختار يمسحون العار!! ) بقلم : د. جاب الله موسى حسن

( بنغازى.. ليست كاملة الأوصاف ) بقلم : عبدالنبي أبوسيف ياسين

جديد "تاوالت" : حملة تاوالت للتوعية في اليوم العالمي للـّغة الأم

( رؤية المستقبل... والتفاعـل مع الأزمة (2) ) بقلم : آدم إرقيق

( مأساة مظاهرة بنغازي في بلد يمنع المظاهرات! ) بقلم : جمعة القماطي

( قراءة في أحداث بنغازي ) بقلم : فرج ابوالعشة

( بنغازي مدينة خارج السّيطرة! ) ترجمة : مخضرم

( إسقاطات الجمعة على مفهوميّ المجتمع السياسي والمدنيّ ! ) بقلم : بوزيد لهلالي

( المؤتمر الوطني للمعارضة الليبية ) : العشيرة الحاكمة تستعرض القوة..

لقطات من اعتصام الليبيين في لاهاي ـ هولندا يوم الخميس 23\2\2006

بيان المعـتصمين أمام سفارة النظام الليبي في لاهاي ـ هولندا

( رحيل العالم والخبير الزراعى الليبي محمد بدرالدين المسعودى ) بقلم : فاضل المسعودي

( جماعة الوطنيين الديمقراطيين الليبية ) : بيان بشأن انتفاضة بنغازي

Saturday, 25 February, 2006: Italian judges have shut the book on the 1978 disappearance of Shiite cleric Imam Moussa Sadr, concluding Thursday that there is no proof of Libyan involvement in the matter. The Italian news agency ANSA reported Thursday that the Italian magistrates agreed with a finding by Prosecutor Franco Ionta that the investigation was complete and had revealed "no evidence" that Libya had a hand in the disappearance of Sadr, the founder of the Amal Movement, who disappeared during a trip to Libya 27 years ago. According to ANSA, Ionta questioned several passengers of the 1978 flight from Tripoli to Rome. [The Daily Star]
Saturday, 25 February, 2006: French Junior Industry Minister Francois Loos will pay a three-day visit to Algeria and Libya March 27 to discuss the potential to develop additional trade links and examine technological and other areas of cooperation. Loos will be in Algeria March 27-28. In Libya, the French Minister will meet with several senior officials, including Deputy Prime Minister Ali Al-Mahmoudi and Energy Minister Fathi Ben Shatwan. After almost twenty years of frosty relations over clashes in Chad and the bombing of a French airliner by Libya in which 170 died, France is now courting Tripoli and seeking to bolster trade and investment ties. [KUNA]
Saturday, 25 February, 2006: A Catholic church and convent in Benghazi, Libya, were plundered and burned just days after anti-Italian protests in Libya turned violent. The Feb. 20 attacks against the two religious properties forced the apostolic vicar of Benghazi, the rest of his Franciscan community, and the religious men and women who lived and worked in the diocese to be evacuated to the Libyan capital, Tripoli. Bishop Sylvester Magro of Benghazi told Vatican Radio Feb. 23 that "everything has gone up in smoke." Everything inside the church and friary was destroyed; "everything that could be set on fire was set on fire," he said. [CNS]
Saturday, 25 February, 2006: Vice president of the Federation of Liberia, Charles H.V. Allen Jr at the head of a high power youth delegation departs Monrovia for Libya. The delegation is expected to attend the historic Pan African Youth Summit in the Libyan City of Syrte centering on the Libyan Leader's dream of uniting Africa as the United States of Africa. [The Inquirer]
Saturday, 25 February, 2006: The Libyan government expects to raise up to 2 bln eur from the sale of the state-owned oil company Tamoil, in which it plans to sell a stake of at least 60 pct, the weekly Il Mondo said. In 2004, the company had sales of 7.801 bln eur in 2004 and 2,967 petrol stations based in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Spain. It also has refineries in Italy (Cremona), Germany (Hamburg) and Switzerland (Collombey). Offers for the company have to be presented by March 7, the weekly said. Tamoil is owned by the Dutch company Oilinvest, which in turn is controlled by Libya's state-owned National Oil Company. [AFX]

( تصريحات هدى بن عامر : جهل بالسياسة أم فخ للقذافي؟ ) بقلم : خالد الغول

( الأخوان المسلمون.. والفتوى البيضاء ) بقلم : صلاح عبدالعزيز

( القراءة الخاطئة ) بقلم : عيسى عبدالقيوم

( لقد كانت في الحقيقة ثورة ضدّ نظام القذّافي! ) ترجمة وتعليق : مخضرم

Friday, 24 February, 2006: "We are deeply sorry about the episode in Benghazi as we see Libya as a friend, a decisive partner in the fight against terrorism and criminal organizations", declared Italian interior minister Giuseppe Pisanu in his speech in front of the joint commissions for constitutional and foreign affairs. "There is a joint commitment to fight threats like political fundamentalism which today is speculating on offences caused by misinterpreted freedom of press. We are united by the conviction that dialogue between religions and cultures is the way to reach peaceful coexistence of peoples with different religious beliefs in European societies with a high number of Islamic immigrants," Pisanu said. [AGI]
Friday, 24 February, 2006: Libyan Leader Qadhafi received on Wednesday British Home Secretary, Charles Clark, who conveyed him a letter from British Prime Minister Blair. [AND]
Friday, 24 February, 2006: The football-mad son of Libyan leader Qadhafi, has been cleared of criminal doping charges in Italy, brought during his time as a player with one of the country’s leading clubs. Al-Saadi al-Qadhafi stood trial after he served a three-month drugs ban from Italy's top division, Serie A, in November 2003 while he was playing for Perugia. A judge ruled on Thursday that the case was outside of the court's jurisdiction. Giovanni Guaglianone, al-Qadhafi's lawyer, said the court acknowledged that al-Saadi did not commit any crime in Italy. [Al-Jazeera]
Friday, 24 February, 2006: Pursuant to the formal notice issued by the General Peoples Committee for the establishment of the 24,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution facility in Misurata, Lyamec Corp announces that it has formally received the approval of Misurata's free trade zone on January 16th, 2006. In a statement by interim CEO, R.G. Raymond: "My sincere thanks to Mr. Mohamed Hagegh, head of the General People's Committee for the Free Zone City of Misurata, for his acknowledgement and support to the benefits this project provides to the local communities." [PRN]

