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Friday, 5 September, 2003

A Letter To The UN, Families Of The Victims, And HROs

Your Excellency Mr. Kofi Anan, UN Secretary General
Honourable Country Representatives of the United Nations Organisations
Her Excellency Ms. Najat Al-Hajaji, President of the International Committee for Human Rights
Honourable Relatives and Friends of the victims of Lockerbie and UTA catastrophes
Honourable Representatives of Amnesty International and other concerned organisations

We, the Libyan league for human rights - German branch, the Libyan league for human rights - Netherlands branch, the Libyan organisation for human rights - Switzerland, the Libyan demonstrators at the embassy of Ghaddafi regime - Netherlands, and the Libyan demonstrators at the UN Office in Geneva, on the occasion of the conclusion of the so-called Lockerbie deal, and the 34th anniversary of the military coup in our country Libya on the 1st of September 1969, present this statement to your excellencies, requesting that the plight of our long-suffering people for the past three decades and struggle for general freedoms, democracy and human rights, receives due attention and constructive engagement from your part.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

While we strongly condemn the terrible crimes of Lockerbie and UTA, and express our sympathies with the families and friends of the victims, especially following the official and open admission of the Ghadhaffi regime assuming responsibility for these barbaric acts, we would like to emphasise the following points:

1. The innocence of our Libyan people from any involvement and responsibility for these crimes and that it should not be held accountable for the consequences of these tragedies, including legal, historical, moral and material implications, and the associated prohibitive financial compensation for the victims families.

2. The Libyan people themselves are the principal victims of Ghadafi's atrocities and his demagogic committees for over three decades which includes illegal imprisonment, torture, extra-judicial killings, disappearances and festivals specifically held for public executions, which violate all human and moral standards. These executions are often transmitted on television screens, to spread terror amongst the Libyan masses, old and young, without the least sign of remorse. In addition, there have been several incidents of mass killings such as the massacre of BouSleem prison in June 1996. Also, the ambiguous circumstances leading to the explosion of the civilian Libyan airplane flight number 1103 for Tripoli, on 22 December 1992 resulting in the killing of 150 persons, including children and women. In this connection, we draw your attention that downed civilian Libyan plane had nearly the same flight number and date of the Lockerby catastrophe (flight number 103 on 21 December 1988). This points the finger for this crime to Ghadhafi's regime, which has already admitted its direct responsibility for three of the worst terrorist acts recently committed, namely Lockerbie, UTA and La Bielle club in Berlin, Germany.

3. A regime characterised by an aggressive nature and conduct with humanity in general and its own population in particular, in addition to its long-standing repressive policies against its people restricting their lives and opportunities for economic development, denial of freedoms and democracy, and massive violation of human rights, should be publicly tried for its crimes. Current attempts to rehabilitate and integrate the Ghadaffi regime into the international community is a mistaken and dangerous policy that would only encourage it to commit further massacres and crimes against humanity with impunity.

4. We appeal to the international community and the United Nations Organisation, and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, to hold Ghaddafi's regime to account and to accept international investigation of the BouSleem prison massacre, the aforementioned Libyan plane disaster, as well as the human rights violations of Ghaddafi's regime against the Libyan people.

5. While we fully object to any form of military intervention in our country Libya, under whatever excuse, we call on all international authorities and organisations, especially the United Nations, to exercise full political and legal leverage on Ghadafi's regime, as well as to provide substantive moral, diplomatic and political support to the national Libyan opposition movement in order to expedite the liberation of the Libyan people and the world community from the evils and terrorism of the Ghaddafi regime.

Finally, we the Libyan organisations for human rights, the Libyan demonstrators at the embassy of Gaddafi regime - Netherlands, the Libyan demonstrators in front of the UN headquarter offices in Geneva, wish that your respectable organisation is successful in attaining its objective to serve humanity in all parts of the world in an equitable and just manner, and to bring about a new world enjoying peace, security and stability. One in which there will be no place for repression and dictatorships, whose foremost example is the terrorist Ghadaffi regime.

The Libyan league for human rights - German branch,
The Libyan league for human rights - Netherlands branch,
The Libyan organisation for human rights -Switzerland,
The Libyan demonstrators at the embassy of Ghaddafi regime - Netherlands,
The Libyan demonstrators at he UN Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

Geneva, Monday, 1st September 2003

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