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Thursday, 1 September, 2005

The Committee for National Activities in the United States
Phone: (404) 921-0488

"For an end to tyranny and the establishment of a constitutional
and democratic legitimacy"

Statement of the Rallies in New York, USA Commemorating
the 36th anniversary of the Gaddafi Coup Detat

To our suffering people in Libya
To the spirit of our martyrs and to their families
To all those deprived of their dignity and their right to a happy life
To all decent Libyans inside and outside the homeland

Another year passes and our beloved country is still suffering under the hands of a dictator who has stolen the constitutional legitimacy and ruled with ruthlessness the country had never experienced in its entire history. Gaddafi and his regime has destroyed all forms of freedom and democracy and abused the human rights of all.

We, the Libyan democrats, sons and daughters of Omar Al-Mokhtar, demonstrate here today to say to the world that, despite Gaddafi's recent publicity in its openness towards the west, and the statements made by his son promising change and reform, very little has changed inside Libya. Gaddafi's tight grip of power and ruthlessness has never waned. It is very clear to all Libyans that after 36 years of suffering and abuse there will be no hope, whatsoever, that this regime will ever change or come up with any meaningful reform.

We hope that the international community realizes the cruel nature of this brutal regime and its abysmal record in human rights. We seek the support of all those who cherish freedom and liberty all over the world to stand by the Libyan people in their quest to be set free from the tyranny of this regime.

The demands of the Libyan people are very clear, straightforward and simple. They are legitimate and fare.

What our people are demanding and aspiring to is:

  • Freedom, dignity, democracy and justice.
  • The abolition of all of the laws and practices which legitimise abuse and oppression, and the cancellation of all the arbitrary, emergency and exceptional legislations implemented by the Gaddafi regime.
  • The release of all political prisoners, and the closing down of all political prisons and illegal detention centers.
  • To hold accountable all those who perpetrated crimes against the Libyan people, including the commanders who ordered the slaughter of 1500 people in Abu Saleem prison in 1996.
  • To put an end to tyranny and to establish a constitutional and democratic legitimacy.
  • To establish relationship with all countries of the world based on mutual respect and cooperation.
  • The return of all Libyan wealth that has been stolen by the regime and his junta so it can be used for real development that will benefit all Libyans.

And for these demands to be realised the following must take place:

1. The relinquishing of all Colonel Mouamar al-Qadhafi’s revolutionary, political, military and security powers;

2. The formation of a transitional government run by individuals who are recognized of being trustworthy and have the capabilities to run the country for a period no longer than one year, in order to bring the country back into constitutional life; and

3. Establishment of a constitutional and democratic state built on key concepts such as political and cultural diversity and peaceful transition of government powers; a state that guarantees fundamental freedom and human rights, that establishes the rule of law, equality and equal opportunity to all Libyan citizens without any form of discrimination; that protects and develops national resources, and endows balanced foreign relations built on mutual respect.

Long live Libya and the struggle for freedom and democracy will continue

The Demonstrators in New York, USA
1st September 2005

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