( لجـلجة ) شعر : ادريس المسماري

( تجمّع ليبيا ايمال ) : بيان حول الأحداث الدامية في بنغازي

Between A Rock And A Hard Surface: Is There A Choice?   By: Ghoma

( منظمة الأمل لحقوق الأنسان ) : دعوة إلى الأعتصام

( مجموعة العمل الليبي ) : تضامناً مع أحداث بنغازي

( مش في كل مـرّة يا جـرّة..!! ) بقلم : ولد البحر

( وهم المعارضة ) بقلم : عاشور نصر الورفلي

( بنغـازي... والحـدث ) بقلم : آدم إرقيق

Thursday, 23 February, 2006: The Malta Football Association has been informed by the Libyan Football Federation that its National side will not be participating in the Coca-Cola & Multiplus International Football Tournament 2006. [Di-Ve]
Thursday, 23 February, 2006: Italian Foreign minister, Gianfranco Fini, said that the government pledged to continue all the possible actions to give new impulse to the partnership between Italy and Libya giving a top priority to the need of closing the historical issue of Italy's colonial past. Fini made a speech before the Constitutional Affairs committee of the Lower House and the Senate today. Fini also said that in their contacts after the incidents in Benghazi Berlusconi and Qadhafi stated that the serious incident must not affect negatively the bilateral relations and their development. Fini stressed that Italy has traditionally supported Libya to help it to solve its international problems and to enter in the international community again. [AGI]
Thursday, 23 February, 2006: Besides the due resignation of Minister Roberto Calderoli "the real problem is the global wave of violence triggered off by Islamic fundamentalism, Bengazi [Libya] was not only a single episode, even if particularly dramatic and brutal", stated Italian foreign minister Gianfranco Fini. He underlined that "we must remember that the main problem emerged in its full dramatic dimension during the last few weeks is not a declaration of former reform minister, which can be more or less doubtful, and not even the Danish cartoons. The real problem is this global wave of violence driven by Islamic fundamentalism". Fini reminded of the demos in Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria and India "reaching even the heart of London, where 40 pct. of the Muslim population declared to hope Sharia would be adopted and 20 pct. showed comprehension, if not approval, for the attacks devastating London in July last year". [AGI]
Thursday, 23 February, 2006: The Italian Defence Minister said that he was "amazed" at having been called in today's Corriere, "a longstanding enemy of Libya". Antonio Martino rejected the accusation, explaining that, "I have always believed that security in the Mediterranean can only be obtained thanks to the important contribution by Colonel Qadhafi and Libya. Indeed we are trying, together with Libya and other countries taking part in the 5+5 in the western Mediterranean to expand the spheres of cooperation and security via dialogue." Martino assured his personal commitment to this initiative's success and also in the future and emphasised that he has never been against Libya, ending with a joke. "I have awarded in Vienna, a masters degree to Colonel Qadhafi's son." [AGI]
Thursday, 23 February, 2006: A delegation of members of Angolan juvenile organisations affiliated in the National Youth Council (CNJ) attends on February 26-28 this year a Summit of juvenile Organisations, in Syrte, Libya. The mission include 16 people and will be headed by CNJ's vice chairman, Claudio de Brito Aguiar, who told Angop that the Forum will discuss the creation of the United States of Africa, proposed by President of Libya, Qadhafi. [Angop]

( هل حرّض نبيه برّي بوليس بنغازي؟؟ ) بقلم : طارق القزيري

( مظاهرة بنغازي تتحوّل إلى انتفاضة شاملة ضدّ النظام الليبي ) بقلم : عمر الكدي

( المنظمة الليبية لحقوق الأنسان ) : إعـلان عن مظاهـرة

( المؤتمر الوطني للمعارضة الليبية ) : نداء إلى القوى الوطنية الليبية

( لماذا يا رجال الأمن واللجان الثورية اطلقتم الرصاص؟ ) بقلم : خالد الغول

بن جواد : قائمة بأسماء شهداء انتفاضة بنغازي

هـدية ثمـينة جداً من يد القـذافي : ذهـب خالص!

Wednesday, 22 February, 2006: Witness accounts reaching Egypt's capital Tuesday confirmed a report by Italy's envoy, who said the violence that killed 11 people in Benghazi last week was the work of both Islamic radicals and anti-government forces. In an interview with the Italian daily newspaper La Stampa published Tuesday, Ambassador Francesco Trupiano said domestic opposition to Col. Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi had joined forces with religious extremists in a protest that began over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. "Benghazi is still out of control," said Trupiano, who was speaking from Tripoli. "The situation can precipitate any minute. [AP]
Wednesday, 22 February, 2006: "It's been a worrying time -we were frightened when in Benghazi last Sunday the people rebelled en masse in protest against local police and against the Mohamed cartoons. The crowd was really angry". This is the account given by Monica at Fiumicino airport [Italy], who was one of the first Italians, numbering around 10 of the thirty passengers on board, returning to Italy today from Benghazi. "This morning, when we left the hotel in Benghazi, the situation was different, there was definitely a calmer atmosphere, even though during the transfer we caught sight of police and military presence - continued the businesswoman from Bari who arrived at around 11.00 on a Libyan airline flight - in any event apart from the tense atmosphere, no one did us any harm". "Apart from the 'heated' day on Sunday during which the people cursed the government and also Italy and Italians, we were never treated badly - her business colleague, also from Bari, continued. Then the protests, after the killing of 11 demonstrators, were gradually concentrated against local police". [AGI]
Wednesday, 22 February, 2006: An official source at the Libyan Foreign Ministry refuted statement made by the Italian Foreign Minister, Gianfranco Fini in an interview with Italian TV 3. Fini claimed that the demonstration of condemnation and protests against offending Islamic religion was for internal reasons. "This is an escape from the problem, ignoring its causes and run away from facing the reality, since the whole world has witnessed the Muslims stand and their marches and demonstrations that covered all parts of the world and where dozens died in Pakistan and Nigeria as was the case in Libya and elsewhere, as protests spread to many parts in Europe and America," the source said. [LJBC]
Wednesday, 22 February, 2006: The case of Hashim Azzabi, a Libyan who dodged his police escort in Floriana six years ago and escaped while awaiting a trial by jury over drug trafficking, has been closed and his name crossed out from the prison register after he was found dead in Libya last year, sources confirmed yesterday. It was only recently that an authenticated death certificate was sent to the Maltese authorities. Mr Azzabi was arrested at the Malta International Airport along with Ezedeen Zelmati on their arrival here from Switzerland in November 1998 when 80 bars of cannabis resin weighing 17 kilos were found in a false bottom in a piece of their luggage. On August 9, 1999, Mr Azzabi slipped away from his police escort while on his way to Boffa Hospital in Floriana for treatment. [Times Of Malta]
Wednesday, 22 February, 2006: The General Inspector for Health Sector at the GPC reaffirmed that Libya is free from any symptoms of bird-flu. He said Libya has acted since the outbreak of this disease in several countries in the world by forming a high committee of experts and specialists and it has taken several precautionary measures to prevent the entry of this disease to the country. "I would like to assure that, at the present time, there are no poultry infected with this epidemic in Libya." He added. [LJBC]

آل البصير وآل الفيتوري : نعي الشهيد أحمد جمعة البصير

( رؤية المستقبل... والتفاعـل مع الأزمة (1) ) بقلم : آدم إرقيق

( لقطات من مظاهرة لندن تضامناً مع انتفاضة يوم الجمعة ) : تصوير : عمر الهوني

لقطات من مظاهرة واشنطن تضامناً مع انتفاضة يوم الجمعة 17 فبراير

بيان القوى الوطنية الليبية المعـتصمة أمام سفارة نظام القذافي في لندن

تعزية إلى آل السوكني

تعازي إلى آل التاجوري

( صبراً آل بنغازي ) بقلم : زكية محمد

( رسالة إلى "بنغازي" ) بقلم : أسعد العقيلي

( إلى بنغازي : مات الفحل قدام عيني!!! ) بقلم : طارق القزيري

( نداء ربيع بنغازي الزيتوني ) بقلم : ابراهيم قراده

( الأخوان المسلمون ـ ليبيا ) : على السلطات الليبية معالجة أسباب الأزمة..

