Codes, currency, weights and measures...etc.

Libya Telephone Area Codes:
218 (used) and 219 (unused)
Tripoli: (218)(21)
Benghazi: (218)(61) and (218)(61)(90)
Al-Ajailat: (218)(282)
Beneena: (218)(63)
Derna: (218)(81)
Misurata: (218)(51)
Sabratha: (218)(24)
Sebha: (218)(71)
Tajoura: (218)(26)
Tripoli Airport: (218)(22)
Al-Zawiya: (218)(23)
Zwara: (218)(25)
Libya Internet Code: LY
The Islamic calendar year started when Prophet Mohammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina [16 July 622 AD.] Each Islamic month is the cycle between two new moons. The 12 months are:
Rabia' al-Awal
Rabia' al-Thani
Jomad al-awal
Jomad al-Thani
Thul Qia'dah
Thul Hijja
Friday is the weekly holiday.
National holidays:
The 2nd of March: 1977' Declaration
The 11th of June: al-Jala'a [Foreign bases evacuation]
The 1st of September [the Libyan revolution]
Relegious holidays:
Eid al-Fitr (the 1st day of Shawal ): the end of the fasting month of Ramadan
Eid al-Odha (the 10th day of Thul Hijja): remembering the sacrifice of Ibrahim
Ras al-Sanah al-Hijriya (the 1st day of Moharram): the Islamic New Year
Libyan Dinar = 100 Dirhams
Libyan Dinar = 2.2 US Dollars
ISO 4217 Code: LYD 434
Regime: SDR (8.5085)
SDR stands for Special Drawing Right which is an artificial "basket" currency used by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for internal accounting purposes. Initially the value of the SDR was defined in terms of one US-$, which in turn was defined in terms of an ounce of gold: $35/oz until 18-Dec-1971; $38/oz between 18-Dec-1971 and 11-Feb-1973; $42.22/oz between 12-Feb-1973 and 30-Jun-1974. Since July 1974 the SDR has been defined in terms of a basekt of currencies. This basket consisted initially of 16 currencies and was reduced to 5 in 1981. Every five years the IMF determines which five currencies will enter the basket, and which weight will be applied to each currency. The exchange rates used by the IMF to calculate the official SDR are the noon rates in the London foreign exchange market. When the London market is closed, noon rates in the New York market are used, and Frankfurt fixing rates are employed when the New York market is also closed. (Source: Pcific at University of British Columbia)
Weights and Measures:
Centimeter = 0.3937 Inches
Meter = 39.3696 Inches
Meter = 3.2808 Feet
Meter = 1.0936 Yards
Kilometer = 0.6215 Miles
Kilometer = 0.5399 Nautical Miles
Hectare (100 meters square = 100m x 100m) = 2.47096 Acres
Liter = 2.1141 Pints
Liter = 1.0571 Quarts
Liter = 0.2642 Gallons
Millileter = 0.0338 Ounces
Gram = 0.03527 Ounces
Kilogram = 2.2046 Pounds
Electricity and Television:
Voltage: 127 Volts - Frequency: 50 Hertz - Plugs: D type.
Al-Marij, Benghazi, Derna, Sebha and parts of Tripoli: 230 Volts - 50 Hz - D.
Television signal type: PAL
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