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Saturday, 17 April, 2004

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Letter To British Prime Minister Tony Blair

17 April 2004

The RH Tony Blair, MP
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA

Dear Prime Minister

Following up from my recent letter to you on the day you visited Libya in March 2004, and on the 20th anniversary of the killing of British Police woman Yvonne Fletcher by Libyan agents in London, I am writing to you again to highlight the importance of keeping up the pressure on the Libyan regime. It is three weeks now since you visited Libya and there does not seem to be any visible signs or concrete steps the Libyan regime had taken to change the way Gaddafi rule Libya.

We Libyans recognise that Great Britain and the Libyan people enjoyed a very close, cooperative and mutually respective relationship before, during and after the creation of the modern Libyan state in 1951 and until 1969. Even after 1969, a large number of Libyans had a chance of being educated in Britain and had a British influence on them and affection for the country and its people. This relationship created the view that Libya has more in common with Britain than it has with any other western nation. Had it not for the emergence of the dictatorial and criminal regime of Gaddafi, the ties and mutual benefits between our two nations would have been in a much stronger position.

That is why a large section of Libyans inside and outside the country looked at your recent visit to Tripoli with eagerness and enthusiasm. As the Prime Minister of the most democratic of all nations, which houses the mother of all parliaments and genuinely cares about the status of human beings wherever they are, Libyans expected some fruitful results from your visit. These included an uncompromising stance towards the lifting of so many years of oppression, cruelty, brutality and violence against the peaceful Libyan people. The Libyan people looked highly unto you to help them find a way out of their misery. This is a constructive role you are well positioned to play to defeat dictatorships, tyranny and terrorism and help the noble cause of world peace. It is also a positive policy that will be highly regarded and appreciated by the British electorate.

Although you did not openly criticise the Libyan regime in your speech in Tripoli with respect to its appalling democratic and human rights record, we are still hopeful that the subsequent talks between your ministers and the Libyan government must have created an impetus and a momentum to put on the record the current status of things and the way they should be changed to.

So far, many Libyans, British and others around the world saw the British government’s treatment of Gaddafi and his criminal thugs with respect completely unjustified. Given the record of this regime, the expectation was to pursue a firm policy of forcing the regime to account for the many crimes it had committed, as it partly did with the Lockerby case. This included the help to be given to the international courts of justice to indict and bring the criminals to court. Any lack of such firm policy will undoubtedly lead to the feelings of resentment and sense of injustice. This is a historic opportunity we are confident you are not in need of reminding which side you ought to be with.

Finally and on behalf of more than five million people, we urge you to exert as much influence as you possibly can to pressure the Libyan dictator to step aside and allow the Libyan people to start the process of rebuilding their democratic institutions and establishing the rule of law. This will pave the way for the creation of a vibrant and civilised Libyan society and a democratic system of government that can last and prosper.

Khaeri Aboushagor
Forum for Libyan Democrats
London, UK.

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