( ألفـا ) : بيان بشأن أحداث بنغازي

( المؤتمر الوطني للمعارضة الليبية ) : نداء إلى ضباط وجنود القوات المسلّحة

( صخرة قديمة ، ثابتة ، بنغازي ) اعداد : السنوسي بلاله

( التضامن ) : خطاب الود يدفع ثمنه الضحايا الأبرياء في مظاهرات بنغازي

Tuesday, 21 February, 2006: For Italian Foreign Minister, Gianfranco Fini, last Saturday's violence outside the Italian consulate in Benghazi are "incidents that are also an attempt to destabilise Qadhafi's regime." At the end of the speech at the Mediterranean Economic Forum in Palermo, Fini underlined that the tension is particularly high in eastern Libya", a region "into which Islamic extremists can more easily infiltrate". Thus, he said many of those dead in the clashes, have not been identified and do not come from Benghazi. Regarding relations between Italy and Libya, Fini put the acent on the need to cooperate with Libyan authorities to "guarantee, but in this the Libyans are helping us, the safety of our fellow citizens." [AGI]
Tuesday, 21 February, 2006: Several foreigners are among people killed last Friday during a violent protest at the Italian consulate in Benghazi, Libya. A source at the health department revealed on Saturday evening that a Syrian citizen of Palestinian origin and a Palestinian identified as Naji Abdallah Kaan and Ibrahhim Abdallah Abdellatif were among the deceased persons. Four Egyptians (Oussama Abdelnasser Taha, Mustapha Saad Mustapha, Sameh Fouda and Mahmoud Majdi Ibrahim), two Palestinians (Nasser Ahmed Ziyada and Mohamed adnan Allian) and a Sudanese (Aboubakr Al-Kalaa Hamad Mustapha) are among the injured, the source said. [AND]
Tuesday, 21 February, 2006: Italy's Northern League party, pilloried by its opponents for boorish anti-Islamic gimmicks, was welcomed as a vital electoral ally yesterday by Silvio Berlusconi, prime minister, and other centre-right coalition partners. Leaders of the League expressed fury at the way its partners had insisted on the resignation of Roberto Calderoli, one of three League government ministers. Mr Calderoli quit last weekend after 11 people died in Libya in riots sparked by his deliberate decision to wear a T-shirt, found highly offensive by Muslims, that sported cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. [FT]

( انتفاضة 17 فبراير المباركة ) بقلم : محمد سعد امعزب

( بنغازي.. متى يا حلم تتحقق؟ ) بقلم : سمير بن علي

Monday, 20 February, 2006: The civil case against the Bulgarian nurses in Libya related to the death of one of the Benghazi children infected with AIDS was put off for March 12th. [FNA]
Monday, 20 February, 2006: A French lawyer has called for the immediate release of the five Bulgarian medics jailed in Libya because of their "grave psychological condition". During a three-day visit to Tripoli, Emanuel Altit and his colleague Ivan Panef visited the medics for about an hour. Altit was scheduled also to meet Libya's justice minister, but the meeting was cancelled due to the wave of protests in Benghazi over the row with cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. [SNA]
Monday, 20 February, 2006: US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton called upon Iran on Sunday to abandon its nuclear weapons development program, thus alleviating the concerns of the international community. In an interview to The Times, he cited Libyan leader Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi as a precedent, indicating that relations between Libya and the West improved dramatically when the former halted its nuclear program. [FR]

( بنغازي لا تخافك ) بقلم : ناجي الفيتوري

( القوى الوطنية الليبية على الساحة البريطانية ) : دعوة للأعتصام

The Face Of Dictatorship Is Ugly, Its Actions Are Deadly!   By: Ghoma

( في مديح بنغازي ) بقلم : فرج ابوالعشة

( مدينة بنغازي فى مواجهة "بندة نصر المبروك"!! ) بقلم : د. جاب الله موسى حسن

( المنظمة الليبية لحقوق الأنسان ) : بيان بشأن أحداث الجمعة الحزينة

( منظمة الأمل لحقوق الأنسان ) : بيان بشأن أحداث 17 فبراير بمدينة بنغازي

( عودة " بـندة عاكف ".. ) بقلم : أسعد العقيلي

( "البيان الأول".. مرّة أخرى؟ ) بقلم : حكيم

( بنغازي تخترق جدار الصمت ) بقلم : عيسى عبدالقيوم

( إلى أسر شهداء مجزرة بنغازي ) بقلم : د. الهادي شلوف

أعـضاء حركة أكتوبر : تعزية

جمعية المرأة الليبية : تعزية وتضامن

صالح منصور : تعزية إلى أسر الشهداء

( المؤتمر الوطني للمعارضة الليبية ) : بيان حول انتفاضة مدينة بنغازي

( لجنة العمل الوطني على الساحة الأوربية ) : بيان بشأن احداث مدينة بنغازي

( جريمة أخرى في بنغازي ؟! ) بقلم : سليم الرقعي

( الأتحاد الوطني للأصلاح ) : الجمعة الحزينة السوداء وسؤال...

( الرابطة الليبية ) : استخدام القوة المسلحة فى بنغازى وحقوق الإنسان

( الأخوان المسلمون ـ ليبيا ) : بيان بشأن أحداث بنغازي

( الأتحاد الليبي ) : انتهاكات جديدة لحقوق الإنسان في ليبيا

( الرقيب ) : قلق واستياء بخصوص أحداث المظاهرات بمدينة بنغازي

( لجنة العمل الوطني على الساحة الأوربية ) : توضيح بشأن "مظاهرة 2 مارس"

( التضامن ) : قلق يساور "التضامن" بخصوص أحداث مظاهرات بمدينة بنغازي

Sunday, 19 February, 2006: Libya suspended its interior minister, citing an "excessive use of force" that left at least 10 people dead on Friday in violent protests against the cartoons that has inflamed the Muslim world. Libya's parliamentary secretariat announced the suspension of Nasr al-Mabrouk over the riots at the Italian consulate in Benghazi, in which at least 10 people were killed. All those involved in Friday's riots "and the officials responsible for them" should be referred to investigations and to the courts," the secretariat said in a statement. [AP]
Sunday, 19 February, 2006: About 27 people were killed when Muslims protests in Nigeria and Libya against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) descended into violence. In Nigeria, Maiduguri Deputy Police Commissioner Haz Iwendi said rioters killed at least 16 people. Earlier in Libya, Italian officials said that around 11 people were killed in clashes with police when they tried to storm an Italian consulate in Benghazi on Friday in protests against the Danish cartoons. Private sources contacted from Tripoli said the toll was higher, between 15 and 25, while many injured had been taken to the Al-Jala hospital. [Daily Times]
Sunday, 19 February, 2006: The Secretariat of People's Congress condemned on Saturday the over use of force by the police to disperse the demonstrators in Benghazi, and blamed riot police for not dealing properly with the riot. The Secretariat also regretted the casualties and offered sympathy for the families of the victims. It also said a probe should be set into the incident and those involved in the riots should stand trail. The secretariat passed a resolution to investigate the Secretary of the General People's Committee for Public Security and stops him from work. It also said it will arrest and investigate all those responsible for security in Benghazi. The Secretariat declared tomorrow as a day of mourning in Libya. [LJBC]
Sunday, 19 February, 2006: An Italian Cabinet minister blamed for sparking riots in Libya by wearing a T-shirt showing blasphemous cartoons resigned on Saturday, the news agency ANSA reported. Reforms Minister Roberto Calderoli had been under increasing pressure to step down after his decision to wear the shirt featuring caricatures was blamed for the protests on Friday at the Italian consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in which at least 10 people were killed. [Khaleej Times]

( مسئولية النظام الليبي عن قتل أبناء الشعب الليبي ببنغازي ) بقلم : د. الهادي شلوف

