Human rights activist Mansour al-Kikhia

Seven years ago, on 10 December 1993, Mansour al-Kikhia, former Libyan Minister for Foreign Affairs, a human rights activist, and a prominent Libyan opposition leader, disappeared while attending a human rights conference in Cairo, Egypt. Reports indicate that he may have been abducted by Libyan government agents and taken back to Libya. The Libyan government denied any involvement and accused the American CIA of al-Kikhia's abduction.
The disappearance of a Libyan human rights activist: Where is Mansour Al-Kikhia?
Basic facts about the abduction of Mansour al-Kikhia: Who kidnaped al-Kikhia?
LLHR's press release about the abduction of Mansour al-Kikhia
Mansour al-Kikhia's wife speech in LHRC symposium on al-Kikhia's disappearance
Amnesty International's worldwide appeal in 1997: concerning Mansour al-Kikhia
Lawer to lawer network: Lawers committee's appeal concerning Mansour al-Kikhia
The Washington Post reports that Libya and Egypt are linked to al-Kikhia's abduction
The Libyan League for Human Rights: the 7th anniversary of al-Kikhia's abduction
Standards for the protection of Libyan refugees and political asylum seekers
The Libyan League for Human Rights report on the state of human rights in Libya
The Libyan League for Human Rights latest report: "1st September 1997" Report
Amnesty International Annual Report covering the period Jan - Dec 1997
Amnesty International Press Release: 2 July 1998: No Chance for Dissenting Voices
U.N. human rights committee's report on human rights in Libya and other countries
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