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The Committee for Libyan National Activities in Europe
Sunday, 3 July, 2005

Statement of the Rallies at the Embassy of the Libyan regime in London,
the International Court of Justice in the Hague (Holland)
commemorating the 9th anniversary of the Abu Sleem prison Massacre

On this 9th anniversary of the Au Sleem prison massacre in Tripoli, Libya, the Libya national opposition condemns this horrific crime, which targeted political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

After being imprisoned for years without a chance to dispute their charges, they were massacred en mass, in a despicable way reflecting the ruthless nature that pervades all levels of the Ghaddafi regime.

We condemn this atrocious crime committed by the Ghaddafi regime in June 1996, which victimized hundreds of defenseless prisoners under the shroud of secrecy. No efforts, national or international, have been able to unearth the gruesome details of this crime in an objective, legal, and transparent way.

This massacre, unprecedented since the days of the Italian fascist colonization, represents a blatant violation of human rights and deprives Libyans of the most precious of all rights the right to live.

Perhaps the promise made by the Ghaddafi regime, under pressure from various Libyan groups to investigate this crime, only to renege on it later, is a good indication of its deep involvement in this massacre.

Today, as we remember our victims, and add more victims to the collective memory of our people, such as the journalist Dhaif Al-Ghazal, we declare our solidarity with the families of the victims. Furthermore, we support any efforts to identify the vicious, murderous perpetrators; whoever they are, whatever their position, and bring them before a fair, transparent and independent court of justice.

We pledge to the Almighty Allah, and to our people, to spare no efforts in order to expose these violations against our people; these violations, which have targeted our human and civil rights and wasted our heritage and natural resources.

We call upon all international groups, organizations and individuals who believe in freedom to stand in solidarity with the Libyan people in their just cause. We call upon them to become involved in and help us uncover the hidden secrets of this inhumane crime.

We hold the Ghaddaafi regime totally responsible for the Abu Sleen prison massacre, and demand that the regime:

  1. Take full public responsibility for this crime.
  2. Release the names of the all the victims of the massacre.
  3. Form a committee, under international supervision, to investigate the circumstances of this crime and bring the perpetrators to justice.
  4. Release unconditionally all political prisoners in Libya.
The Committee for Libyan National Activities in Europe

London 27 June 2005
The Hague 30 June 2005

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