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Thursday, 19 May, 2005

Recent Developments In ALFA

May 17, 2005

Recent developments in ALFA

Before his sudden and tragic death (January 30, 2005), Abdelrahim S. Saleh had spent well over 30 years of his life, diligently and silently working to rid Libya of Gadhafi and his regime. He was a thoughtful, quiet man, who dedicated most of his adult life to working for ideals that he fervently believed in, ideals of constitutional democracy, pluralism, separation of powers, independence of the judicial system from government interference, justice and the rule of law. Abdelrahim had participated in several national movements, always working selflessly behind the scenes. Most recently, he had dedicated the past two years of his life to the founding of ALFA, as he had felt that Libyans have not adequately addressed or appreciated the value of advocacy work in their opposition to the tyrannical regime in Libya. In particular, he had felt that those Libyans living in Western Europe and the United States have special responsibilities to pressure those democratic governments to live up to their claims of support for democracy by ceasing their overt and covert support of Gadhafi.

Although Abdelrahim’s death was tragic, the subsequent events that enveloped ALFA were sudden and unexpected, as some members of the board of directors sought to take advantage of his death. Those individuals have since issued press releases to inform Libyans of changes that they had, after having installed themselves and family members in all leadership positions of ALFA, regardless of the fact that those decisions were illegal and unconstitutional. Such actions were in clear violations of ALFA’s bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Virginian Civil Laws, and the restrictions of IRS rules regulating non-profit organizations. Despite the disruptive and irresponsible actions, ALFA’s official work has not ceased, as we have filed the required tax forms for the past year, 2004, and have submitted official documentation to the IRS on April 10th , related to ALFA’s application for tax exemption; have paid all the bills and expenses, and are managing all of ALFA’s financial transactions.

Upon reading of the recent developments concerning ALFA, several supporters from the Libyan Community have contacted us to express words of support and to convey their desire to see ALFA’s work continue. We assure those supporters that the work will continue and all obstacles to its advancement will be removed. No person(s) will be permitted to derail the accomplishments of the past two years or to use those accomplishments as a bargaining chip in any political deal with the regime. Moreover, we urge all our supporters to become members, and to be actively involved in ALFA’s various activities. We need to expand the Board of Directors and to increase the membership list, to enable us to form committees to undertake the many activities of the Organization. In particular, we are seeking to dedicate a major part of our time and energy to advancing issues of human rights and accountability, and to legally pursue violators of those rights.

We wish to emphasize that ALFA has been founded for the purposes enunciated in its mission statement, namely, for the promotion of the following ideals: Human Rights, Constitutional Democracy, Justice and Accountability, and the Rule of Law, in Libya. The other point that we wish to stress is that membership in ALFA is open to all individuals who support and believe in ALFA’s mission, regardless of nationality, ethnic background, or religious affiliation. Also, we encourage the formation of numerous advocacy organizations similar or different from ALFA to cover the whole width and breadth of the USA and other European democracies. It is our belief that the multiplicity of advocacy groups will encourage healthy competition among the various organizations, thereby contributing to higher standards of performance by all of them, and, therefore, a greater benefit to Libya.

Mohamed M. Bugaighis, Ph.D., Chairman
Jaballa Musa Hassan, Ph.D., Vice Chairman, and Founding Member
Ashraf A. Tulty, Member of the Board of Directors, and Founding Member


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