( صيد الخواطر الليبية (3) ) بقلم : صلاح عبدالعزيز

( السيرة النبوية (9) ) بقلم : د. علي محمد الصلابي

( اسبوعيات حكيم (6) ) بقلم : حكيم

( "عراجين" الرابعة.. بحث في الذاكرة الليبية واستشراف.. ) بقلم : جمعة القماطي

( علاقتي بالملك وولي العهد ـ رحمهما الله ـ (2) ) بقلم : محمد بن غلبون

( القصر الأحمر ) قصة قصيرة بقلم : صلاح الحداد

( نعم للإصلاح ... ولا للصعاليك ) بقلم : عاشور نصر الورفلي

( كلام لابد منه في المسألة الدنماركية ) بقلم : د. فتحي خليفة محمد عقوب

Saturday, 18 February, 2006: At least nine people are reported to have been killed and several injured in Libya in clashes during a protest outside an Italian consulate. Police confronted protesters who set fire to the building in Benghazi (photo), in the latest protests over the Muhammad cartoons. They were said to be angry at Italian minister Roberto Calderoli, who had worn a T-shirt displaying the drawings. Italian consular official Antonio Simoes-Concalves told the Associated Press nine protesters had been killed and several more had been wounded. Libyan officials put the casualty figure at 11. [BBC]
Saturday, 18 February, 2006: The number of foreign workers in the health field in Tripoli has dropped in the past five years, Tripoli’s Secretary of Health has confirmed. Foreign workers, doctors and nurses, decreased from 2600 to 240 within five years, and they were replaced by Libyan staff. The Secretary told a meeting of doctors and directors of hospitals to sign contracts for foreigners only to rare medical specializations. [AND/LJBC]
Saturday, 18 February, 2006: A 32-year-old Libyan was held by Malta's Customs late on Thursday night after being caught in possession of at least one and a half kilogrammes of heroin. Khaled Elhadi Elbizanti was caught with the drug after arriving at Malta Int'l Airport from Tripoli. The case started when a Customs officer became suspicious of the excess weight of the Libyan's luggage. Following an examination through the customs x-ray machine, the officers noted that the luggage might have a false compartment. The officers discovered a large black plastic packet attached to the bottom of the luggage. The packet was found to contain heroin. [MaltaMedia]

تعازي الى آل نصّوف

الرابطة الليبية ـ جنوب كاليفورنيا : تعزية إلى آل نصّوف

( أمتنا هذه غير صالحة لكل زمان ومكان...؟؟؟ ) بقلم : ولد البحر

( لجنة العمل الوطني على الساحة الأوربية ) : دعـوة للتظاهـر

( التبيان في مشاركة الأحزان ) بقلم : صلاح عبدالعزيز

( القصيّر وعتـيّـقة وليبيا ) بقلم : طارق القزيري

Friday, 17 February, 2006: Italian ambassador to Libya, Francesco Trupiano has expressed his country's "regrets" for a statement attributed to Roberto Calderoli, Italian minister of Reform, who reportedly called for "the use of force against Muslims". The statement came following the publication by a Danish newspaper of cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad. Speaking in Tripoli following a meeting at the Libyan Foreign Ministry, where he was informed of Libya's position on both issues as expressed Saturday by the People's Congresses in Muserata (220 km east of Tripoli,) Trupiano said that the minister's statement represented a personal opinion. [Angop]
Friday, 17 February, 2006: Protests and fatalities continue in the Muslim world over the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. But as demonstrators call on EU governments to apologize, those governments are saying the world must realize that they do not and will not control the media ... In an interview with German newspaper Neuen Ruhr/Neuen Rhein Zeitung, Libyan leader Qadhafi said that hate was not spread by Muslims or Arabs but by the "infidels" who published the cartoons. He also criticized European schools for their approach to Islam. "They teach the children that Mohammad is not God's Prophet, but a liar," Qadhafi said. [RFE/AND]
Friday, 17 February, 2006: A group led by Repsol YPF SA reported its seventh discovery on Block NC-115 in the Murzuk basin 800 km south of Tripoli. The well, which produced 2,300 b/d of light crude, is near late 2005 discoveries that produced 2,060 boe/d and 4,650 boe/d, respectively. Repsol YPF is operator with 32% interest. Other participants are Libyan National Oil Corp., OMV AG, Total SA, and Norsk Hydro AS. Repsol YPF-operated production in Libya averaged 240,500 b/d last year. Current production from NC-115 is 200,000 b/d. [OGI]
Friday, 17 February, 2006: President Mamadou Tandja of Niger congratulated Libyan leader Qadhafi for successfully hosting a mini-African summit in Tripoli that culminated into a peace agreement between Sudan and Chad. Qadhafi had convened the mini-African summit in Tripoli on 8 February to help lower tension between Khartoum and N'djamena. The summit urged Chad and Sudan to immediately prevent the presence of armed dissidents in each other's territory. [Angop]
Friday, 17 February, 2006: The Workers trade Union of the Community of Sahelo-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) has criticised recent statements by Italian Minister on Constitutional Reforms, Roberto Calderoli, who called for new crusades against Muslims. The Union calls for the unity of Muslims throughout the world and invites Muslim countries to follow the example of Libya, which closed its embassy in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. [Angop]
Friday, 17 February, 2006: Britain and Algeria have made progress on negotiating an extradition treaty to make it easier to deport terrorism suspects to the north African country, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said on Thursday. Speaking on a visit to the oil-exporting nation, Straw told a news conference that Britain and Algeria wanted to sign an agreement "as soon as possible". London is also working on similar extradition agreements with several north African countries, including Morocco, to enable it to deport terrorism suspects to the region. It has already struck such agreements with Libya and Jordan. [Reuters]

Arabs And The Sisyphean Destiny...?   By: Ghoma

( المرأة تلك القوّة المخفيّة ) بقلم : زكية محمّد

( الفكر الإسلامي بين إشكالية النص والتاريخ!! ) بقلم : د. عبدالحكيم الفيتوري

( نحو الموضوعية ) بقلم : د. فتحي خليفة محمد عـقوب

( من جديدنا القديم ) بقلم : عيسى عبدالقيوم

Thursday, 16 February, 2006: A Japanese company has denied illegally exporting machines that can be used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons to Libya among other countries. Japanese police this week searched Mitutoyo Corp's head office and plants on suspicion it had exported two three-dimensional gauges to China and Thailand, without government clearance. One of the firm's gauges was reportedly found in Libya when the International Atomic Energy Agency inspected the country's nuclear facilities two years ago. The revelation comes as Libya has renounced nuclear research in a bid to restore normal relations with the West. [AND]
Thursday, 16 February, 2006: The German music-club owner Oliver Koepp and his co-driver Christian Janke wins the 2nd Libya Desert Challenge rally in front of the German Ex-Mitsubishi-Workdriver Andrea Mayer in a KOS Kumho Buggy and Matthias Kruger/Peter Muhmel in a Nissan Terrano I. Tomorrow all competitors, service-crews and organizers will go back to Tunisia to have a big winner-party - in Libya alcohol is strictly forbidden. [MarathonRally]


( أخطار "داهمة ونائمة" تهدد هويتنا ووحدتنا الوطنية (1) ) بقلم : سليم الرقعي

رسائل الأستاذ فتحي الجهمي إلى العقيد القذافي

( اذاعة صوت الأمل ) : تشويش آخر عـلى صوت الأمل

Wednesday, 15 February, 2006: In Lebanon, a bomb ripped through the car of an outspoken journalist, killing him. In Libya, the body of a missing journalist turned up with a gunshot wound to the head ... These were some of the examples listed by the Committee to Protect Journalists in their annual Attacks on the Press report. 2005 was a year "in which journalists in the Middle East endured violent attacks as never before," Joel Campagna, senior program coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa, wrote in the report released Tuesday ... In Libya, the report cited the case of Daif al-Ghazal (photo), whose body was found last June after he went missing on May 21. [AP]
Wednesday, 15 February, 2006: An Italian government minister says he is distributing T-shirts displaying controversial cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad. Roberto Calderoli, a member of the anti-immigrant Northern League party, is minister without portfolio for institutional reform and devolution. Mr Calderoli's comments were made in an interview with the leading Italian news agency, Ansa. The remarks could prove embarrassing to Mr Berlusconi, at the start of what promises to be a bitterly contested election campaign. The Italian ambassador to Libya has already been forced to distance his government from some of Mr Calderoli's remarks. [BBC]


