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الخميس 1 يناير 2009

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Switzerland: Glorious Forever

It's a fact of life that fascist tyrannies tend to seek making enemies in the most unlikely places. Qadhafi's horrible Tyranny is no exception in this respect to this general rule of thumb.

Under the flimsy pretext of imaginary insults to one of his sons, the aging Tyrant of Libya has deliberately chosen to make an enemy out of neutral Switzerland.

The irony, here, is that this little Despot of the Sahara Desert is asking for a formal apology from Switzerland for insulting his son; while, in fact, he and his son who should apologize to Switzerland for breaking its laws and insulting its people.

It's Qadhafi's misbehaved son who insulted the Swiss People by making their homeland the land of punishment and torture for his disobedient servants and homemakers. And it's Qadhafi's son who, therefore, owes the Swiss People a formal apology.

Qadhafi's diplomats have been complaining, since the July arrest, that the response of the Geneva Police Department, in the case of the alleged abuse by Qadhafi's son, was heavy-handed and disproportionate to the point of being insultingly overwhelming. But that is nonsense. Since Qadhafi's son, at the time, was known to be armed and dangerous; and it's the duty of the Police Chief of Geneva to take precautions and to follow every procedure in the book for executing the arrest and ensuring the personal safety of his men at the same time. In short, Qadhafi's son has no one to blame but himself; and he must take responsibility for his action and and seek forgiveness for it.

One of the first steps that Qadhafi's regime took to get an apology was to stop exporting oil to Switzerland. But as fate would have it, that supposedly punishing step coincided with the onset of the current International Financial Crisis and the sharp decline in the demand for crude oil worldwide. Thus it turns out as if the (High Goddess of Justice) decided to punish Qadhafi's Government itself instead of punishing as initially intended the Government of Switzerland.

Now, if the Libyan Dictator has no real case against Switzerland, then why does he choose Switzerland among all countries to be his enemy? Well, you can say that Switzerland is neutral and peace-loving and highly unlikely to inflict much harm upon his regime. But, that is not really one of the main reasons.

There are two main reasons for such seemingly absurd policies; one is very rational and the other one is very superstitious and absurd. Let's take a closer look at both!

In recent years, Qadhafi has captured the heart and mind of the nations of Europe through his very successful diplomatic blitzkrieg. However, Qadhafi (as an unjust ruler) has a natural enemy; and that historical enemy is called the 'Libyan Opposition' in Europe. And as Heinz Guderian (the father of the actual Blitzkrieg) pointed out, it's usually unwise to block all roads in the face of your fleeing enemies. And so, the old Dictator decided to make Switzerland the sole refuge for his enemies on the entire continent of Europe. It's true that he first tried to make Scandinavia the land of exile for his opponents; but in the end, he chose Switzerland. Of course, Saudi Arabia is the only other country in the world that Qadhafi has left for the Libyan Opposition. The point is, if you're a secular opponent, you can take refuge in Switzerland; and if you're religiously inclined, you can live quite well in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That is, on one hand, the rational reason. On the other hand, the superstitious main one is a bit complicated.

Think very carefully! If the Libyan Ruler didn't leave Switzerland for his secular enemies, his secular enemies would be forced to take refuge in Israel. But, Israel, in the superstitious mind of the Libyan Despot, is full of extremely dangerous and demonic energies. It follows, therefore, that a union between the demonic power of Israel and the hell-bent desire of the Libyan Opposition to get the best of him would mean the immediate end of Qadhafi's very long reign. In other words, Qadhafi must either have an Israeli ambassador in Tripoli to siphon some mysterious Zionist energies from him or her, or must leave Saudi Arabia and Switzerland for the Libyan Opposition to live in. And that is it. There is nothing else in it or for it.

Muaredh Mutafael

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