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Libyan Constitutional Union

Sunday, 26 August, 2007

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Press Release :
The Absent Legitimacy

25 August 2007

The presence of Colonel Gaddafi and his family on the apex of the power pyramid in Libya is unconstitutional in its basis. Without any mandate from the Libyan people, this family seized power through a treacherous military coup which destroyed the country’s Constitutional foundation. The regime forced its reign by brutal force on the Libyan people for nearly four decades, during which commonly accepted and time-honoured laws have been annulled, not least the Nation’s Constitution.

The regime’s recent attempts to arm itself with a constitution and wrap itself in a cloak of constitutional legitimacy, after 38 years of oppression, tyranny and terrorism during which the country’s wealth and resources have been squandered, and the dignity and pride of the Libyan people had been eroded, is no less than rubbing salt in the deep wounds of the Libyan people.

It is certain that their proposed constitution will never attain the authority and credibility of the Nation’s 1951 Constitution when the Libyan people enjoyed full independence and freedom of choice.

The military coup d'état can never become a legitimate institution no matter how many constitutions it chooses to create. Constitutions voted on by a public without basic freedoms and political will, always remain hollow.


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