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Libyan Youth Association (LYA)

Tuesday, 13 September, 2005

Statement Regarding the 74th Anniversary of the Death of Umar Mukhtar

For the remembrance of the martyrdom of Umar Mukhtar we present this statement from the Libyan Youth Association in Britain to the Libyan youth.

Umar Mukhtar is a name associated with jihad; all aspects of his life were built on courage and bravery. He is not just a symbol for Libyan youth, but also a symbol to all Muslims. A euphoria around the Muslim land in the East and the West surrounded his martyrdom, his memory will continue to remain in our hearts and souls, as well as the path he created and the light at the end of the tunnel which he gave to the Libyan people, placing him firmly in the history books but at the same time remaining alive in our hearts.

Umar Mukhtar was born in the year 1862. He lead a jihad for 20 years, on the 11th of September 1931 at 9.00am, the lion of the desert fell as a prisoner of war at the age of 73 years. On 16th September 1931, this was the day of his assassination where he was hanged in the city of Saloog and was buried in the city of Benghazi. When they translated the judgement against him, Umar Mukhtar laughed with all his mite saying: 'the judgement, will be the judgement of Allah, and your judgement is false, all is to Allah and all will be returned to Allah'.

The worse enemy to Umar Mukhtar was General Gersiany who said, 'Umar Mukhtar was a very bright man, he was a very knowledgeable person in terms of religion and otherwise, he had a strong personality with a friendly ore, he was solid in his religion, he did not own anything on this earth except love for his religion and country'.

On the day of his death, one of the writers said, 'on this amazing day, Umar Mukhtar entered with steadfastness and bravery reciting Alshahadah until one of the hangmen drew the rope. However, when they looked at him, he did not die and they repeated the hanging process again'...

Oh Allah please shower mercy on this mujahid, your jihad will remain as an example, which we will learn a plenty from. Your story will remain a pinnacle legacy to the future generations.

Libyan Youth Association

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