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الأثنين 8 يونيو 2009

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Gaddafi's Visit To Italy

I urge Libyans to sign the attached letter and send it in their names to Italian members of Parliament and other Italian officials. It is important that we protest the visit and not to remain dormant through it all. I have alrady sent a letter of protest to several Italian officials.


Mohamed Bugaighis

*   *   *

June 5, 2009

Re: Gaddafi’s visit to Italy

Dear Sir/Madam:

Gaddafi will be hosted in Italy on June 10th, a European democracy celebrating the arrival of the bloody tyrant of Libya. Prior to Gaddafi’s emergence, Libya had been quietly building itself, particularly after the discovery of oil and its export at commercial levels. The Libyan government of king Idriss had embarked on an ambitious plan of construction, building roads, hospitals, schools, and universities. The landscape had been completely transformed with new roads, schools, and tall buildings. Libyans were enjoying their lives, and were busy planning for better futures for their children. However, all their dreams for better future were shattered on that fateful day, September 1, 1969, when Gaddafi and a handful of junior officers took control of the country, and embarked on its demolition on a massive scale.

In order to control the population, he embarked on a policy rooted in impoverishment, ignorance, and extreme forms of oppression. Curriculums of universities and schools were gutted of all substance and replaced by hollow slogans in praise of the regime, this “spread ignorance” campaign having lasted 40 years, has resulted in high illiteracy rates in Libyan society. Neglect of hygiene and health issues has ruined all health facilities to the degree where Libyans sending their sick to be treated in impoverished facilities in Egypt and Tunisia. As part of his impoverishment campaign, salaries have been frozen to what they were in the 80’s, while deflation continued to rise. Billions of petro-dollars were wasted on useless projects, designed to glorify the fascist regime; such project is the man-made river, where billions of dollars were wasted on drawing water from deep aquifers below the surface of the desert to irrigate coastal areas. The project has been a major disaster and resulted only in wasting vast amounts of money and irreplaceable water resource. Also, billions of dollars were paid in compensation for the regime’s crimes, such as payment for the PAN AM 103, and many others.

Health care is very poor and primitive, clinics and health facilities are dirty and unhealthy. Health standards are extremely poor; there are no checks or controls on imports or exports. Raw sewage is discharged, untreated in the Mediterranean, causing major pollution throughout the region, including Italy. Most recently, some whales had perished and found decaying on the Libyan coast. All such deliberate neglect and mistreatment of people and resources have led many young Libyans to embark on illegal migration to Europe and elsewhere, joining thousands of Africans embarking on perilous journeys on the high seas, trying to escape their miseries behind. One would ask, why all those people escape from their homelands, which are rich with natural resources. The simple answer is they are running away from the likes of Gaddafi. It must be remembered that Gaddafi’s first statement when he became chairman of the African Union was to encourage dictatorships and military rule. For example, when he tried to mediate in Mauritania’s political crisis, he advocated the side of the military.

We are appealing to you to ensure that Italy lives to its claim of morality by distancing itself from Gaddafi, and what he represents; it is simply hypocritical to profess democracy while embracing fascist dictators such as Gaddafi. We urge all Italian political leaders to shun Gaddafi and to reject his bribes to buy influence in Italy.


Your Real Name

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