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الإربعاء 31 مارس 2010

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To The Deniers of the Creator of
the Greatest Show in the Universe

Many people have lost their faith, even if that faith was the love of their life. They become angry, with hearts full of hatred.

It seems that when you live in darkness, it becomes hard for you to see the light. I am afraid that the movement that we see these days is fueled by unbridled nationalism, narrow-mindedness, and hatred for others. I must also say that I have no respect for whomever would hide behind a cover of anonymity while insulting those who are dear to others. Many of my former students and col- leagues are atheists, yet I have never, ever heard them insulting a religious icon. I am not here to debate with these people; I went through that thirty-three years ago, when I was in high school, debating the theory of evolution with one of my friend who, sadly, has since become mentally ill. I am just here to ask the same that questions I had asked before, and I am not looking for answers.

A person who states that he/she does not believe in God, yet does not deny that a God could exist, is inherently contradicting themselves. If you believe that there is no God, then there is no ultimate distinction of right and wrong, and so everything becomes permissible. If you believe that there is no God, then life has no meaning - there is nothing to live for, and nothing to die for (please do not think of suicide). As you believe there is no God, it would imply that there are no rules, no ultimate sense of justice, and no final moral authority. We would be no different from the other species created by the first big bang, around 13.9 billion years ago - only a product of time, chance, and force (sorry, blind force). We can do anything we desire. So if you are an atheist, you should have no problem making love with your mother, daughter, sister, or even any other animal, correct? Remember that there are no rules; you are free to do anything you want, just as you are free to think anything you want. I damn near vomited on my keyboard (but you should not). When you are not morally responsible for your behaviour, the rest of the world may as well be a complex biochemical illusion.

If your answer is that we are a morally advanced species, then show me the the full scientific proof. Let us dig deeper - suppose you have kids. Will you instill your idea, that there are no \wrongs," in your kids' minds? One way or another, your kids will need input, either from you or from someone else. So be honest - what you will do?

A theory can be right or wrong. So the question here is whether evolution is a theory, or proven knowledge. If you say that it is knowledge, then give me the facts, as knowledge consists of information and facts. So you believe in the \destiny of the gene" - namely, that all organisms are made up of genes - which if scientifically not correct. Maybe you mean \cell," as all living organisms consist of cells, which all have the same set of chromosomes, which in turn contain the genes. You believe that we are completely pre-programmed by our own \program developer" (our genes). The problem with that is that genes crossover and mutate. A mutation is a change in the elements of DNA caused by error. You believe that humans will eventually evolve to be perfect in every way. Even if such \perfection" could even be defined, there are still in finitely many possible mutations, and so the chance of any one of them happening is basically zero. So, how would you prove that \perfection" will eventually be reached?

Finally, as you approach death - and it is a hard pill to swallow - I can assure you that God will still be waiting for you when you die.

Dr. Ahmed Almaghrawi
March 24, 2010

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