( ماذا يفعل المهانون في المرات القادمة؟!! ) بقلم : فرج ابوالعشة

( صراع حضارات... أم سوء تعامل مع الأزمة؟ ) بقلم : آدم إرقيق

Tuesday, 14 February, 2006: A group of HIV-positive Libyan children at the centre of the case of five Bulgarian nurses detained over their infection are to be sent to France for treatment. "A first group of 30 children will go to France on February 27" for treatment. Families of the victims are seeking a total of around 4.3 billion euros in what they see as compensation, a definition rejected by Bulgaria which says the nurses are not guilty. The EU ambassador in Libya, Mark Pierini, said the discussions on the fund would resume on March 13. The spokesman for the victims' families, Idriss Lagha, said they were maintaining a demand of 10 million euros in compensation for each of the victims' families. The new development in the controversial and long-running saga follows a December 25 verdict by the Libyan supreme court overturning death sentences and ordering a new trial for the Bulgarians and a Palestinian doctor.[AFP]
Tuesday, 14 February, 2006: The President of the Czech Republic,Vaclav Klaus, signed a decree on Monday, lifting its decade-long economic sanctions against Libya. The move paved the way for Czech enterprises to explore markets in Libya and improve economic ties between the two countries. Some 20 Czech entrepreneurs visited Libya last year to explore cooperative ventures, such as the construction of airports and the upgrading of steel works. [China View]
Tuesday, 14 February, 2006: Libya took part in the twenty-sixth edition of the Int'l Tourism Trade Fair, FITUR 2006 which was held between 25th - 29th January in Madrid, Spain. [LJBC]
Tuesday, 14 February, 2006: Japanese police have raided the headquarters of a company accused of exporting technology that can be used to make nuclear weapons. A device made by the firm was reportedly found in Libya. Police searched offices and factories owned by Mitsutoyo, a company that makes precision measuring equipment. The company is thought to have exported two gauges in breach of trade export rules. The gauges can be used in the production of nuclear weapons. Japanese media reports say the company allegedly exported the devices from Japan, to companies in Thailand and China owned by Japanese firms. The same model of gauge had been found by International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors in Libya in 2003 and 2004. [ABC]
Tuesday, 14 February, 2006: Government remains tight-lipped on its negotiations with Libya on the long-standing dispute over oil exploration to the south of Malta with Foreign Minister Michael Frendo saying that joint exploration was only one of the options on the table. Frendo was reacting to comments made by former finance and foreign minister John Dalli who told Business Today on Wednesday that joint oil exploration of the disputed areas was the best solution to get out of the impasse. It is unclear what "other options" Frendo was referring to when speaking to The Times on Thursday. Oil experts believe that short of an agreement that delineates the int'l border in the disputed area once and for all, the only feasible way out is to enter into a joint exploration effort with the Libyans. The border dispute with Libya has dragged on since the early eighties and surfaces each time Malta attempts to engage in exploration efforts in the area. [Malta Today]
Tuesday, 14 February, 2006: The Libyan National Centre of Standards in collaboration with the UN's FAO Monday started a two-day forum on standards in the field of food and food industry. Participants include government officials, members of technical councils and sectors responsible to develop and update Libyan reference standards in the areas of food and food industry. FAO consultants Léon Ghoris and Maya Piniro will present papers on the side effects in food and food industry, as well as on the assessment of microbiological and chemical risks. [Angop]
Tuesday, 14 February, 2006: Yemen ambassador to Libya Hasan Sabbah held a meeting with Minister of Planning Attaher al-Juhaimy and discussed with him cooperation aspects between the two countries and ways to enhance them. They also talked over activating signed agreements between Yemen and Libya in 2002. On the other hand, Sabbah also met with Minister of Tourism Ammar al-Taif and Minister of Youth and Sports Ali al-Shaery. [SABA]


( الدنيا ) شعر : ياسين ابوسيف ياسين

WT: Hamas And Libya: A World Apart

FT: Adviser Points To Libya's 'Old Guard' As Block To Reform

Monday, 13 February, 2006: Libyan leader Qadhafi (photo) told a German newspaper that those who have published caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad are guilty of spreading hate. In an interview to be published Monday in the Neuen Ruhr/Neuen Rhein Zeitung, Qadhafi said that hate was not spread by Muslims or Arabs but by the "infidels" who published the cartoons. Qadhafi also sharply criticized European schools for their approach to Islam. "They teach the children that Mohammad is not God's Prophet, but a liar," he said. Qadhafi also predicted that the unrest late last year in poor suburbs in France was only the beginning of Muslims' fight against discrimination in Europe. "Perhaps one day Islam will rule over Europe," Qadhafi said. [AND]
Monday, 13 February, 2006: The National Centre for Communicable Diseases confirmed that Libya is free form polio for the fourth consecutive year. This came during a meeting held at the centre to follow up the annual reports about polio, measles and german measles. The coordinator of the centre said reports also showed a decrease in measles infection in Libya. [LJBC]
Monday, 13 February, 2006: After arriving in Rabat, the Moroccan capital, Donald Rumsfeld, the U.S. defense secretary was driven through lush green countryside, past groves of cork trees and bucolic scenes of grazing sheep to the king's exclusive clubhouse and stables. Rumsfeld, who keeps horses on his property in Taos, N.M., also toured a trophy room where the king displays several extraordinary saddles given to him by people around the world. One saddle, Rumsfeld was told, once belonged to a sultan who ruled Libya before Col. Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi. [AP]

