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حملة التضامن البريطاني الليبي للحرية وحقوق الأنسان
British Libyan Solidarity Campaign For Freedom And Human Rights ( BLSC )

Wednesday, 17 September, 2008

Gordon Brown's invitation to Gaddafi the Dictator

Dear Sirs

On the 9th September it was announced that Gordon Brown plans to invite Col. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya to visit the UK to improve diplomatic relations and open the door wider for mutual Trading Agreements and UK arms sales just days after the 1st September’s 39th Anniversary of the Military Coup that put Gaddafi in power. Once again a British PM is playing follow my leader with the US as the announcement came 5 days after Condoleeza Rice’s historic visit to Libya. History repeats itself ad nauseum.

Is the invitation a reward for abandoning his weapons of mass destruction program? What a load of rubbish! Gaddafi never had weapons of mass destruction programs, (although he will have after the UK and France have delivered the missile systems they recently sold to him) but it suits the West to pretend he did to prove how “successful” the “War on Terror” is. Gaddafi continues to rule Libya through fear and brutality – he supports Robert Mugabe, he gave asylum to Idi Amin, he hangs, shoots and imprisons anyone brave enough to peacefully protest against his regime, he is a dictator equal to Saddam Hussein and he is to be a guest in this country at the expense of us, the tax payers.

Gaddafi continues to keep his people in poverty while his family behaves like oil tycoon playboys around Europe, only a few weeks ago Gaddafi’s youngest son, Hannibal spent time in jail in Switzerland for maltreating his domestic servant – Gaddafi’s reaction to this episode was to threaten an eye for eye response!. A Dictator who has turned over a new leaf? I don’t think so! On the 29th August Gaddafi’s son and heir to the throne –

Saif El-Islam said that the Lockerbie victims are “very greedy” what an insult to the victims of the bombing of the Pan Am flight that Gaddafi should be a guest in our country and not to forget the family of Yvonne Fletcher, the young police woman who was shot dead outside the Libyan Embassy by Gaddafi’s henchmen.

Gaddafi has supported terrorism for years – and now he is to be our guest – the future looks bright for Osama Bin Laden.

10 reasons Gaddafi should not be a guest of Gordon Clown in Britain

He is a Dictator equal to Saddam Hussein
He gave asylum to Idi Amin who murdered half a million of his people
He supports Robert Mugabe who starves and murders his people
He has massacred his own people who peacefully oppose him
He sanctioned the Lockerbie Bombing
He has supported International Terrorism for years
He is totally unstable and can not be trusted
He has political prisoners who have been locked away for decades
His sons act like oil tycoons while his people live in poverty
He is a traitor to his people, his faith, his country

Lucinda Lavelle
Secretary of the British Libyan Solidarity Campaign

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