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كلمة الأخ علي إدريس الشلماني
المرشح لعضوية المجلس البلدي لجنوب مدينة مانشستر

كلمة الأخ علي إدريس الشلماني المرشح لعضوية المجلس البلدي لجنوب مدينة مانشستر والتي ألقاها يوم الإربعاء الموافق 20 فبراير من الشهر الجاري في حضور كبير من أعضاء و أنصار حزب RESPECT البريطاني وبحضور الأخ: جورج قالوي رئيس الحزب, الذي ألقى كذلك كلمة دعم فيها نضال الشعب الليبي و المعارضة الليبية و قال في مقابلة له : سأذهب إلى ليبيا يوما ما مع إخوتي الليبيين الأحرار.

و كان الحضور الليبي المتمثل في حملة التضامن البريطاني الليبي له تأثير منقطع النظير و لأول مرة في مدينة مانشستر لهذا المهرجان الإفتتاحي لحملة الإنتخابات المحلية و الذي ساهم في رفع معنويات الشباب الحاضرين و عزمهم على مواصلة هذه المسيرة السياسية و إبراز دورهم في العمل الإيجابي الذي يخدم الجالية الليبية في المجتمع البريطاني .

عزالدين الشريف

إليكم النسخة باللغة الإنجليزية للكلمة.

Salaam Alaykum, Good afternoon – Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to come and hear us speak today and discuss with us the issues they feel are important to their lives. I am very grateful to George for coming to Manchester to build support for the Left Alternative and to launch the election campaign for Respect Renewal.

I am delighted to have been selected as the Respect Candidate for Moss Side in Central Manchester. Recently, Manchester Central Parliamentary Constituency, which includes Moss Side and several other districts, was rated as the poorest constituency in the Britain. Moss Side was rated the 7th poorest ward in the U.K with over 50% of households surviving on benefits. Moss Side is a district that has been under invested in for decades, where to admit your post code to an employer meant you were turned down for the job, where the crime rate made it almost impossible to insure your home, where drugs and gun crime made it one of the most dangerous places to live in Britain. What can we thank the Labour Government for? There has been a cosmetic make over of the housing in an attempt to raise the area – but gates and gardens are not going to solve the problems of disaffected youth, unemployment, lack of resources, poor educational facilities and decades of under investment. Now they are attacking the people who live in these made over houses and threatening them with homelessness if they do not get work quickly, so that even the security of their homes is taken away from people who already have to face every uncertainty – racism, discrimination, lack of respect in their day to day lives.

We have been let down by the Labour Government – when they took over this country they had the money to change all our lives, if they had invested it in Health, Education, Housing and employment we would be living in a different world but no - they squandered it on war, on the mass murder of 100’s of 1000’s of innocent men women and children in Iraq, and now Afghanistan and what in the future? The evil eye is now on Iran. For five long years the New Labour Government has spent millions upon millions on killing and destruction while the people of Moss Side and many other Inner City areas where the population is made up from diverse ethnic groups and is predominently black are unable to reach their potential.

I am originally from Libya – a country plagued by being under a single party state Dictatorship and I have witnessed what it is to be unable to make decisions to change your circumstances, where fear and repression keep people in their places but here it is different. Here we CAN make a difference, here we CAN build a better future, here we CAN make changes towards a better world where people are put before profit. I am calling on all you in this room to join me in demanding an improvement to our NHS, our schools, our transport systems, our Youth resources, our education. I believe in helping young people get a better start in life, giving them not only education but self respect, the belief in them selves and providing opportunities that will divert them from falling into a life based round drugs and crime.

When people have their own lives sorted out so they are not hungry, not living in poor conditions, not feeling useless and unimportant then they will be interested in the bigger picture, they will look to issues like war and the environment and global warming but how can you get people who wake up everyday to unemployment, poverty and no belief in themselves to change the world? I hope my election Campaign will bring together the people of Moss Side to work towards better housing, to campaign against Racism, against War, say NO to privatization and to reject Islamophobia. Please join me and help make it a better world.

Ali Shelmani
Respect Candidate
20 February 2008

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