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Saturday, 26 November, 2005

رسالة المواطن الليبي سامي ميلاد
الى رئيس الوزراء الكندي
بشأن تسفير المواطن الليبي فؤاد المنصوري وأسرته الى ليبيا

السيدة نورية بن عامر، زوجةالسيد فؤاد المنصوري

Sami Milad: Letter To Prime Minister Of Canada

80 Wellington Street
K1A 0A2
Fax: 613-941-6900

The Right Honourable Paul Martin
Prime Minister of Canada
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A2

Good day

Regarding the case of the refugees who had lived seven years in Canada, Mr. Fuad al-Mansuri and his wife Nuria Ben Amer, Libyan citizens .

I would like to inform you if this family deported to Libya, their basic human rights will be very much at risk; they may be executed by Ghaddafi's regime. Exactly like what happened to the Libyan citizen who was deported from Canada in 2002; Mr. Mustafa Mohammed Krer.

Finally, I wish you all the best, and I expect that you will understand the case. I look forward to hearing from you about this critical concern.


Sami Milad
Libyan Citizen

Friday, 25 November, 2005:
Two weeks after burying his infant son, a refugee claimant who has lived seven years in Canada says he faces a "death sentence" if he is deported to Libya next month. Fuad al-Mansuri, 46, of Windsor, has been ordered to report to the Canadian Immigration Centre at Pearson Airport in Toronto December 12 and to hand in his social insurance identification, his OHIP card and his driver's licence before boarding a flight for Tripoli. Al-Mansuri said the deportation order came days after he buried one-year-old Hisham, who died Nov. 11 from an immunodeficiency disorder. Al-Mansuri, a former Libyan soldier who works as a welder, is the sole support for his family. His wife, Nuria Ben Amer (photo), was unable to work while she cared for her sick child. She also faces deportation ... Al-Mansuri's refugee application was rejected in August after it was determined he would not be in danger of torture, death or "cruel and unusual treatment" if he were deported to Libya. But Gloria Nafziger, refugee co-ordinator for Amnesty International in Toronto, said the human rights organization has concerns about the fate of failed refugee applicants. Nafziger said that as recently as 2002, asylum seekers tracked by the rights group have "disappeared" after they were returned to Libya. [Trail Daily Times]

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