( ابتسم ) شعر : محمد الشلطامي

( نقاطع من؟؟... ) بقلم : أبوذرّ الليبي

( ولكم في القصاص حياة يا أهل ليبيا ) بقلم : مصطفى البركي

( رجال من ليبيا لا يعرفون الخجل ) بقلم : عبدالرازق المنصوري

Sunday, 12 February, 2006: A source at the Libyan Foreign Ministry has commented on Hezbollah Secretary General who described the Italian court ruling on Imam Musa al-Sadr as a matter of political collusion. "We have heard a strange statement from the so-named Hassan Nasrallah Thursday, in which he described the Italian court ruling which established that Imam Musa al-Sadr and his two companions had arrived in Rome in 1979 as a matter of political collusion," the source said. "Without shame, he went on to repeat false claims and allegations which have already been refuted when the court ruling attested to their invalidity". [LJBC]
Sunday, 12 February, 2006: Occidental earnings have been boosted 4% by its revived Libyan oil production. The company's holdings in Libya include three producing areas and interests in 13 exploration blocks and involve a total area of 130,000 square kilometers making the Occidental the largest foreign player in Libya's oil and gas acreage. Officials estimate newly restored Libyan production has contributed 22,000 b/d to the company's 2005 volume. The trend is also evident with Marathon and ConocoPhillips. Each holds a 16.33% interest in the Waha concessions ranging over 13 million acres in Libya's Sirte basin. Marathon expects to add more than 160 million barrels of oil equivalent to the company's proven reserves following re-entry into Libya. The company also anticipates the addition of up to 45,000 b/d of its oil production in 2006. Amerada Hess says it will add in excess of 85 million barrels of oil equivalent to the company's proven reserves as a result of its re-entry to Libya and about 25,000 b/d of oil production. [AMEInfo]
Sunday, 12 February, 2006: Worshipers emerging from Friday prayers in al-Quds Mosque in the Libyan capital Tripoli demonstrated against drawings of the prophet Mohammad (pbu) by a Danish newspapers, as well as against statements of the Italian Minister of Constitutional Reforms calling for war against the Muslims. The worshippers set the Danish flag on fire and issued a statement highlighting that the offence against Prophet Mohammed (pbu) exposed the extent of racism and hatred of the enemy, and presented a clear evidence of their deep animosity against Islam and Muslims. The statement called on the Muslim countries to withdraw their ambassadors from Denmark, to summon Danish ambassadors and lodge official protests and press the Danish government for an official apology to the Muslims. [LJBC]
Sunday, 12 February, 2006: BG Group, the UK's third largest oil and gas company, may bid to explore oil and gas fields in Libya and India that may be offered for sale this year, to increase its reserves. BG last year bought three licenses to explore for oil and gas in Libya, which holds Africa's largest oil reserves and is preparing to hire foreign companies to develop more than 300 untapped fields. The country has held only two drilling-rights auctions, both last year, since it discovered oil in 1959. The two blocks in Libya's Sirte basin "are the large areas that are unexplored," BG Chief Executive Officer Frank Chapman told reporters. [Manorama]
Sunday, 12 February, 2006: German prosecutors are preparing criminal charges against a group of Germans whom they suspect of illegally helping Iran obtain technology that could be used to develop nuclear weapons, officials and diplomats told Reuters. A European Union diplomat familiar with the investigation said the prosecutors were focusing on a group of more than half a dozen Germans living in Germany, Switzerland and South Africa. "They are preparing charges against around eight men, mostly for helping Iran, but also Libya, get centrifuge and other nuclear technology," the EU diplomat said on condition of anonymity. Centrifuges are used to enrich uranium for use as fuel in nuclear power plants or in weapons. [Reuters]
Sunday, 12 February, 2006: Malta's Ambassador in Tripoli, Joseph Cassar, presented 200 copies of the Arabic version of Stejjer Ghal Qabel Jidlam, a collection of short stories by noted Maltese writer Oliver Friggieri, to the Libyan Ministry of Culture. Published by the Embassy of Malta in Tripoli with the support of the Bank of Valletta's Trust Fund for Maltese cultural activities in Libya, the books will be distributed to a number of public libraries and cultural centres in Libya. The collection was translated into Arabic by Martin Zammit on the initiative of Malta's former Ambassador to Libya, Richard Vella Laurenti. [The Times Of Malta]


( الزيتونة ) شعر : سالم محمد

Saturday, 11 February, 2006: [Col. Qadhafi's] son says he agrees with US President George W Bush that the Middle East needs democracy. The lack of democracy meant in some nations the wrong people were promoted to key posts, Saif al-Islam (photo) told Austria's Die Presse newspaper. But he said Libya was not yet ready for major reform and needed to focus on its economy and attracting investment. [BBC]
Saturday, 11 February, 2006: Excavation of the site where a small cargo plane owned by a Toledo company crashed Wednesday near Paris, Tenn.,USA, will begin today. The TriCoastal Air Inc. twin-engine Swearingen turbo-prop crashed into a wooded area behind a home, killing the only person aboard, pilot Abdulgader Zbedah [Libyan], 42, of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. [The Blade]

( السيرة النبوية (8) ) بقلم : د. علي محمد الصلابي

( قيـم مطلوبة لذاتها ) بقلم : عيسى عبدالقيوم

( شرذمة سرت... مصيبة ليبيا الكبرى!! ) بقلم : د. جاب الله موسى حسن

( أزمة كرتونية!.. أم أزمة أمّة كرتونيّة؟ ) بقلم : عبدالنبي أبوسيف ياسين

( الهجمة الثانية للتتار ) بقلم : حكيم

( السلفيون الجُدُد ) بقلم : طارق القزيري

( صيد الخواطر الليبية (2) ) بقلم : صلاح عبدالعزيز

( ثقافتنا والمعايير المزدوجة ) بقلم : سليمان الشجاع

( مجرّد حلم ) بقلم : سعيد العريبي

( الفنان علي الشعالية ) بقلم : السنوسي بلاله

Friday, 10 February, 2006: US relations with Libya are improving "slowly but surely" nearly two years after Libyan leader Qadhafi's breakthrough move to renounce weapons of mass destruction, a senior US official said. David Welch, assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, said a dialogue between the erstwhile antagonists was continuing, commercial ties were on the rise and a small US business community was taking shape in Libya. "I think slowly but surely we are on a path to improvement of the relationship," Welch told a news conference at the Foreign Press Center in Washington. "Our ambition is that there should be full diplomatic relations in the sense of having embassies established," he said, without giving a timetable. Washington and Tripoli ended a 24-year rupture in diplomatic relations in June 2004, six months after Qadhafi's surprise announcement that he was giving up the quest for unconventional weapons. [AFP]
Friday, 10 February, 2006: A Liverpool businessman described by the US Treasury as a "key financier" for a Libyan terrorist group affiliated to al-Qaeda has been arrested by Merseyside police. Mohammed Benhammedi, 39, was detained in the Liverpool suburb of Toxteth yesterday morning and held for questioning over with alleged immigration offences. The move came only hours after US officials disclosed that the UN Security Council had ordered the assets frozen of five men that it said were members or associates of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). The five, all Libyan-born and based in the UK, are said to have used a charity, the Sanabel Relief Agency Ltd, and three companies to fund the LIGF. Last night, one of the men named by the Security Council, 44-year-old Taher Nasuf, a father of four from Manchester, denied being a member of the LIGF. [The Times]
Friday, 10 February, 2006: Eritrea denied on Thursday U.N. charges of smuggling weapons to rebels in Sudan's western Darfur region. U.N. sanctions experts said this week Eritrea had given arms, logistical support, and training to both the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), and probably continues to do so. The report by U.N. sanctions experts also accused Chad and Libya of backing the Darfur rebel groups. [UPI]
Friday, 10 February, 2006: Sudan and Chad agreed at a mini-summit hosted by Libya to contain tensions by normalizing relations and barring rebel activities from each other's territories. The meeting, hosted by Libyan leader Qadhafi and attended by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and Chad's Idriss Deby in addition to the presidents of Burkina Faso, Central Africa and Congo Brazzaville Denis Sassou Nguesso, the new chairman of the African Union, ended late night Wednesday with the declaration of the so-called "Libya Accord." [UPI]
Friday, 10 February, 2006: Malta and Libya have agreed that teams from the respective countries should get together to look into the lineation of oil exploration, Foreign Minister Michael Frendo told The Times. Dr Frendo said the two countries were discussing a number of options with regard to oil - not just joint exploration - and technical meetings were going to be held between them. When asked about comments made yesterday in an interview by Business Today with former Foreign Minister John Dalli, who said the government should start negotiations with Libya on this issue, Dr Frendo said: "Oil was one of the subjects discussed during my meeting with the Libyan Minister for the Economy (in January)". [The Times Of Malta]


ALFA: Letter To US President George W. Bush

( قرار المحكمة الجنائية الدولية انتصار للعدالة ) بقلم : د. الهادي شلوف

( غضب عاقل؟؟ ) بقلم : شعبان معيو

( مناقشة أطروحة "أسود برقة الحرة"!؟ (3) ) بقلم : سليم الرقعي

Thursday, 9 February, 2006: Libya is set to receive a blueprint for its integration into the world economy from a US free-market economist, a former advisor to late president Ronald Reagan, the Financial Times (FT) reports. Harvard Business School economist Michael Porter, who served under Reagan at a time of high tension and conflict between the two nations, will present a 200-page document in Tripoli later Thursday, the FT said. The daily said it obtained a summary of the document which envisages a Libya that by 2019, the 50th anniversary of Qadhafi's seizure of power in a military coup, has "one of the fastest rates of business formation in the world." It also foresees a Libya which is a regional leader contributing to the "wealth and stability of surrounding nations." The daily said the Harvard project is part of the efforts of Qadhafi's son Saif al-Islam to restore Libyas international legitimacy, after Tripoli renounced weapons of mass destruction and agreed to pay compensation to the victims of the 1988 Lockerbie aircraft bombing. [AFP]
Thursday, 9 February, 2006: Libya has shown interest to restore cooperation with Macedonia in the field of healthcare so that Macedonian medics could again be able to work in Libya, the Macedonian newspaper Vecer writes. The Libyans told the Minister of Healthcare Vlado Dimov that they needed 200 medics, nurses mainly as well as doctors of infections diseases. [FNA]
Thursday, 9 February, 2006: The reprinting in Bulgarian media of cartoons of Prophet Mohammad deemed offensive might affect the relations between Bulgaria and Libya, the Foreign Ministry said. Media in most Islamic countries published information on the appearance of the cartoons in Bulgarian newspapers. The attitude and reaction in each publication is different, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Dimitar Tsanchev said. When the sentiments of so many people in Muslim countries are affected, Bulgaria should be ready for a reaction, he said. [Sofia Echo]

( المؤتمر الوطني للمعارضة الليبية ) : بيان حول رسومات كاريكاتورية مسيئة...

