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Libyan Constitutional Union
الاتحاد الدستوري الليبي

الخميس 25 نوفمبر 2010

Grievance 1

(Translation from Arabic) 

O Allah, the Throne of “Darknesses” has overwhelmed my homeland for several decades. Crowned on it is a person who dictates arbitrarily; with no specific goal or purpose except to remain in power. He has ruined the country, corrupted the people, totally devalued them; and there is nothing any human can do to change this abnormal situation.  

O Allah, when the Queen of Sheba (2) was crowned upon the throne which ruled over all the “Darknesses”, nobody could have overcome that situation but Solomon the Son of David (Peace be upon them both). He was a Messenger Prophet, Inheritor of both the Kingdom of this world and the Viceroyalty of Allah on earth. By virtue of the unique powers You bestowed on him he was able to rule both his throne (the Throne of Light) and hers (the Throne of “Darknesses”) jointly under his crown. And that is “…the Dominion that should not be available for anybody else after him” (3). 

O Allah, how can we change our bleak situation when there is not a single wise man amongst us, let alone a judicious, Messenger Prophet who possesses King Solomon’s exceptional attributes, and under whose dominion man, the jinn, the devils, the wind and the birds were obedient subjects?

O Allah, .I have no doubt that the righteous persons of Libya are capable of dealing with its share of “Darknesses” and can obliterate them with their light as they have always done. However, when all of the “Darknesses” are gathered under one crown, your granting of lord Solomon’s request made it impossible for any human to overcome the situation.

O Allah, none but Thee is capable of delivering my homeland from this evil phenomenon, as you have always came to our rescue in the past. I, therefore, O Allah call upon you from this blessed and holy place, a call of the agonised and defeated (4) to: 

“Hasten his eviction before the passing of thirty nights”   (5)

Mohamed Ben Ghalbon

5 December 2010 


(1)    I expressed this grievance to Allah (SWT) during my performing of Tawaf el-Ifaadha , Wednesday 24 November 2010, during the Hajj season of 1431 H. 

(2)   I may write of what I know of the similar traits between the Putschist of September and the Queen of Sheba at a latter date. 

(3)    He (Solomon) said, “O my Lord, forgive me, and bestow on me a dominion that will not be available to anyone after me. Lo! Thou art the Bestower – [38:35]. 

(4)   . Defeated by the request you granted to our Lord Solomon.  

(5)   The latter part of the last verse of the poem, “Aqeelah concentration camp “ by the poet Rajab Bu-Hweish who was referring to his incarceration in the infamous concentration camp in the Libyan desert during the Fascist Italian occupation in which tens of thousands of civilians perished.

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