7 April 1976

        Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi speaking in Solouq [5 April 1976]
In a speech in the International Convention of the Seventh of April [April 1979], Col Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi explained what happened in 7 April 1976 calling what happened that day "the 7 April Revolution." Al-Qadhafi said that the 7 April 1976 revolution was the real revolution and it completed what he [al-Qadhafi] and his comrades started in the First of September 1969 [the Libyan revolution day.] He said that the University of Gar-Younis [Benghazi and al-Baida] and the University of al-Fateh [Tripoli] were the last place where the ant-revolution figures had the upper hand and those who chose to be against the revolution were defeated misurably in their last stand.
The Universities in Libya prior to the 7 April revolution, al-Qadhafi said, ignored all the revolution's calls for revolutionizing its faculty and students, and continued to be anti-revolution by standing against transforming the Libyan society from its conventional system to a revolutionary one. The Universities were at first neither pro nor against the revolution, but lately [prior to 7 April 1976] they started their attack on the revolution and I spoke in Soluq and I asked those who are on the side of the revoluton to free the Universities from those who arranged with some outsiders to weaken the revolution as was proved in February 1975 when they refused the Military training with the help from some of those who supposed to be the army of the revolution.
The Universities, al-Qadhafi said, were the last anti-revolution compound in Libya and in 7 April 1976 the battle [in the day light] ended, with the help of all the pro-revolution elements in and outside the Universities, in defeating the reactionary forces in University of Gar-Younis and University of al-Fateh.
After the 7 April 1976 student revolution success, al-Qadhafi said, revolutionary forces are capable of [and has the right to] use terror to eleminate any one who stand against the September revolution and [now] we can really end the old Libyan society and build the new one where the revolutionary elements help each other in fighting any anti-revolution movements in the universities, in the factories and in the streets.
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