Books about Libya:
"The Libyan Opposition"

In his book "The Libyan Opposition Movement...the March and the Future", the author [Fathi Al-Fadhli] tries to answer some questions about the Libyan opposition, its present and its future. In the first part of the book Al-Fadhli talks about the establishment of the Libyan opposition groups, their history and their ideologies and goals. In the second part, the author talks about the common ideas and goals and the differences among the various Libyan opposition groups. In the third and last part of the book Al-Fadhli talks about the future of the Libyan opposition.
Other books by Fathi Al-Fadhli:
Roots of the Struggle in Libya "Jothoor Al-Siraa fi Libya"
The Modern Colonization "Al-Tabaiya wal Isti'bad Al-Mo'aasir"
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