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الجمعة 20 مارس 2009

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We Might Have The Final Word At Last

The Qaddafi terror campaign is a momentous conundrum for all of us here and elsewhere living in the Diaspora, and although the foe is invisible, masking himself behind a veil of religious fanaticism and jingoism, we have no option but to fight this sublet war with everything within our reach and capacity. Qaddafi employing the most sophisticated New York PR firms, to suppress the Libyan opposition with his unlimited funds from the Libyan treasury.

Look, no one wishes to have a war; many of us feel that it is a useless solution. I have heard some people say, "Why do not you forget about it and just enjoy life here in the west? We once knew our enemy and we could see how to fight them. Qaddafis people are prepared to die for their cause; they care nothing for either their lives or the lives of those they murder." I say ditto. Unless you and I pick up a pen or gun and fight, he is left to destroy a place we will never call home, he will tear down a culture we will never pass on to our children and theirs to come, he bulldoze the Libyan monuments that stood the time, and he will diminish the very trust we had had.

I suppose there are many Libyans in the world who have considered the above statement, but to those I must ask what are the alternatives? Here in the USA the leaders of both parties unexpectedly have turned a blind eye to Qaddafi and somehow conveniently they have forgotten the last 40 years of pure terror, and of those of us who chronicled the brutality and the horrors Qaddafi have unleash on the Libyan people at home and aboard, they must have forgotten Qaddafis victims, but we will never forget, we remember our beloved brethren who were hanged the public squares, we remember our heros who were shot in the back, we remember our compatriots who were detained and tortured for years and then killed. How can we fail to remember this dictator? How can we let the world forget him too? We cannot afford it, nor can we leave it to the politicians in either party to speak for us. Here in democratic nations we have a right to pursue our executioner/s in the courts of law, in the public arenas, and by god with everything that is available to us. Do we as egalitarian people turn our backs on the freedom our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents fought for in too many wars? The answer should and must be absolutely no, never will we surrender to tyrant.

In the coming months and years will undoubtedly we will be encounter enormous burden on all of us. We have to focus on the aim of our cause, the aim of victory. We must put our principle of having full rights in our country and the freedom that endow to us by god above all things, and for the noble cause of freedom, we must unit to topple this reign of terror finally. For some of us, we will have to take up the sword and fight for the good of our fatherland. This solution, although a last resort, may last for some years to come. We have to be strong. We fight not just for ourselves; we fight also for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Possibly nearly all of the undeniable evidences we have accumulated to date, chronicle of all the atrocities committed by Qaddafi against the Libyan people and anyone who opposes his reign of terror. There are no satisfactory answers, nor there is possible reaction to his recent assault and harassment toward Libyan citizen in Yevern who do not share his fanatical vision nor do they care for his aspiration. Qaddafi said he is determined to scrap ministries and ensure oil revenues go directly into the people's pockets most all of it into his true disciples. Everyone corrupt in Libya expect his adherent followers. This latest episode only demonstrates his total disregard for the human right in Libya, and his unyielding intend to manipulate worldviews by giving up on his WMD, and deceptively claiming that he gave up on terrorism, and that perhaps there a bit of truth in it aboard, but not on the home front where we can witness the abuses of native Libyans goes unabated on the eastern and western provinces.

Over these next coming days, weeks and months, let us be resolved to stand together against this reign of terror as one voice that says no more of Qaddafis as usual, and that is we are ready to do our part to rid Libya of his terror finally, remembering these words: "In war: resolution. In defeat: defiance. In victory: magnanimity. In peace: goodwill."

Good day


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