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الخميس 11 يونيو 2009

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Honouring The Dictator

8th June 2009

Dear Professor Lobrano,

I am a Libyan citizen and a British naturalized citizen living in the UK. I have learned from the media that the Law School at the University of Sassari is planning to honour the dictator Moamar Gathaffi, the illegitimate ruler of Libya.

My brother was among 1200 or more prisoners massacred in the infamous prison of Abusaleem in Tripoli in June 1996 on the orders of Gathafi. Many Libyans had been murdered, hanged in universities or public squares, killed in European cities or simply disappeared without trace under Gathafi’s regime.

I refer you to this link which documents Gathafi’s atrocities against humanity. I also refer you to the following a small parts of terrorist acts committed by Gathafi, which I published few years ago.

I strongly urge you to reconsider honouring this criminal dictator and do the right thing by refusing to offer Gathaffi any honour.

International Terrorist



• On 1st September 1969 led an armed take over of the Libyan people ousting the legitimate Government of Libya.
• The public hanging of the Libyan students in Benghazi in 1977.
• The public hanging of students in Agedabia.
• The public hanging of students at the University of Tripoli.
• The assassination of Libyan dissidents in various European Countries.
• The killing of the British Police Woman Yvonne Fletcher 1984 in front of the Libyan Embassy in London and injuring many Libyan protesters.
• The downing of the PAN AM flight 103 over Lockerbie, 284 passengers died ,December 1988.
• The downing of the French airliner UTA on 19/09/1989. 170 passengers died.
• The bombing of the Berlin nightclub, La Bell. Germany.
• The disappearance and kidnapping of Imam Musa Al-Sadar during an official visit to Libya on 31/08/1987.
• The kidnapping of Mansour Al-Kikhia, the Libyan Human Rights campaigner in Cairo, Egypt by the Libyan Secret Service.
• The Downing of the Libyan Airline plane on 22/12/1992 over Tripoli. 157 passengers died.
• The massacre of over 1200 prisoners in AbuSaleem Prison in Tripoli in 1996.
• The disappearance of thousands of Libyans during the conflict with Chad and Uganda.
• The training of terrorist groups in Libya.
• Supplying weapons and funding various terrorist groups around the world.
• The injection of 400 children with AIDS virus in Benghazi Hospital.

Ahmed M Gabaili

احمد مسعود القبائلي
2009 8 يونيو

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