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الجمعة 6 فبراير 2009

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To: Ahmed Ibrahim and Mustafa Zaidi

It is ironic to see the "men" who were the right hand of qadafi during the first years of the revolution, now scrambling and trying to preemptively defend their tainted history. The same people who were very arrogant, those who robbed others of their belongings and empowered their leader to do all the atrocities he did. All those found themselves no longer valuable to their leader and probably dead weight to him, at this time of changing political landscape.

Now is the time for the leader to transition to his sons, and all those "old guards" are nothing but obstacles. However they can make good scapegoats! The leader can dump on those idiots all the crimes of the last 4o years, and start fresh with new blood, his sons!

The two main examples representing those "old guards" are Ahmed Ibrahim and Mustafa Zaidi!

To Zaidi I say: you know well that the health system in Libya-thanks to you- is probably the worst in the world! And the WHO statistics you are talking about is based on information provided by your government! i.e. fictional information. What you are trying to do in defending your self , is to throw out lies and hope they stick. Well, they are not! What actually really amazes me is your ability after all this time to come out and say health is excellent in Libya! When, most people are going to Tunis and Jordan, for the simplest problem. Why don't you tell everyone where your wife gets her mammogram and pap-smear? Is it in Libya? Of course not! You were in Paris few months ago for that purpose.

And to you and Ahmed Ibrahim, in your defiance of education in Libya; I only say go and see the achievements of the Libyan selected students who you guys sent overseas to complete their education. A disaster! You can give one of those no more than a level of high school graduate, not even a good one. What a pathetic display.

At least try to be men and say you were honest and tried your best with what you believed is the best that can be done, but you failed. This may give you some respect and may be some forgiveness from those who will be judging when you lose your protection after qadafi uses you as a dirty rug, clean his behind with and thaw you away. At least try to be smart in your on defense, you are the scapegoats of the fateh revolution, you idiots!


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