Mohamed Eljahmi : The Clash To End All Clashes?

Wednesday, 8 February, 2006: A UN report accused Eritrea and Libya and Chad of supplying arms and ammunition to the rebels groups in Sudan's troubled Darfur region. The UN Panel of experts to monitor the implementation of the arms embargo imposed by resolutions 1556 (2004) and 1591 (2005); in a report released today said that "the Government of Eritrea has provided, and probably continues to provide, arms, logistical support, military training and political support to both JEM and the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA)". But the report says the panel was not able to determine whether material support for the rebels in Darfur emanating from Chad and Libya was official Government policy or rather the independent actions of Government officials. [ST]
Wednesday, 8 February, 2006: [Libyan Prime Minister] Dr.Shokri Ghanem, has met in Tripoli with a delegation from British Petroleum (BP). The delegation of BP described to DR. Shokri their practical plans to commence their work in Libya and take part in the development of oil and gas. Industry sources said BP would like to secure a large natural gas exploration and development deal with Libya which is seeking massive investment to boost its energy sector. [LJBC]
Wednesday, 8 February, 2006: The teaching staff and students of medical faculties at Gar-Younis University in Benghazi staged an angry protest against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. The mass demonstration issued a statement strongly denouncing the publication by a Danish newspaper of offensive cartoons depicting the honorable Prophet. The student masses called for a total boycott of all goods and products made in Denmark and in those countries that reprinted this evil deed in their press. [LJBC]
Wednesday, 8 February, 2006: Libya, the holder of Africa's largest oil reserves, is preparing to hire foreign firms to develop more than 300 untapped fields after an increase in energy prices made it an economically viable way of raising output. After awarding 41 exploration permits to almost 30 companies last year, the country was turning its focus to known fields that had been too small to develop, energy minister Fathi Ben Shatwan said recently. An "old" study showed they held at least 3 billion barrels in total, he said. Libya's oil sector, seeking to rebound from two decades of sanctions, has one of the world's lowest extraction costs, in cases as little as $1 a barrel, according to the US department of energy. [Business Report]

Khaeri Aboushagor : Interview

Religion: The Opium Of The Masses...?   By: Ghoma

( الطريق إلى الديمقراطية (4) ـ الأخيرة ) بقلم : صلاح الحداد

( مناقشة أطروحة "أسود برقة الحرة"!؟ (2) ) بقلم : سليم الرقعي

( العقل الملحد الحاقد وأزمة البحث عن الحقيقة ) بقلم : محمد السعيطي

Tuesday, 7 February, 2006: Libyan leader Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi will host a mini-summit on Wednesday in a bid to ease tension between Sudan and Chad where both governments accuse each other of backing insurgents. The leaders of Sudan, Chad, Congo Republic, which heads the 53-nation African Union, and Burkina Faso, which chairs the Sub Sahara Sahel African grouping, will join Qadhafi in the meeting. Sudan and Chad are members of the Sahel grouping. Foreign ministers of the five countries met on Monday to prepare for the summit. [Reuters]
Tuesday, 7 February, 2006: The British Council - Libya is paving the way for UK providers of English language to enter the Libyan market. On March 5th, the council is hosting an Education Exhibition and English Language Conference at the Dat El-Imad Centre, Tripoli. The three day conference, dubbed "Libya - ELTEX 2006", is partnership with UK Trade and Investment, The Academy of Graduate Studies, Elite school of English and Waha Expo. There are currently around 3500 Libyan students in UK Higher and Further Education or studying English. [LJBC]

( إختلافات الناس حول فوز حماس ) بقلم : حسين الفيتوري

( السيرة النبوية (7) ) بقلم : د. علي محمد الصلابي

( اسبوعيات حكيم (5) ) بقلم : حكيم

Monday, 6 February, 2006: Amnesty has renewed calls for British residents detained in Guantanamo to be released. The charity claims 9 detainees have been UK residents although there are no British nationals at the US naval base. The British government has said it cannot represent people who choose not to seek British citizenship. But Amnesty, highlighting the case of a Brighton man [Omar Deghayes (photo) fled to the UK from Libya in the 1980s] held since 2002, said the reluctance to act was shameful. [BBC]
Monday, 6 February, 2006: A senior Sudanese official said on Sunday that negotiations to settle a dispute between Sudan and Chad will be held in Tripoli, Libya, in preparation for a mini summit to resolve difference between the two countries. SUNA news agency quoted Sudanese Presidential Minister and former foreign minister Mustafa Osman Ismail as saying that the negotiations would last for two days to end up with a summit "if there is progress". [Xinhua]
Monday, 6 February, 2006: Macedonian Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski is on a two-day visit in Libya at the invitation of Mu'ammalr al-Qadhafi, a correspondent of FOCUS News Agency in Pristina reported. It's the visit of Buckovski in Tripoli since the government of the Alliance of Democratic Forces in Macedonia (SDSM) assumed office in 2002. Macedonia is the last state in Southeastern Europe, which has renewed ties with Libya. [FNA]
Monday, 6 February, 2006: UK Police were under pressure last night to adopt "a no tolerance" approach to Muslim demonstrators threatening violence in Britain after a third embassy was set on fire in the Middle East. Among the slogans [in Friday demonstration] were "Europe, your 9/11 will come" and, in an apparent reference to the four July 7 suicide bombers, "Europe you will pay, fantastic 4 are on their way". One protester was dressed as a suicide bomber. Iran's foreign ministry said it had joined Syria, Saudi Arabia and Libya in withdrawing diplomats from Copenhagen, while there were also protests in Afghanistan, Egypt and Turkey. [Telegraph]


