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Justice and Democracy for Libya (JADL)
منظمة العدالة والديمقراطية من أجل ليبيا (جدل)

Tuesday, 11 December, 2007

"وجادلهم بالتي هي احسن"

An Open letter To Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy

Association des Juristes et Avocats Euro-Arabes (AJAEA)
Association of Jurists and Lawyers Euro-Arabs (AJLEA)
الجمعـيه الاوروبيه العـربيه للمحاميين والقانونيين

14 rue du Pont-Neuf
75001 Paris
Téléphone-fax : 00.33.(0)
E.mail :
Le Président
The President - e-mail :

Paris, December 9th 2007

Mr. President,

You have announced post your election as a president that France will be supporting the oppressed people in the World.

However, you are today meeting with Colonel Kaddafi who is leading a country with no rule of law and a country controlled by a military dictatorship.

On behalf of the Association of Jurists and Lawyers Euro-Arabs, AJLEA, we are requesting your intervention with Colonel Kaddafi in order to accept launching an international committee for investigating on the crimes committed in Libya since 1969. The following are some of those crimes:

1-2005: The murder of 85 years old Sheikh Mohammed Omar Shalluf, committed at his hometown in Zentan, Libya. Sheikh Shalluf is the father of a French citizen Mr.Hadi Shalluf, a registered lawyer at Paris Court, an opponent to the Libyan regime and a member of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP).

2- 1996: The massacre in Abusalim prison in Tripoli. According to human rights organizations and credible statements, more than 1200 prisoners have been savagely murdered by the Libyan Armed forces and Intelligence.

3- 1993: The disappearance of the previous Libyan Foreign Affairs Minister, Mansour Rashid Kikhia, opponent to Colonel Kaddafi regime.

4- The arbitrary detention of thousands of political prisoners in Libyan jails without the right of legal trial.

Hence, we hope that the visit of Colonel Kaddafi on December 10th, which is synchronized with the Universal Declaration of Human rights in Paris in 1948, will be the opportunity of opening an international investigation and forming an international criminal court in order to bring to justice the responsible people of crimes against humanity committed in Libya and the responsible people of international terrorism and to punish those who committed tortures and rapes against the Bulgarian doctor and nurses.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr SHALLUF Hadi
President of the Association of Jurists and Lawyers Euro-Arabs « AJLEA »
Lawyer at Paris Court- lawyer at the International Criminal Court ICC

14 rue du Pont-Neuf
75001 Paris
( Tel : --- Tel : )
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