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The Committee for Libyan National Action in Europe

Thursday, 13 December, 2007

This statement is directed to all those in Europe who are against
Colonel Ghaddafi and his regime: it is a message from all
those Libyans who are opposed to his visit to Europe

The French and Portuguese governments are receiving a terrorist into their countries. He has over the years killed thousands of people, not only Libyans in their own country But also throughout Europe, and the world. And yet he goes unpunished.
We had hoped that the countries of Europe would put greater pressure on him to abide by the laws of Libya and international law: instead they give him official visits to their countries. His tent is a sympol of terrorism:it is from that tent that he has given the orders to dispose of many of his enemies.

We believe that Ghaddafi sees his visits to Portugal and France as a confirmation of his legitimacy as ruler. Before his coup in 1969 he swore as an officer of the Libyan army upon the Holy Quran to protect the country of Libya,the Constitution and the King.
He has broken his oath repeatedly,but this does not worry him at all, and he belleves that he can do these things with impunity.he is an oath-breaker and can never be trusted.
Being allowed to visit the European community leaders in Portugal and the President of France is an insult to Democracy.

We have repeatedly urged Europeans leaders to keep their promises to treat him as the murderer and terrorist that he is, but in spite of their promises he is effectively allowed free movement throughout Europe.

Since 1969 he has allowed the Libyan people no freedom of speech, no elections, and no constitution to safeguard them from the abuses of power. He has treated the country as his own personal property, and the people as his slaves, and intends to leave the country to his sons who waste billions on themselves and their followers. In spite of all the oil wealth of the country thousands of government employees do not get paid their wages and thousands of loyal Libyans who have protested against the regime have been murdered or are in prison where they are often tortured.

We demonstrate in Paris and Lisbon to remind the nations of the European community of what an evil and dangerous man they have in their midst. We ask that you support the Libyan people who suffer continuously under the regime. They should be remembered.

We remind you that he has arranged the murder of Frenchman and other Europeans, and yet nothing is done. His oil money drowns out the voices of the victims.

The Committee for Libyan National Action in Europe
Lisbon – 8-12-2007

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