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الجمعة 9 يناير 2009

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Shame On You مدرار كباو

With all due respect to the viewers and readers of this short response, I would like to tell Mr. Medrar Kabaoe that you are really assassinated the character of a great man such as Ali Zekri, whom you do not have any real knowledge about.

For that I say, SHAME ON YOU. You called this man names, that was a clear indication that you are the lowest of the low, again SHAME ON YOU.

You do not relay know who Ali Yourself Zekeri is, and you alleged that he participated in Yefrin incident, which was a total fabrication to the truth by you, SHAME ON YOU.

You associated this honorable man with things that he had nothing to do with, SHAME ON YOU for the fourth time.

You did not even know his current occupation, that was clear indication that you are ignorant SOB .

You misspelled the name of the city he is from, which was also another indication that you are stupid and your source of information was possibly third hand.

Please, allow me tell you about Mr. ALI ZEKRI, He is from a town called MERGGIS in Al- HARABAH in Jabel Nafossa, Western Region of LIBYA, he is a graduate of FATAH UNIVESITY, school of engineering first in his family to attend college and graduate with honor.

This man is intelligent, intellectual, and serves his country with great deal of dignity, honesty and respect to all the citizens of Libya. He came from simple and humble middle class family, he loves to serve the citizens and he had never refuse to lend a helping hand to anyone who asked for his assistance. He never forgot his roots and he always shares the people with their happiness or sadness no matter who they are.

I do not know him, but I know much of him , I know about him and I know about his family for that I find myself compelled to respond and THAT IS THE TRUTH SO HELP ME ALLAH “

Finally, I always read and respected your opinion, but this time you shocked me and you crossed the line , because you unfairly and recklessly attacked and insulted the person that is everyone respect and admire. PLEASE APPLOGISE TO ALI and the readers of this great web page and admit that you fabricated the truth.

M. S.

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