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The Committee of Agreement on the Principles, Fundamentals, and
Objectives of the Libyan Struggle

Friday, 11 June, 2004

Letter to the G8 Summit

His Excellency, Jacques Chirac President
His Excellency, Vladimir Putin
His Excellency, George W. Bush
His Excellency, Paul Martin
His Excellency, Gerhard Schroeder
His Excellency, Silvio Barlusconi
His Excellency, Junichiro Koizumi
His Excellency, Tony Blair

Your Excellencies,

It gives me great pleasure to address you on the occasion of this important gathering of world leaders and your planned deliberations concerning the future of political stability and economic prosperity in the Middle East, their implications for global security and peace.

We share your conviction that the roots of the deteriorating political, economic and security conditions affecting the millions of people in the Middle East lie in the absence of political accountability, rule of law, and economic opportunity.

We have witnessed the remarkable convergence of opinion among world leaders and the peoples of the region on the urgent need for governance reform in the Middle East. We also firmly believe that greater political participation and respect for human rights provide the best foundation for a stable and prosperous Middle East.

Libya and its people are no exception to this regional trend. Having suffered over three decades of political repression and economic exclusion, the Libyan people continue to endure systematic violations of their human rights and denials of civil liberties in one of the most oppressive regimes in the world at present.

The damage sustained by the Libyan people under the rule of Col. Qaddafi extended to the socioeconomic realm as well. Unemployment rates among youth have risen to alarming levels while poverty rates continue to climb and health conditions deteriorate in the face of collapsing public and social safety nets.

As you are aware, the wealth of this oil-rich country has been largely squandered by the Libyan regime in pursuit of the reckless ambitions and irresponsible policies of Col. Qaddafi. As a result, Libya, its neighbors in the Middle East, Africa and the international community at large have paid a heavy price.

We firmly believe that the future prosperity of the Libyan people and the successful integration of the country into the world community require comprehensive reform through the establishment of democratic state that is governed by a constitution guaranteeing the protection of human rights, civil liberties and economic opportunity.

Given its past record and present pronouncements regarding the course of domestic policy, there is no doubt that the present regime led by Col. Qaddafi is both unwilling and incapable of creating the necessary conditions to secure those ends. Under these circumstances, it is inevitable that the resulting domestic instability would have destabilizing effects on Libya’s neighbors and elsewhere.

Ongoing efforts to rehabilitate Col. Qaddafi and his regime might secure some short-term gains to the world community. However, compromising the need for political change inside Libya will not guarantee that the regime will cease its support for terrorism or the adoption of policies that threaten Libya’s neighbors and the world community.

More importantly, postponing the need for governance reform inside Libya will ultimately fail the goals of your present summit, securing stable and prosperous Middle East in the 21st century.

Your Excellencies,

The people of Libya appeal to your governments to support their struggle against the dictatorship of Col. Qaddafi for democratic change, political freedom economic progress.

Ibrahim Abdulaziz Sahad,
Coordinator of The Committee

The Committee Of The Declaration Of Principles, Fundamentals, and Objectives Of the Libyan Struggle represents:
The Libyan National Alliance
The Libyan Movement For Change And Reform
The Republican Assembly For Democracy And Social Justice
The Libyan Tmazight Congress
The National Front For The Salvation Of Libya
Group of Independents

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