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An Embassy for Israel and Offices for the Opposition

Recently, one of Colonel Qaddafi's sons, named quite princely 'Sword of Islam', declared that his mission of reforming domestic affairs and restoring normal relations with the outside world is successfully accomplished and done; and that from now on, he shall withdraw from politics and concentrate, instead, on building the Libyan Civil Society.

Clearly, that desert boy has gone 'high and mighty' on nothing!

First of all, how could one keep the promise of leaving politics for good and the promise of getting involved in building the civil society at the same time?
This is impossible. These two promises are contradictory. That is because doing the building of the civil society is the one and the same thing as doing politics of the most involved kind. In other words, building the civil society is politics; and politics is building the civil society and interfering with the affairs of the state. Qaddafi Junior's early retirement from politics, therefore, is a sham; and it doesn't hold water at all.

Is the domestic reconciliation done? Not even by a long shot!

Qaddafi's son, like his father, continues to delude himself that bringing back some individuals and families of the Libyan Diaspora can do and accomplish the national reconciliation in Libya. He couldn't get any further from the truth. For no national reconciliation is possible, without talking to and making deals first with the organizations of the Libyan Opposition. The organizations, not the individuals, are the backbone of the Libyan Opposition. And as long as those organizations continue to be excluded by the Qaddafi Regime, the national reconciliation is a mirage.

Very briefly, the Libyan national reconciliation will succeed, if and only if the various organizations of the Libyan Opposition are recognized and licensed to operate freely and openly and to have offices across Libya.

Finally, let's take a closer look at Qaddafi Junior's crowning achievement in restoring normal relations with Western Europe and United States.

Obviously, those relations have been restored. Yes, they have been very expensive. But they have been restored nonetheless. And most of the credit for that normalization, undoubtedly, goes to Qaddafi Junior.

However, Qaddafi Senior still hates Israel! And this hatred to Israel, whether it's genuine or bogus, is the real Achilles' heel that makes Qaddafi Junior's crowning achievement, for all practical purposes, hollow and empty. Just look at Qaddafi's new international partners! None of them will choose, in any conceivable crisis, Qaddafi or put his interest and desire ahead of those of Israel. It is just not going to happen. It's as simple as that.

Accordingly, Israel will persist in causing a lot of irreversible damage to Qaddafi's new international relations, as long as Qaddafi persists in pretending to be more Palestinian than the Palestinian Prime Minister. A case in point is the recent disastrous performance by the Qaddafi Regime in the Security Council.

Qaddafi, therefore, has two choices, here. He either chooses to rail at Israel and destroy the crowning achievement of his lovely son. Or he can choose to follow the lead of his neighbor and close friend, the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, and to open an embassy in Tel Aviv and let Israel open an embassy in Tripoli.

Which of these two choices, will Qaddafi eventually make? Time will tell.

Muaredh Mutafael

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