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The American Libyan Freedom Alliance (ALFA)
Friday, 19 August, 2005

Letter To Senator Lugar Regarding His Visit To Libya

August 18, 2005

Senator Richard G. Lugar
Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee
Hart Senate Office Building, Room 306

Re: Release of Libyan Prisoners

Dear Senator Lugar:

The American Libyan Freedom Alliance (ALFA) is a nonprofit American organization, registered in the State of Virginia. It was founded for the promotion of democracy, human rights, justice, accountability and the rule of law, in Libya. Since ALFA’s founding, we have met with Senators, Congressmen, and officials in the Department of State, to share our concerns about the oppressive military regime in our old country.

Today, August 18, I learned from a press release that you were planning a visit to North Africa, including a visit to Libya. I called your office to ask about the time of your visit, and I was told that you were in Algeria yesterday, August 17, and currently you are in Morrocco enroute to Libya for a meeting with high officials in that country. Although we have missed the opportunity to meet with you prior to your visit, I hope we are not too late to communicate to you an important message, of concern to us and our many friends and families back in Libya.

I understand that you are on a noble mission to arrange for the release of 400 Morroccan prisoners in Algeria, who were captured by Algerian Forces during the Western Sahara conflict. While we wish you success in your mission, we urge you to undertake a similar mission of mercy in Libya, and to urge Gadhafi to release the thousands of Libyan prisoners, jailed without ever having committed or charged with any crime. Also, we ask you to raise the issue of improving his record on Human Rights, which was set as a precondition for improved US-Libya ties.

You might be in time to witness the lavish preparations for celebrations in Tripoli on the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the military coup that brought Gadhafi to power, an apt question: When does he plan to hold elections in Libya? All Libyans will be eagerly awaiting an answer. While we wish success in your mission of freeing those imprisoned, we urge you to raise the aforementioned concerns with Libyan officials, particularly Gadhafi, the only authority in Libya. Sincerely,

Mohamed M. Bugaighis, Ph.D.
Chairman, American Libyan Freedom Alliance (ALFA)

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