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الأربعاء 15 أبريل 2009

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Pirates of Islam

One would hope that the world would associate the Arabs, and Muslims of the 21st century with new technological and scientific advances, rather that what history has been recording of late, and the list of shameful events, is too large to list. But, one can’t help but to wish, Wishful thinking.

From the 16th all the way to the 19th century, our region of the Mediterranean sea, as well as the western coast line of Morocco were infested with “Muslim” Pirates whom in large part were trained by renegade northern European sailors, and supported by respective nation states, and financial houses underwriting, and equipping the pirates and ships, for a handsome percentage of the plunders which included the most prized commodity back then, and now, that is the abduction of civilian men and women, as well as children, forcing them into the slave markets, all was done by Muslim men, and sanctioned by Muslim Sultans, or Governors of those days.

Although, there were other “markets” of piracy in the high seas of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific as well, the coast lines of the Mediterranean extending from Morocco all the way east to the Libyan shores were fertile cesspools and safe harbors of the most vicious rootless pirates known including “Barbarosa”.

As is the case now, the United States merchant marine fleet was involved then, and was forced to pay ransom money, as high as 60 thousand Dollars, until about 1815, and after almost five years of several navel battles between America and the Ottoman financed pirates, the now world famous American Marines put an end to Tripolitania backing and support of piracy in the region.

So, here we are again in the 21st century witnessing the re-birth of piracy by non other than bunch of rag- tag thugs from where, One would ask! Somalia, and Yemen, Muslim lands, Muslim thugs, again supported by Warlords, Clans and the ever present Tribal Elders, from backward nations of lawlessness and chaos, bent on disrupting the flow of % 80 of the world commerce and trade amongst civilized nations, and bringing to a halt, the ever needed food aid, medical and agricultural, as well as educational supplies, donated by the west of course, to their so called brothers and sisters in 16th century Africa and Arabia “this is our gift to world progress” don’t you know.

Bottom line is, to allow these thugs to continue their lawlessness, will only make matters worse than they are now for maritime travels in general, and the poor people of the third world in particular, who are dependent in large part on handouts, from the civilized world, and since the Arab and Islamic leaders, as well as the Arab league of nations, elected to dig their heads in the vast Arabian sand, and keep silent on this issue, and since the American navy were very swift in ending this nonsense, it would be very wise to organize a united navel power comprised of nations engaged in shipping and trade to put an everlasting end to the lawlessness along the horn of Africa and elsewhere by enforcing the laws of the sea.

Abdulhamid Mustafa Ben Hameda

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