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The American Libyan Freedom Alliance (ALFA)
التحالف الليبي الأمريكي من أجل الحرية ( ألفا )

Friday, 11 November, 2005

Letter To Port Allen's Mayor, Derek A. Lewis

November 10, 2005

The Honorable Derek A. Lewis, Mayor
750 North Jefferson Avenue
Port Allen, LA 70767-0468
Re: Invitation to Seif Gadhafi to visit Port Allen, LA.

Dear Mayor Lewis:

The American Libyan Freedom Alliance (ALFA) is an American, nonprofit organization, registered in the state of Virginia. Its mission is the promotion of democracy, human rights, accountability, and the rule of law, in Libya. Among our activities is the responsibility of informing the American public and its elected leaders, the international community and its various organizations about conditions in Libya.

Yesterday, November, 9th, 2005, I contacted your office and spoke to you directly, about your invitation to Seif Gadhafi to visit your city of Allen. While I understood your desire to help your city combat the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina, through seeking financial donations, particularly from rich individuals and institutions, the sources of such donations should be fully understood. I explained to you some of the background of Seif and his father, Mummar Gadhafi, and how they had acquired their wealth and notoriety. How Moammar Gadhafi, the father had robbed Libya of its wealth and legitimacy as a sovereign nation, after staging a military coup on September 1, 1969. I pointed out, however briefly, the subsequent criminal record of Gadhafi and his son, Seif, and how they have wrought devastation, far greater than any Hurricane could ever cause to any nation.

In conclusion, I appreciated your willingness to give me some of your valuable time and for listening to what I had to say. I gave you my word that I would make myself available to any questions or concerns you might have regarding any potential visits by officials of the Gadhafi government.


Mohamed M. Bugaighis, Ph.D.
Chairman, American Libyan Freedom Alliance (ALFA)

ALFA, P.O.Box 22262
Lehigh Valley, Pa 18002-2262, USA

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