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الإثنين 1 مارس 2010

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Letter to Dr. Huda Ben Amar about the Libyan embassy in London

Dr. Huda Ben Amar,

First, please accept our apology for writing in English sue to no-existence of Arabic keyboards in my computer and secondly, we are a group of Libyan students who are sponsored by Libya and managed by the cultural section at the Libyan embassy in London, we write to you personally to express our disappointment and mistreatment we receive on daily bases from the cultural section especially from the Cultural Attaché D. Saad and the Financial Attaché Mr. Yasen, they are working against us and all students and they are very corrupted and have nothing to do accept filling their pockets with money. We suffer from their thoughtless decisions which are affecting us directly, we cannot contact them and there is NO phone line, they stopped us from call them and they say there is an online service which we should use but it’s NOT working and all our paper work is being delayed.

We know how much you love Libya and your new position is to monitor and punish whoever steal or mistreats his or her position.

We know that Saad and Yasen care less about us and our affairs and we complain bot no one listens and this is why we write to you. Please intervene and help us get rid of those people who are here just to steal money.

We have many evidences and most of them come from universities which do not receive their fees and we suffer from universities tell us to pay ourselves and the Embassy is not paying or delaying payment so the money stays in the bank to get more and more money from interest.

We would like you to send some people to investigate and help us because we have written many times to Higher Education and Ministry of Education but we never received any good news to rescue us or we would like you to help us in getting an organisation like in Canada and the USA to manage our affairs instead of those heartless people who do not care about us and only write and tell people that they do.

So please please help us.

Your brothers and sisters in the UK
UK Students

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