Mansour Kikhia's wife Speech in the LHRC's symposium on Kikhia's disapperance

Center for Contemporary Arab Studies
Georgetown University

I am grateful to the organizers of this event and to all of you in attendance. Each of you tonight .....has a rule to play. And without all of our voices, the future is clearly less promising.

In November 1994, I submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request to eleven US government agencies. This was the first legal act I've taken with my government. I went three times to Egypt to try and discover some clues to Mansour's disapperance.

The most officially reponsible of the people I met in Cairo was Dr. Osama El Baz. He promised that Egypt would work diligently with Libya to solve the problem and return Mansour to the safety of his family and friends.

I went to Libya and met with colonel Qaddafi who told me that he had a strong feeling that Mansour is safe and sound and that he, Qaddafi, would work with "sister Egypt" to secure Mansour's freedom.

I am proud that my government officially took a very decisive position ...... Several weeks after Mansour's abduction, Prisedent Clinton wrote to Mobarak ..... We've met twice with the National Security Advisor. Anthony Lake. We had a short meeting with President Clinton. On a daily basis, we've been in contact with many US government depatements.

So far none of our efforts have yielded any official information from Egypt, Libya or the United States .... On our own, we have launched a great deal, independantly of any government .....

I must call your attention to the plight of Jennier Harbury; married to a Guatemalan fighter ..... who disappeared in Guatemala. For severeal years his wife searched for him .... Yesterday, the media revealed that our government knew for several months what had happened to him. He had been killed quite some time time ago. I want to prevent Mansour from sharing the fate of Jennifer's husband.

I am calling on you to help me encourage the US government to do the following , before it is too late:
(1) To provide documentation and answers to the Freedom of Information Act Request.
(3) To insist to President Mobarak that Egypt return Mansour's personal papers
(2) To insist to President Mobarak that Egypt release whatever findings it has gathered as a result of its official investigation of the circumstances of Mansour's abduction and current whereabouts.
(3) To insist to President Mobarak that the documentation we know exists in various official departments of the Egyptian government be shared immediately with the US government.
(5) To request of the United States that the Department of Justice send a team of investigators to Egypt to independently look into the many questions we put forth in our Freedom of Information Act Request.

These requests should be made to:
Anthony Lake, National Security Advisor, Phone: (202)456-1111.
Secretary of State Christopher, (202)647-5291 and
Attorny General Janet Reno, (202) 514-2001

I urge you to make this evening much more than just ceremonial.

March 24, 1995
Libyan Human Rights Monitor
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