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الأحد 11 يناير 2009

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Why Do The Arabs Use Palestinians As Political Pawns?

Why the tyrannical regime in Libya and else in the Arab world willing to us the Palestinians as the political pawns? Do you think Qaddafi and his henchmen really care about the plight of the Palestinians? Do you believe that all of the Arabs on the thrones really care about the miserable Palestinians? My answers if you believe them than let me sell the golden gate bridge for nothing. None of them really gives a damn, unless to serve their supercilious rationale to keep the masses occupied in causes they hardly comprehend nor recognize the magnitude of their rulers' deception. So all the while Qaddafi and his lunatics are cleansing Libya of its Berber, may I say they are the true indigenous inhabitants of Libya, in the meantime they are fermenting revulsion toward a people they have never met or have had any encounter with.

The use of illustration of Gaza's massacres and terrified children to enhance empathy, and even the commiseration with the Palestinians who they share a common religion and language is intensified; and finally Qaddafi achieved his objectives by diverting the tribulations at home to something else, alas, people are watching TV's and listening to the radios, all of the sudden they are rallying round the Palestinians beside the current crises in Yefern and other parts of Libya.

Qaddafi's tactics are the basic roles of Tyranny, and that's to keep your subjects always in fear, to get rid of the critical thinkers among them, instigate internal strives among various tribes, and ethnics, subjugate to modern illiteracy( read only what the government wants to believe), and most of all establish a society where trust and moral values become contemptible commodities.

These distractions are great for Qaddafi and uses them very skillfully purge his enemies, and do away with meaningful revolt against him. I'm not here to exonerate the Israelis and Palestinians bloodsheds, but to bring to your attention what really matters at home not abroad. As working person I worry about my immediate family, my relatives, my community I live in, and my country. What I'm saying here is to redeploy our resources to the basic and fundamentals, and that the homeland not far away wars. As human being, we can only grieve for the lost ones, but there none grieving for us. NONE . It's high time we stop and think critically about what is indispensable and fundamental to Libya. The Palestinians have the whole world crying for them.

Who is giving a damn about us? Does anyone care what is happening to the Berbers in Libya? Does anyone write about the misery and daily suffering of our people? I guess not.

Wake up, forget about others, and worry about your own.

I say Libya first.


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