Libyan Government Cabinet Members

 Colonel Mu'ammar Abu-Minyar al-Qadhafi  Leader of the Revolution, De facto Head of State
 General People's Committee :
 1. Dr. Al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi  Secretary GPC ( Prime Minister )
 2. Mohamed Ali al-Huwayj  Assistant Secretary GPC
 3. Dr. Abd-al-Qadir Mohamed al-Baghdadi   Secretary of General Education
 4. Al-Tayib al-Safi al-Tayib   Secretary of Economy, Trade & Investment
 5. Abd-al-Rahman Mohamed Shalqam   Secretary of Foreign Liaison and International
  Cooperation ( Foreign Minister )
 6. Dr Tahir al-Hadi al-Juhaymi   Secretary of Planning
 7. Ammar al-Mabruk Lutayif   Secretary of Tourism.
 8. Ma'tuq Muhammad Ma'tuq   Secretary of Manpower, Training and Employment
 9. Dr Fathi Hamad Bin-Shitwan   Secretary of Industry, Electricity and Mines
10.  Nuri Dhaw al-Humaydi   Secretary of Culture and Information
11.  Ali Umar al-Hasnawi   Secretary of Justice
12.  Dr Ahmed Munaysi Abd-al-Hamid   Secretary of Finance
13.  Abu-Bakr Mabruk al-Mansuri   Secretary of Agriculture, Animal and Water
14.  Mustafa Miftah Bel'id al-Dersi   Secretary of Youth and Sports
15.  Bakhitah Abd-al-Alim al-Shalwi   Secretary of Social Affairs
16.  Dr Mohamed Abu-Ujaylah Rashid   Secretary of Health and Environment
17.  Dr Ibrahim al-Zarruq al-Sharif   Secretary of Higher Education
18.  Brig. Salih Rajab al-Mismari   Secretary of Public Security
19.  Eng. Ali Yusuf Zikri   Secretary of Transport and Telecommunications
 General People's Congress :
 1. Al-Zanati Mohamed al-Zanati  General Secretary
 2. Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim  Assistant General Secretary
 3. Ibrahim Abdulrhman Ibjad  Secretary of People's Congresses Affairs
 4. Eng. Embarak Abdullah al-Shamakh   Secretary of People's Committees Affairs.
 5. Suliman Sasi al-Shahumi   Secretary for External Affairs
 6. Amal Nuri Abdullah al-Safar  Secretary of Women Affairs
 7. Dr. Mohamed Ben Hussein Jabrail  Secretary for Union Syndicates and Vocational
  Association Affairs
 8. Hussein al-Wahishi al-Sadiq  Secretary for Legal and Human Rights Affairs.
 The Central Bank Of Libya
 1. Farhat Omer Ben Gadarah  Governor for the Central Bank of Libya
 2. Mohamed Abdulsalam Al-Shukri  Deputy Governor for the Central Bank of Libya
 Libyan Representatives Abroad :
 Ahmed 'Own   Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
 Ali Sulaiman al-Awjeli   Chief, Liaison Office, Washington, USA

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