الجمعية البريطانية للدراسات الليبية : محاضرة للدكتور فرج نجم

The Society of Libyan Studies : Lecture by Dr Faraj Najam

( حوار بين النفس والضمير والعقل ) شعر : ياسين ابوسيف ياسين

( الأرناؤطي رديف الجهل!! ) بقلم : د. جاب الله موسى حسن

( هل نقول باي باي فتح !! ) بقلم : فرج ابوالعشة

( حدث في القاهرة (2) ) بقلم : عيسى عبدالقيوم

( الحوار والصلح والإصلاح مع النظام أفق مفقود ) بقلم : د. الهادي شلوف

( حماس والمراجعات : من المأزوم؟؟ ومن الملزوم؟؟ ) بقلم : طارق القزيري

( لنتريّث قليلاً ) بقلم : مصطفى محمد البركي

( المحاجزة بين الفكر الإسلامي والعالماني!! ) بقلم : د. عبدالحكيم الفيتوري

( لماذا انسحب المدعو حسن الامين من العمل الوطني؟؟ ) بقلم : خيري ابوشاقور

Sunday, 5 February, 2006: Thousands of angry students took to the streets to protest what was published in a Danish Newspaper. The angry crowds set off from Al-Fateh University towards the Danish Consulate in Tripoli expressing their condemnation of this vicious criminal act which is an insult to Islam and Muslims. The students called for a boycott of Danish products and asked the UN, the international community and the EU in Particular to shoulder their responsibilities towards this enmity and demeaning of the Holy Prophet the last heavenly messenger. [LJBC]
Sunday, 5 February, 2006: The re-trial of the Bulgarian nurses case in Benghazi might start in March or April, lawyer Harry Haralampiev, part of the nurses' defence said. He said that now there would be new interrogations and new experts. He added that there would be many hearings as the witnesses, the experts and the defendants would be questioned anew. [SNA]
Sunday, 5 February, 2006: Friday preachers in Libya said the publication of cartoons denigrating the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in European newspapers is a continuous campaign to defame Islam. They said these cartoons showed what Islam enemies are concealing of hatred and animosity towards Muslims. They called on all Muslim countries to follow Libya's footsteps and close their embassies in Denmark and boycott Danish products. [LJBC]
Sunday, 5 February, 2006: Only one day before the start of the German amateur Rally "Libya Desert Challenge" in Libya - tomorrow the Rally will start in Genova with the boarding on the Ferry to Tunisia. The Race over 2,380 kilometres in valuation and a total distance of more than 4,400 kms shows up with some very special starters. Germany's very favourite Andrea Mayer (ex-work driver for Mitsubishi Motorsport) is preparing for it's first race on a 2-wheel drive KOS Kumho Buggy, and a team of specialists from Italy starts to race with 2 factory Fiat Panda 4x4, latest generation. Driving in average 300 km offroad per day, through toughest terrain, dusty tracks, high dunes and extreme temperatures is a Challenge for every car. [MarathonRally]

( صيد الخواطر الليبية (1) ) بقلم : صلاح عبدالعزيز

( هل يخطف الثوريون القدامى مشروع الإصلاح؟ ) بقلم : خالد الغول

( وَإِذَا سَمِعُـوا اللَّغْـوَ أَعْـرَضُوا عَـنْهُ ) بقلم : محمد رحومة

( علاقتي بالملك وولي العهد ـ رحمهما الله ـ (1) ) بقلم : محمد بن غلبون

Saturday, 4 February, 2006: The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) has initiated significant measures aimed to develop the banking sector in Libya to become consistent with changes in the sector worldwide, said Dr Ahmed Menissi, CBL governor. In an opening speech in Tripoli Wednesday at a roundtable on the challenges of developing the banking sector in Libya, Menissi said the five public banks, four private banks and 48 small private institutions make the sector to represent a major pillar of the national economy. The banking sector, which employs 15,000 people, has approved loans estimated at 9 billion dinars. He added that the banks had a capital of 20 billion dinars (1.3 dinars = 1 US$), including 4 billion dinars in the form of savings. [Angop]
Saturday, 4 February, 2006: Thousands of illegal immigrants deported via barbaric methods and with unheard of violence from the Libyan and Sicilian coasts: this was the discovery made by the central operation service at the Police central anticrime unit and the mobile unit in Crotone who have cracked a vast criminal organisation dedicated to human trafficking and the slave trade. The operation, named "Abid" ("slave") started off overnight. The operation, coordinated by the antimafia operation unit in Cantanzaro and by the national antimafia public prosecutor's office was carried out thanks also to agreements for strict cooperation on the part of Libya. [AGI]

( الطريق إلى أذن جحا ) بقلم : سعيد العريبي

( السيرة النبوية (6) ) بقلم : د. علي محمد الصلابي

( مناقشة أطروحة "أسود برقة الحرة"!؟ (1) ) بقلم : سليم الرقعي

( حدث في القاهرة (1) ) بقلم : عيسى عبدالقيوم

Friday, 3 February, 2006: The Agricultural and Pastoral Development Authority has finished its survey of 2.5 million hectares of agricultural and pastoral land in Libya, within its programme to select target pastoral areas with a view to protect and exploit it after erecting a protective fence, for a period from 3 to 5 years. The authorities carried out several activities in the reclamation of pastoral soil including protective programmes of 26 pastoral sites totaling 114.000 hectares, in order to provide ample opportunity for plantation cover, besides direct sowing and fertilization of 20.000 hectares to enhance productivity and to improve soil quality. [LJBC]
Friday, 3 February, 2006: On 1 February DNV's office in Tripoli officially opened. In this connection a professional two-day seminar is held for representatives from the oil and gas industry in Libya. The sanctions regime imposed on Libya in the past by the US and the UN has to a large degree now been withdrawn. As a consequence, western oil companies are lining up to invest in the country. DNV is no exception, wishing to assist the oil and gas industry palyers in safeguarding life, property and the environment in Libya as it does worldwide in some 100 countries. DNV's Country Manager Dines Haslund and Business Manager Jan Anders Solli have been in place in Tripoli since August last year, setting up the office and its operations. [OilOnLine]

( هل إدريس السنوسي شرير وأسرته فاسدة؟ ) بقلم : محمّد قدري الخوجة

( الطريق إلى الديمقراطية (3) ) بقلم : صلاح الحداد

Ignorance + Emotions = Frenzy!   By: Ghoma

( حديث العراء مع السيدة...؟! ) بقلم : ولد البحر

Thursday, 2 February, 2006: The international community will not provide to Libya the demanded sum of US$ 10 million for each infected with the AIDS child. The country, however, will fight for the sum for each kid till the end, which could take much more time than expected, Professor from the Institute for Int'l Research in Cambridge George Joffe said. "No matter how strange that could sound, the crisis in Libya will deepen even further", the professor added cited by BNR. The issue will be solved through the necessary political pressure from the West. [FIA]
Thursday, 2 February, 2006: Malta, together with Georgia, Libya and Moldova will be taking part in this year's international tournament later this month. This year, the tournament is being sponsored by Coca Cola and Multiplus. Georgia, Libya and Moldova are no newcomers to Malta. The tournament dates are 25 February, 27 February and 1 March. [Independent]
Thursday, 2 February, 2006: Libya has detained 550 illegal immigrants and deported 140. The immigrants are of different nationalities. Sources of the Public Relations at the Ministry of Public Security reported that security authorities were able to detain 551 immigrants of different nationalities who were trying to illegally migrate through Libyan territories towards Europe, during the period 16-23 of the January 2006. The same sources added that security authorities had deported during the same period 140 immigrants of different nationalities. [AND]

( المؤتمر الوطني للمعارضة الليبية ) : بيان عن تأجيل محاكمة الأخوان المسلمين

( عبدالرحيم ... بعد عام من رحيله ) بقلم : محمد صالح بويصير

( النخبة الليبية.. بين جيلين (2) ) بقلم : د. فوزية بريون

Tuesday, 1 February, 2006: Libyan Energy Minister Fathi Shatwan said transferring Iran to the UN Security Council will have "an enormous impact" on oil prices. Shatwan made this prediction in the Austrian capital Vienna, where he is attending a meeting of the OPEC. In an earlier meeting in London; the UN Security Council's five permanent members and Germany, the decision was taken to transfer Iran to the UN over its controversial nuclear program. [Zaman]
Tuesday, 1 February, 2006: OPEC oil ministers will leave oil production unchanged at their Tuesday meeting, Libyan Energy Minister Fathi Omar Bin Shatwan told reporters. "Everything will be as it is," Shatwan said. "Since the price is high there is no need for cutting." "The next meeting, if there is a problem, maybe we will have to cut," the minister added. [Reuters]

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