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Wednesday, 21 December, 2005

Libyan Opposition Delegation:
To: The Swedish Migration Board

To: The Swedish Migration Board

Thank you for meeting with Libyan Opposition Delegation members on December 15 and 16, 2005 regarding human rights in Libya and Libyan refugees in Sweden. The delegation appreciated the opportunity to voice our concerns and hear your assessment of the situation.

The delegation wishes to thank the Swedish Government for listening to the questions and opinions of the Libyan opposition. In addition, we want express our appreciation for the generous and warm welcome extended to all of us by various staff members on behalf of the Swedish Government. All of this will contribute greatly to the work we have ahead of us which encompasses important and diverse topics. We greatly enjoyed the hospitality and respect given us.

After meeting with representatives of the Swedish Board of Migration, it became clear that Sweden has a free, open and democratic society and is paramount within the European community when it comes to matters concerning human rights and immigration. As a consequence of our meetings, the Swedish Government has decided to impose a temporary moratorium of all deportations of Libyan Nationals currently residing in Sweden while it reviews their applications. We hope that the Government of Sweden will continue carrying out its important work in a dynamic and efficient manner until the issue is resolved.

With regard to the 2002 Report, due to misinformation that the Libyan Government has included in its reports, Sweden will no longer use these reports as reference when dealing with Libyan National asylum applications.

We strongly encourage other European governments to follow the lead of the Swedish Government and to meet with the Libyan Opposition in order to address the situations present within their own countries.

Our delegation was delighted with the results of our visit. The objective we all share of bringing freedom and democracy to Libya is now on the horizon and we will never forget the aid and support offered to us by the Government of Sweden.

Libyan Opposition Delegation
Organizing Committee

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