The UN Sanctions and Related Issues

On December 21, 1988 the Pan-Am flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scottland. The United States and Britain accused two Libyans of masterminding the bombing of the Pan-Am jet. The two Western governments demanded that the two Libyans: Lameen Fhaima and Abdel-Basit Al-Megarhi must be tried either in the US or Scottland, while the Libyan government demanded that they should be tried in an internatioal arena by Scottish judges. Accusing Libya of planning the bombing, the United Nations imposed sanctions on Libya in 1992 and 1993. The sanctions are still in effect.
The following is the UN Security Council resolutions concerning Libya and the Pan-Am flight 103:
The UN Security Council resolution No. 731 Dated 21 Jan 1992
The UN Security Council resolution No. 748 Dated 31 Mar 1992
The UN Security Council resolution No. 883 Dated 11 Nov 1993

A lot written about flight 103 tragedy over Lockerbie, some say that the Libyans did it and some say they could not have done it. The following is some of what written about the Pan-Am flight 103 bombing:
Some say that there are facts and frauds in the Pan Am 103 crash case
The United States says that the two Libyans dit it
Some say that the Lockerbie tragidy was part of the world drug war
Some say that there are unanswered questions over Lockerbie
And others are still asking: Who really blew up flight 103 ?
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