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حملة التضامن البريطاني الليبي للحرية وحقوق الأنسان
British Libyan Solidarity Campaign For Freedom And Human Rights ( BLSC )

الثلاثاء 1 فبراير 2011

Press Release

Monday 31st January 2011

As the Western Governments advises Hosni Mubarak to allow the Egyptian People to have their Universal Rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly, Gaddafi condemns the internet in a Rant to the people during which he claims:

“This world wide web Internet is laughing at us and damaging our countries; it is tearing up our clothes; and killing our children for it.”

Gaddafi is feeling the pressure of his neighbouring Dictators getting their just desserts from the people they have abused and neglected for decades. He must be feeling very insecure. He has been in control for longer than the others and he is guiltier than most for the impoverishment of his people while he and his family invest the Oil Billions around the world. If you live in Libya you will never be able to voice this opinion but the truth is out there on the internet and it must make Gaddafi very nervous. Every now and again he closes down the internet or You Tube in an attempt to quell any social unrest in it’s early stages – but he must feel the Tsunami of unrest rolling his way.

I hope that when the Libyan people take to the streets to demand the removal of the corrupt Dictator the Western Governments will condemn the brutality and close down of communications that will inevitably follow.

The British Libyan Solidarity Campaign is leading the demand that the Libyan people are offered protection by the West and that the business the West is enjoying with Gaddafi will be stopped if he massacres his political opposition like he did in Abu Salim Prison in 1996 when 1200 men were shot dead in cold blood inside the prison walls.

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