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Libyan Community Association (LCA)

Tuesday, 13 May, 2006

Letter To Prime Minister Tony Blair

The Honorable Prime Minister Tony Blair
10 Downing Street
London, SW1A 2AA
United Kingdom


Dear Sir,
Whilst all international organizations and institutes of human rights are calling for further consideration of the violations of human rights by the Libyan authorities, we are very concerned with regard to the recent raids against members of the Libyan Community in Britain.

Therefore, we call upon the British government to protect the Libyans who escaped tyranny, detention and torture in their home country and to treat them in accordance with international accords and protocols such as the Geneva Convention of 1951 which forbids the extradition of asylum seekers where they face persecution.

Dear Sir, the arrest and detention of Libyan citizens in an attempt to deport them and the terrorizing of women and children through dawn raids at 3am with no prior communication is a major precedent with regard to the violation of human rights and freedoms. The police force of five hundred officers in Manchester arrested seven Libyans who all arrived in the UK seeking asylum from Gadaffi's oppressive regime, a regime that until recently was black-listed in the UK itself due to its notorious terrorist crimes in Britain. All human rights organizations are witnesses of the violations committed by the Libyan regime.

We, as the Libyan community, wish to express our deep concern with regard to the oppressive police procedures employed during these raids.

Therefore, we would like to make the following points:
1) We are deeply concerned and strongly object to the manner in which the arrests and raids took place.
2) We would request you to release the detainees and allow them to return to their wives and children.

In the case of a suspect where an investigation is required we demand that they are treated fairly as per the laws of this country and that the following should be allowed:
1) To appoint a solicitor to defend their case as per the law and international treaties.
2) Libyan Nationals should not be forcefully deported to Libya.

We call upon you to intervene to halt these violations of human rights and to prevent the deportation of Libyans back to Libya. Such action in itself would be enough to place them under suspicion by the Libyan security services.

We thank you for your time and cooperation.

Yours sincerely.

Trustees of the Libyan Community Association Manchester - UK

The names of the detainees are:
1. Ismail Kamoka
2. Abdulnaser Bourouag
3. Khalid Abusalama
4. Albashir Mohammed
5. Ziad Ali Hashem
6. Ali Alsahily
7. Abdulbasit Azouz
8. Taher Nasouf
9. Marhiel Ali
10. Mohamed Ben Hamedi
11. Mansif Al- Emam.

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